A year ago, I wouldn’t even think of having my own garden. Or nursery. Growing plants is just not “in it” for me. Always thought my hands aren’t green enough to grow anything.

Bought several cactuses from countless trips to Cameron Highlands, and starved them to death every. Single. One. Then how am I to keep real, green plants that require special care on everyday basis?!

But. The day has come – couldn’t remember exactly when, but I once we moved into our new place, all I could think of, everyday – we need plants. Pronto. The place is four white walls facing each other, with only neutral colored furnitures – some green would definitely boost up our spirits, I thought.

So I started looking. Started noticing small stores which sell indoor plants, and what price range they’re in. Started noticing others’ houses just so I have a clue on indoor plants deco and care – what types of plants are suitable for limited space, what they need for living, etc.

Then..I found myself getting 3 potty plants, all green and small and innocent. And oh boy was I glad I made that decision! Brought them home, put them on our living room cabinet, sink area and our TV cabinet – they made our home looks a lot homier. They came with limited care needs too, since the soil is a special-made sponge (I don’t know what they call it) and I only need to water them every 3 days.

Sounds easy, but so far 1 had died on me T.T So I bought another one, making sure it hails from the species which require minimal care and can actually live indoor.

Then. I discovered other exotic plants, and came across Monstera.

If you’re not familiar, this is how Monstera looks like. It has unique shape of leaves, hence the many inspirations in design and architecture using its signature leaf shape – once, I couldn’t sleep thinking about that Monstera printed pillow cover, but couldn’t bring my heart to purchase since we already have our own pillow cases.

(Husband would not be amused if he finds out.)

Then a friend told me that she has a friend who sells real plants, one of them – the Monstera plant. Quickly looked at their Instagram account, contacted the founder, asked her about the availability and….

Guys, meet my little monster.

I am beyond happy. Look at the pretty, pretty leaves..


Is this how love feels like? 

My little monster, I promise I will take care of you as good as I can.

Just please, please don’t die on me.


my brain dump.