Fashion world never fails to amaze me.

I was flipping through this month's InStyle and found this! There's actually a Malayan word (Malay word) used in fashion HAHAHA :D Why am I the only one who found this interesting??

Hehe jakun a bit, sorry.

We had our last final year project's presentation for the first sem today, before Masters' exam starts in August. As I'm not taking the exam, this marks my upcoming 'lost' month..honestly, I have no idea what to do when everyone's busy studying for the exam. 

Alhamdulillah, the presentation went well. At least I didn't look like an idiot scratching my head wondering what on earth my sensei was asking me about. Phew so happy! :)

After that, we had barbeque with our lecturers. Being the outsider in the family does give me a couple of points - I didn't have to do anything, just go and there it was, a barbeque plate just for me (cannot fry the seafood together with meat). MY SENPAIS ARE SO SWEET!

These were prepared specially for me HAHAHA I feel like a VIP. The taste, not so much. There they were on the other side enjoying meat and hotdogs and chicken drumsticks while I was busy looking for some ebi fry under the cabbage layers.
See the one at the front? He is the coolest senpai ever. I don't know if it was because he was drunk, but he asked me to 'recommend' him to you guys. He's so cool, I mean it.

Today is definitely tiring, but they made my day :) And I came home to mountains of papers and notes - I have a paper on Monday. Oh yeah forgot to mention that.

I'm a simple person. As much as others like to see me as 'uptight', I can really assure you now, I AM NOT. 

For instance, I love nice pictures. But not to the extent of getting a DSLR, because for one, I don't have that much money to spend on a camera and two, I find it difficult to bring them everywhere because let's face it, they are HEAVY! 

But I'm really glad my friends all got one, at least everywhere we go we have them to depend on for good pictures. Though I know they hate it when we do that hehehe. (You know who you are :D Sorry guys) But seriously, nearly everyone here got one, where on earth did you get the money??? A Nikon D90 (as shown in picture) would cost at least 120,000 yen in Japan. I think.

I can get a nice Chanel 2.55, with that amount. Pfft. Choices, choices.

So anyway, I had been looking for a good compact camera since early this year. After reading thousands of reviews on the net about the best compact camera, I settled for this.

Canon Powershot S90.

People say the best camera is the one that's with you, which means the one you can't be separated with.

For me, this has quickly become my inseparable companion, so far. In the camera category, of course.

I love everything about it! I read somewhere that if you're looking for a compact/digital camera that has a DSLR quality, Canon Powershot S90 would be it. I totally agree, I don't think I'll ever be getting a DSLR after this. Even though of course it can't beat the quality of DSLR pictures, it is definitely the best among all the compact cameras.

I'm still working on my taking-super-cool-pictures skill, so look for sample pictures on the net. At this point, I'm still reading the manual and scratching my head wondering what on earth ISO stands for. Or its function. Anyone knows? -_-

I promise, I will get one after my first phase of kenkyuu is done. I MEAN IT.

I've been home all day today, as I woke up this morning feeling like I could pass out any minute. Made a call to lab telling sensei I can't show up today, crawled into the blanket again and slept till noon.

This sounds so cliche but I seriously, seriously despise PMS. It's a miracle how it turns your bright, sunny day into a not-so-joyful one.

Today is the first time I realize holidays just don't cut it for me anymore. I know, I couldn't wait for the plant design to be over and all; but now having too much time freaks me out. I always run around thinking; have I done this and that, whether I have any paper I haven't turn in yet or something..and it's not a nice feeling, I tell you, worrying all the time.. *workaholic alert*

So anyway, I was browsing the net when I stumbled upon this.
Vela consisted of Marwa Atik and Nora Diab, young designers who personally handmade and design hijab/scarves with American style. It's hard to find designers creating fashionable scarves for Muslim women, so I find them very inspiring. AND they are only 19. I was busy hanging out at the stores of Mid Valley when I was 19..pffft.

These are some of the Vela designs that I LOVE :

All pictures from their official fan page on Facebook. They do sell their designs, you can drop them an email there, though I'd hate it if you get the ones I want first. Pfft hehe.

I really really love every piece not just because the fact that they use chiffon which is the best material; but also, the front designs are so girly, American and feminine. I love how they make every piece very personal and even though they're trendy they still keep modesty in tact. I can imagine myself going to the fabric stores, pick up tons of chiffon, go home and start sewing ribbons and flowers to them hehehe. If only it was that easy.

I find this duo very inspiring, I've always wanted to make scarves of my own since I came to Japan. Being here makes me realize that we Malaysian always wear the same design. Yes, we have varieties of designs (Syria, Siti, Ikin..I've lost track already) but don't you think that they all just look the same? I mean, in Hiroshima, you can say almost all the girls here wear the same scarves. The popular one, tudung bawal. I'm not saying we're lack of creativity, but wouldn't it be nice if we take this hijab as one of our outfit for the day?

I hate that everyone always focus on what blouse you wear, or what jeans, or what shoes; and totally abandon the hijab part. As if it's not included in the whole outfit. To me, if you're proud of your hijab, you're proud of being a Muslim. And when someone else (non-Muslim, especially) compliment your hijab, it'd make you realize how hijab completes you and your whole personality.

Japanese really pay attention to everything; people say. I agree. When they see something different they'd notice and even point it out - everywhere I go, I'd get approached by Japanese people complimenting or commenting about the hijab because it's not in their culture. And so far, nothing negative were said, Alhamdulillah.

And it makes me want to wear hijab even more.

I'm thinking of getting one of each design they have, but it would seem ridiculous to my boyfriend ("why do you need 50 pieces of tudung?? When are you going to wear them all??") so I'm shortlisting them to a few pieces.

My so-called 'designs' would have to wait.

