My friend has a cool site!

Get gorgeous, beauuuutiful cards for your loved ones without having to trouble yourself going through all the hassle of making one.

She didn't say if she made them herself (or her boyfriend..ehem), but I'm going to force it out of her. Syen come clean now! (She knows if she told me I'd make her make more cards for me HAHAHA)

I like how the cards seem large in the picture, and super neat. I get pissed off sometimes when making one because the glue always messes up the card and makes it look unpolished..pfft. So guys, appreciate it when your gf makes one for you because it takes serious effort and time to complete even one card.

But my favorite :

Even Superman has a Sorry card. Hehehe.

Price ranging from RM4 - RM6. What a bargain! Check them out at MoreThanCutAndPaste :)

"Look at you. You’re young. And you’re scared. Why are you so scared? Stop being paralyzed. Stop swallowing your words. Stop caring what other people think. Wear what you want. Say what you want. Listen to the music you want to listen to. Play it loud as fuck and dance to it. Go out for a drive at midnight and forget that you have school the next day. Stop waiting for Friday. Live now. Do it now. Take risks. Tell secrets. This life is yours. When are you going to realize that you can do whatever you want?"

(source : tumblr)

Just a little something to inspire you people :) Because I know we all have the-middle-of-the-week sickness.

For me, reading a makeup manual is like trying to understand what my programming's sensei had been babbling about.

I'm not really a makeup junkie, I've always depended solely on my eyeliner, mascara (sometimes) and compact powder to survive. Only recently that I discovered my passion for eyeshadow, but really, a couple of Nyx jumbo pencils and MAC single eyeshadows and that's it. (maybe it'll grow more after this, who knows) 

So I read this book like so slow. Very slow because I'm taking in every word seriously; if Ms. Brown ever lied or joked about something in this book I might believe it. I have always admired her drive and passion about makeup and her ability to turn pale-looking models into angels.

I didn't regret buying this book, because it is awesome!! The pictures are incredible, the step-by-step instructions are crystal clear (even for amateurs like me) and I learned a great deal. 

A little bit about her
Very clear instructions
Amazing pictures!!
There are so many helpful tips for every type of skin, woman of different ethnic backgrounds, situations or occasions - even "bad day" beauty. Towards the end there's also a chapter on how to become a professional makeup artist so this book really complete it all! (Though I did skip a few pages, like bridal makeup etc)

I especially love the chapter on the history of makeup (I'm such a geek..) and learned a lot about all the big names in the field.

It's needless to say I need a lot of help in the makeup department, so this book is truly a good investment. It would be a great gift for your girlfriends ;) No, Bobbi Brown didn't pay me to say this, seriously.

Shahrul has been bugging me to update this blog. (Yeah, like he reads my blog everyday pfft)

So I'm putting up this video here, I know he wouldn't dare to complain anymore HAHA.

He cracked me up once when he did the dance (to mock it) during the chorus, and the "down, down, down" part. I swear, I was rolling on the floor laughing. (I showed him the video since he was wondering what's the fuss is about, then he did the dance, I think he just had to get it out of his system) 

The song is catchy, but I love the rap part by Ludacris!! So cute :)

This is for you baby. HAHAHA.

P/s : Why do I find the acoustic covers of this song so much better than the original?? Might do it soon. Hmm.

We went for a 工場見学 (factory visit) last two days. ENEOS, Tosoh, Mitsui Chemical and Tokuyama. All of them are situated outside Hiroshima; in Yamaguchi-Ken, so we had to stay one night at a hotel.

We weren't allowed to take pictures of the plants, I was so disappointed. I mean, they all just look the same!! Why can't take pictures one?? Blergh, these high-profile people.

So I hope this can paint you some picture.

The factories I went to look something like this.

The main point of visiting these plants, I think is to give us a rough image of what it'd be like working as an engineer. Go to work in the morning, put on the hideous green uniform (depends on where you work, apparently green and blue are the most popular one), do some desk work - calculating things - until someone call you up to the plants to check if there's any problem, go back to have meetings and discussion, revisit the plants again, eat, go home. And Japanese people usually go home at 10 - 11 pm. AT NIGHT. Poor Japanese women.

