Dinner with the girls last night :) It was nice to get out of the house once in a while. Though we were surrounded by drunk Japanese(end of the year parties..they have so many things to celebrate in a year I've lost track already) but it was fun!

And I went home to a 25-page report to be done. Marvelous.


Some people keep asking me what is this report thing I keep ranting about..so here it is.


Repeat these for like 30 times for 30 pages, add some eyebags and gallons of coffee and you're me.

Came across these pictures and I thought, this is exactly how I imagined my future home would look like.
Or maybe with lighter color on the walls, or less creepy.
But this house is amazing nevertheless.

This house was designed by Dutch architecture firms and situated in mountains of Switzerland. The house is embedded in the side of a hill and can be seen through a big elliptical opening.

Now my future husband please take note.

I'm sorry this blog has been on hiatus for uh, a week(is there anyone left reading this blog??) but I'm extremely busy nowadays, which I HATE.

And don't even get me started on exams and assignments.
No wonder most people go crazy during their 3rd year. Or final year. Who cares about the difference, the output is still the same anyway.

By next week after all the misery passes I shall write a happier post. Hehe. 

That is, if my lecturer decides that I'm cool enough to start my winter holiday free from the never ending assignments and reports.

It is the most depressing weekend I've ever had.

I've been studying(while munching potato chips and my monitor playing Friends - not exactly studying) these past two days and I am bored. Have a mid term paper tomorrow but cannot seem to get around with remembering everything I've read in the past hours - what in the world is more depressing than this?!

And it's crazy to go out right now - it's so freaking cold, I cannot even feel my brain cells. They're freezing, I can tell, that's why it's so hard to remember what's a PRTR and what it does..water pollutant or something like that..I really need a break.

And I can't go online shopping because I'm saving for, ehem, whatever it is they're saving for. See, I cannot even see my goals straight.

I wish I can be in London right now. Or London when it's summer.

Steampunk Gaga by maia-arts featuring Tarina Tarantino jewelry.
The lady and her alone can wear this. I don't care if it looks cool, if anyone I know wear this in public I'd run away screaming..I swear.

I was blog-hopping when I came across this cool website. And OMG I cannot take my eyes off their products! 
I'm truly a sucker for cute things, seriously.

I'm done if Rakuten has these.*fingers crossed*

Feel free to go to MadeByGirl.com and go crazy :)

Yes, this Twitter-ing Facebook-ing things have gotten into our heads..watch this.

But I must say, this is the sweetest status ever :

*jumps into butterflies-in-the-stomach mode*

I'm always a big fan of pop and country music. It's just something about the sound of acoustic guitar playing that makes my heart melts like butter; hence the start of my learning guitar but now I'm not so proud to say I still suck at it..sigh. Yes, up until now I still don't know how to do the picking. What an embarassment.

That's why I always adore people who can play instrument; be it guitar or keyboard or drums..I find them very unique and interesting. I mean, I've always wanted to learn piano, but those with real drive for piano would have achieved it, right? Even though I'd love to play piano but without that drive I won't go anywhere(which is exactly why I still learn nothing about piano..didn't want it that much like I want that Prada purse, apparently) so I figured my wanting to learn to guitar is strong enough for me to have decided to go to the intrument shop near my house and buy the yellow Morris acoustic guitar, sometime August last year.

Yes you can see the habuk there..it looks nicer in person, I swear

And I'm glad I bought it and started learning guitar.

Now, every time I listen to a song and fell in love with it I can't wait to find the chords and learn it - which is of course not a very good thing for me now, since I'm at the peak of my third year and this semester's course requires so much time and energy, I cannot waste anymore time doing anything else. But of course, when the mind and the heart talk the heart would always win..explains why I have so little time to complete my assignments and reports.*slaps self* I really, really need that guitar to be locked up somewhere..

Back to the main topic, I actually wanted to share with you these songs by this particular artist whom I find very, very brilliant - Lenka.

I absolutely love love her!!!

A little bit information about her in case you have no clue who she is :
Lenka was a teen actress who trained with Cate Blanchett, thereafter landing leading roles on stage, television and indie films. A self-described 'punk-ass art school student' and vocalist/keyboardist for acclaimed indie Electronic/ambient outfit Decoder Ring. She has flung herself into two new worlds simultaneously: she's moved to California and become a solo artist. Whether channelling our long-repressed terrors ('Trouble') or long-lost innocence ('We Will Not Grow Old'), her music evokes primal emotions, unblemished by pretense or cynicism and unashamed of cracking a smile occasionally. Lenka's fresh sensibility extends to every element of her music, as the whimsical, paper art, stoimated videos she creates.'It's a mood-enhancer,' she says of her record, 'I don't like it when people are depressed. I want to cheer them up.'

And yes, Lady Gaga is talented in music too but she's nothing like Lenka, I swear.

It's ironic that one of her songs titled 'We Will Not Grow Old', and she is actually 31..yeah, seriously.(though the song has an entirely different meaning..oh what the heck) She doesn't look like a freaking 31 year old woman, for heaven's sake!!! Personally I think it reflects her personality, the smiling and her perspectives and all that makes me even more impressed.
God, I sound like I'm gay..HAHA

I think you'd figure out her arts through her music videos. A bit different from others, but in a good way. At least she doesn't look like a freakshow.

I was stressed out a few nights before(well, what's new) but listening to her songs made my day :) They have officially become my study songs. Hehe. If you know what that means.

Now. Can someone please teach me how to do the picking thing?? I really really wanna play that Knock Knock song..isk. Leave me an email, thank you.


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