People said, nobody in this world can replace your high school bestfriends.

In my case, it's completely true.

September 2009

We can be worlds and continents apart, but when we talk on the phone after months of not hearing each others' voice, it's as if we've never been apart. You still get the familiar feeling just like when you had those late nights girls' talk. I can laugh in an instant when all I've been doing all day is crying and sulking. (stupid PMS thing)

I'm so blessed for having these people in my life, even though we hardly see each other now, just a little updates of each other (the power of Facebook's statuses) makes us just the three of us again.


I've finally updated my desktop to Windows 7 last night, thanks to Mr. Basha. We got it for free from uni HAHAHA finally my uni is doing something right!

I'm still figuring out things (I don't know much about computers except browsing internet and saving pictures and music. So far, that's pretty much what I do with my desktop) but so far I'M LOVING IT! Watched a couple of videos at Youtube, and it's true, Windows 7 is so much better than Vista.

I've been a faithful user of Windows 97-2003-2007-XP, so you can imagine how thrill I am. Hehe.

No, I don't miss XP at all.

So I was looking for places in Hiroshima I haven't been to yet, since he came here last weekend and I wanted to bring him somewhere nice besides restaurants and Miyajima and shopping malls.

I've been to Miyajima SIX times, Diamond City TEN times, Genbaku Dome FOUR times and practically every shopping mall in Hiroshima City at least twice. There's no way I'm going to any of those places for a romantic weekend.

While I was browsing the net, I found this.

The website looks so tempting so we went there :) It wasn't so hard to reach though, the quickest way is to take a tram (Line 1, 2 or 6) from Hiroshima Station till Hacchobori and switch to Line 9 to Shukkeien-Mae. The entire journey only costs 150 yen.

Me and my failed jump attempt.
Yes you all can vomit now..hehehe
I swear we saw crabs crawling everywhere.
Super poyo pose. Please don't judge. We're not usually like this.
A small charming Japanese garden in a packed city.
I'm so glad we went there, it was so peaceful and calm. What a great way to spend a Sunday; strolling around garden in a 4-inch heels. Haha. I couldn't feel my feet when we reached home.

And we had lunch at Teratai Restaurant, an Indonesian restaurant in the city. The service was getting better than the last time we went there, thank God. And the food too!

All in all, the perfect weekend.

If you know me (or if you've been following this blog), you'd know that I'm a history freak.
Or in short, I'm a geek.

I can watch documentaries about history of a country, or the asassination of the Kennedys, or Adolf Hitler biography, or even The New World Order for hours and not get tired. After that of course I would whine to my friends 'why did they do that?' 'how can the entertainment industry be this cruel?!' and so on so they would also enjoy this passion of mine, that is, if they shared the same interest.(Miss Fareena, I'm talking about you here! Hehehe) Note : friends who don't get history might not get what you're trying to say. Stop annoying them.

So, when I found out about this historic island located not so far from Hiroshima, I decided to go and drag my boyfriend with me. This is where relationships are tested; if the guy loves you enough he'd tag along to do whatever crazy things you want to do.

Thank God he's cool :) Though we were ripped off by 5000 yen! We were supposed to take a train from here to Mihara and from there take a bus straight to the port. But as soon as we reached Mihara Eki we found out that we missed the bus and Kure Line was out of service due to the bad weather so taking a train is out of question.

So we had to take a cab and paid 5000 yen. I swear I thought my boyfriend was going to kill me. Hehe.

But the view of the island worth it :) 

"Okunoshima island played a key role during World War II as a poison gas factory for much of the chemical warfare that was carried out in China. Japan went to great lengths to assure the secrecy of the building of the poison gas plant begun in 1929, even going so far as to remove records of the island from some maps.
The island was chosen for its isolation, conduciveness to security, and because it was far enough from Tokyo and other areas in case of disaster."
- Wikipedia.

Not many people knew the existance of this island because of its history, so when we went there it was quiet and not as packed as Miyajima. Thank God.

The island is so small that you can ride around the entire island by bicycle in around 3 hours, and this island is completely full of rabbits! During World War II, this island manufactured and produced nerve gas so it was tested on rabbits. After the war ended, the workers left the island and let the rabbits out of their cage. You can find rabbits everywhere here; to the point that visitors are not allowed to bring pets to this island.

Here is some of the disturbing facts about this island :
1) The gas was produced by senior-high-school-students as most of the scientists capable of this were under international observation by foreign secret services. The students were unaware of the dangers of their work and many of them died or were seriously injured by dioxine-intoxication.
2) For the gas-tests, rabbits were bought from local markets.

3) To minimize the traffic necessary to run the facility, most of the food was produced on the island itself, which was generally spoken not enough. The leadership knew, that the protection suits (of PVC and leather) was not durable enough against a poison-concentration inside such a factory. Never the less, the suits were replaced only when completely used up to keep the secrecy.

(source : net)

The camping site.
The history
The poison gas plant ruins.
"Jungle trekking" in heels HAHAHA.

We could also sunbath-ing at the beach, it wasn't packed with people and the water isn't as warm. Some of the elders and visitors there are very friendly and helpful. We even made friends with the hotel bus driver there hehehe.

It was a very enjoyable experience for me, and I think more people should come and visit this place. As much as Hiroshima is remembered for the World Peace since the atomic bomb during World War II, I think people should also realize that Japan is also responsible for making chemical weapons used in war.

As expressed by the curator Murakami Hatsuichi to The New York Times, “My hope is that people will see the museum in Hiroshima City and also this one, so they will learn that we [Japanese] were both victims and aggressors in the war. I hope people will realize both facets and recognize the importance of peace."

It's a great place to chill and enjoy the nature besides an unforgettable history, adorable rabbits, and a quiet place with a beach :) 


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