I know that Tun Dr. Mahathir created this 'Dasar Pandang Ke Timur' for a reason - for us to learn how Japanese work, their work ethics, and how they became so successful among all the countries in the world and bring back the attitude to Malaysia - but I find this workaholic ethic hard to follow. There's more to life than money and work, I believe. An average of almost 100 Japanese people killed themselves each day last year. Depression was identified as the main factor in around a fifth of cases, followed by physical illness and debt. And you wonder why suicide rate in Japan is the highest? Exactly.

It's good to work and contribute something back to your country, but getting enough rest and entertainment to keep us sane is important too.

But if there's one thing I learn from this trip, it's how committed they are to their own task.

This visit was actually given free by the companies; the talks, the seminars and the plants' observation - all handled by them, but I have no complain. They treated us well from the start of the talk up till the walk around the plants - we were treated like VIPs! I was so impressed I'm actually thinking of applying for a job at one of the factories we went..HAHA.

Day 1 - ENEOS and Mitsui Chemicals, Iwakuni.
Day 2 - Tosoh and Tokuyama, Yamaguchi.

We stayed at this hotel/ryokan in Yamaguchi, situated near the sea. They have 和室 (Japanese-style room) and 洋室 (western-style room) with no shower, because apparently we have to take bath with others at  温泉 (hot springs). Hot springs are highly popular in Japan, which comes in many varieties; indoors and outdoors, gender separated and mixed. Hot springs are supposed to have a relaxing effect on your body and mind, as they dissolve minerals in the water which provide different health benefits.The only problem is, they enjoy taking bath in hot springs naked.

Seeing other women (middle-aged, even!) naked is definitely NOT FUN.

I had trouble sleeping that night.

It was such a loss because I think the tradition is actually refreshing. If only they wore clothes while in the pool. And no we took bath at this special shower area they have for visitors who want private bath, thank God!

The dinner was awesome, though. The food just kept coming I had a hard time finishing them all.
Yummy fooddd
Full and happy

After dinner we had karaoke session, as usual. One of my classmates went to the front and sang Tsubomi. I think he was drunk.

After that, there was a second party (first party was the dinner-and-karaoke thing) in one of the rooms at the hotel but we refused to go as the activities were mainly drinking and getting drunk.

So we had a gossip session instead.

But all in all, it was a good trip :) It's nice to get to know their traditions better. Except the naked part.

One thing - remember to choose a suitable flat if you were to walk around plants/factories. I have to say goodbye to my Charles & Keith flats :(

I was watching videos on Youtube on how to wear hijabs (yes I'm still learning..I get bored of my hijab style way too often) and came across this lovely girl who did a video on 'what's on my bag/purse' and got inspired :)

Obviously I won't do a video on that, since talking to a video camera is an alien concept to me, I'd blog about it instead. I LOVE BEING A BLOGGER for exactly these type of things!

So what's in my bag/purse?

My Prada purse - the first Prada I've ever gotten. Been using it for over a year, and it still looks new!

Perfume - Chance by Chanel. Cannot live without it. Thank God the bottle is just nice to fit into my bag. The smell is fantastic; whenever I go to beauty supplies booth at Sogo here the salesgirls would ask what perfume I use. 
Phone - OF COURSE! My loved ones and my music is in there..I don't know what I'd do if I ever leave it somewhere. I'd cry. 

Makeup - Maybelline mascara, Chanel lipstick, MAC lipstick(nude), Dior lip gloss, Vaseline lip therapy tube, KATE eye shadow stick, Revlon eyebrow liner, NYX eyeliner, Revlon face powder, Chanel travel makeup palette, Chanel foundation. Darn now I know I'm a Chanel freak :/ I bought the Dior lip gloss like 2 years ago and still haven't finished it! The lip gloss is great; just that I'm not a lip gloss person. I hate the sticky feeling.

