It's been 2 weeks of them nagging daddy, so guess who got her valentine’s day gift this year?


 Since I've made a vow to blog *at least* once a week..

What would the update be, from a full-time housewife? Why, her kids, of course! (or books, or husband, or the city she lives in. Today I decided it'd be about the kids)

During childhood, I used to keep a journal which I wrote about the boys I had crushes on. I had several thick notebooks now safely kept from my husband (haha). Then I was introduced to Friendster, and I learned the concept of blogging - basically doing journals online. I did not have any prospects of anyone reading (I just did not realise people would want to read anything I wrote). That was it, I suddenly switched my journaling method to blogging, and never looked back since. (except the Happy Planner phase, but that was more scrapbooking)

Hence this blog.


my brain dump.