the taikai and whatnots.

I fell sick right after the game, it wasn't funny. Running nose, sore throats and high fever.

Yesterday was great, I think most of the time I spent luar khemah tepi padang hahaha. I wish the weather would be hotter though; it was chill to be without sweater.

It takes a lot to be the bigger person. So thank you.

I like how indonesian singers sing. Their pronounciation are a lot soothing, gives hearts shudders.

And look at what I found on the net today (and bought) :

And I am officially broke for this whole month.
(though you can never count how many times I've said that, tsk)


  1. babe, what is twitter?! :p wait, lemme change the qs so i won't look so ketinggalan - how does it work?! like blogging?! :)

  2. no its not blogging,its more like status updates,so people will know what ure doing.its fun,try it :) i blog less nowadays sebab twitter ni lah.haih.

  3. ala, xsame ke?! sounds the same to me :p tunggu la, after exam. hehe :)



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