Miscellaneous - Eyedrops, keys (loving the heels chain! a gift from a friend, she bought it at Harrods during one of her trips to UK..damn lucky girl *sniffs*), brooches, scrunchies (do we still use the word nowadays?? I feel like a high school girl..grownups still use the word scrunchies, eh? :/), earphone - seem ordinary but MOST essential to me. Especially earphone as when I'm stuck in a bus or waiting for a bus/train to come I really need music because I hate waiting. Such a waste of time. Eyedrops are essential for every human being who wear contacts, I must say. When your contacts are not in place, or your eyes are always watery making it hard for the contacts to stay still, or when your eyes are too dry - your day is ruined. 

Extra brooches in case I need them to put my tudung in place, and scrunchies help keep my hair neat. Especially when you have long hair, keeping your hair neat in a tudung is not easy.

Things in my purse - student card, Alien card(please excuse that hideous picture of me), health insurance card, bank cards, credit cards, phone's SIM card, a passport picture in case I went missing and someone found my purse, and dozens of point cards. One thing about Japan is, you'd get a point card for every single thing you buy - EVEN a takoyaki, or a crepe. It's a good thing because I buy crepes almost every other day(or days when I get too tired to cook) and when the point card is full, you get prizes such as two free crepes and more..bad thing is, you tend to use the point card way too frequent and you have no space left in your purse for all those useless point cards.

I'm glad I'm doing this, because now I can throw away all the useless point cards and receipts in my purse I never realize I have. *cough*impulse purchase*cough*

I'm tagging you, whoever you are, feel free to do the 'what's in your bag?' tag :) And you can link back to me, so I can read yours :)

This post is not good for your self-motivation. Skip if you must.

As of right now, I'm sitting on my chair, looking at my monitor with my chin on the desk.

I am so bloody tired. Exhausted. And it's been days since I last had a proper meal.

Being a final year student is NOT fun.

I had a very long day. Woke up, took shower, got dressed, went to lab, went to library to cope with my project's research as sensei has been asking for my progress report for days now, went to see my senior to ask him about my project design, had lunch for like 20 minutes, had a longggg class from 1-5 pm (seriously, I don't see any point having all these overdue overestimated lectures from people working in companies to give us a talk about how it's like working at their company when none of us is listening), had a seminar (it's called ゼミ, it's this lecture or discussion each lab has every week for progress report and thesis translation).

Which, in my opinion, means absolutely nothing.

You have to translate English thesis given to you by sensei into Japanese and read it to the rest in front of the class, sort of giving a lecture/explanation on what the thesis is about. It makes no sense. I think this is why they have very bad reputation when it comes to speaking/writing in English. You're supposed to talk and understand in English when you want to learn the language, not translating it all back.

Sigh. Be positive, Atil. BE FREAKING POSITIVE.

I should be, because sensei excluded me from having to do all that, because apparently "you're a foreign student so you should understand the thesis without having to translate it back to Japanese". Thank God. So during seminar I'd usually pick the most convenient seat in the class and catch up with my nap.

And I have to go to this second job interview next month at Tokyo, which I have absolutely no time to think about or prepare. Big selling point : Besides chemical basics I also took mechanical engineering-related classes as we're supposed to learn about the whole process in engineering too, so I can be in both field!! Anyone needs Quality Control engineer, chemical engineer or Development engineer, give me a call :)

So wish me luck!!

That is, if I can actually find some time to practice "Hi, my name is bla bla and my major is bla bla and I have very good communication in bla bla..". I really need the luck.

Sundays are not as fun as Saturdays for me.

When I wake up on Sunday, I'd usually be reminded of workloads that waiting for me when the week starts my head would be occupied with all those worries and makes my Sunday less fun. Pfft.

So as a way to cheer myself up, I went to the market closest to my apartment to buy groceries.

Little did I know I'm gonna have so much fun at the makeup section.


The market I usually go to buy groceries and kitchen supplies..actually becoming more and more awesome now. Yes, for me by stocking Nyx makeup means civilization.

Thank God it's only a few steps away from my home. 

Bought their eyeliners but the eyeshadow palettes are limited for the glittery ones only so have to walk away.

And look at what I found..

I thought I was imagining things, but they're real!!

A made-in-Japan face powder brand named 'CantikManis' HAHAHA!! Even got PROFESSIONAL in front!
I'm so proud :)

I thought it's a brand from Malaysia, but apparently it's a Japan brand, and made in Japan. Even the factories are all here. Only they use Malay language for the name. 

I was so excited I feel like telling the makcik beside me 'that's Malay language!! I come from Malaysia!!' but she might not be as excited as I am.

I am the busiest girl today.

I had an X-Ray talk today, hours of lectures of how to handle X-Ray facilities and machines whatsoever and how badly X-Rays can affect us directly if not used properly and so on..I was snoozing off the first hour of the lecture.

As soon as the lecture ended, which was 5 p.m, I quickly took a cab to this one shop to buy my boyfriend these.

He asked me to buy these two pairs of Adidas shoes (or sneakers? what's the difference?) that we've seen before but he was sure they're sold in Fukuoka too, but apparently only this one store in Hiroshima sells these old school Adidas Originals shoes.

I think he wants to beat me in 'who owns more shoes' contest we secretly have.

So I went to the shop by cab, found the shoes, took pictures of them both and another pair in brown, him taking his sweet time whether or not to buy all three or just the two of them, whether brown is his color or not, whether size 26.5 suits his feet more or 27..I swear, I'm seeing a whole different side of my boyfriend today. I always knew he's fussy when it comes to shopping, but I didn't know it's critical. I felt like yelling "just make up your mind already!!!" hehehe.

So I went home today with two boxes of male's shoes and nothing. I can't believe I bought nothing for myself.

But deep down, I feel proud of myself today. Hearing his excited voice on the phone when I said I've purchased the shoes and on the way home makes me smile. I can feel his gratitude as if I was the one who paid for the shoes (he gave me the money) when I was just the person getting the shoes for feels good to be the one who's doing the work in a relationship. Being a guy, usually he's the one who'd be the thinker, the decision-maker and everything.

I'm such an awesome girlfriend!!! Hehehe.

Next time I should get him to pay me for doing his shopping.

So girls, it doesn't hurt to sometimes be the one who wears the pants. Can do a lot of good, especially when we can use it for "you owe me" moments.

Last few days had been hectic for me.
I was busy doing my lab's things; experiments and reports and research on plants and whatnots; and also..RESUMES.

We have our annual Career Fair in Tokyo; and the final years are required to participate.

Thank God I managed to complete 20 copies of them in English before the day comes, but I decided to say no to Japanese resumes.

I simply HATE writing resumes. 

Not adding to the fact that I have no clue what skills I have, so whoever reads my resume must think I'm this whole other person..anyone but me. Hehehe. Fluent in Japanese. Who am I KIDDING?? Computer skills including CAD. Yea right, I've used CAD once in one of my classes last sem and I've forgotten how to start the program.

The only thing I loveee about Career Fair is I get to meet my friends who I've not seen for years; even after leaving AAJ.

Tokyo was unbelievably hot. I was kissing the ground when we reached Shinjuku and saw the bright sun :) I love spring!!

The interviews were unexpected. I can't say I was fully prepared compared to my friends, trust me they had scripts and infos on the companies at their fingertips and everything, but they were not so bad. Thank God for second interviews; if you were ever offered one, but most of us were too tired to go.

I honestly think the Career Fair is a good opportunity for us graduates-to-be to be exposed to how job interviews are conducted, and to open our eyes on how limited or unlimited choice we have in terms of position of engineers in our country. For that matter, I think us chemical engineers are the ones who are missing out more than other engineers because not that many companies want us. Mechanical engineers are hot like cupcakes!

Managed to go to Akihabara, Harajuku and Shibuya on those few days at one of the hottest city in the world. Everywhere was packed with people we could hardly breathe. Trust me, I went to H&M and Forever 21 and bought nothing. Don't ever ever go to these places on public holidays; it's dictionary definition of fruitless.

As Tokyo is way warmer than Hiroshima, my skin began to react against me from the moment we reached there. Rashes, dry skin, dry lips, dark spots..I was terrified of my own fingers' skin.

I thought I need foundation, so as soon as we went home I bought these.

The salesgirl told me Chanel's foundation is very good, and the new base is good too, bla bla let's hope so :(


my brain dump.