Came across something I think a lot of us can relate to.

I've never heard of 'hate-reading' before, but apparently it's something like a pleasure you get by reading updates/stories of someone you know you want to loathe or mock. Especially nowadays when you can get updates easily through FB, you'd scroll through the pages of that friend's selfies and hating every single one of it - when you know you can opt not to see or care, but you just can't help it.

Sounds familiar? Yeah. Never knew that there's even a specific term for it!

Of course, loathing all those selfies your friends posted is a minor case. There's a lot more serious hate-reading going on especially people with blogs where you can access their life easily and even leave hate comments out of spite as internet has this Anonymous rule you can use.

"I've never publicly trolled. Yet, in my head, I'm trolling all the time, a constant whirring of negativity that only really harms myself"

HAHA Ok let's stop trolling in silence then. Let's find something positive to read and be nicer.

I'd recommend, picks me up anytime.

One of the many samples we took inspirations from

Went to see our wedding invitation card's draft finally!

The designer called to ask us to come check the drafts, and since I'm a bit particular about these things (needed the whole day just to settle on design -___-) we decided to get it settled as early as we can. The designer was nice and very calm handling our inquiries and changes to do on the draft, which is a relief cause I changed my mind on a few things at the last minute (note for future brides, make up your mind at the very first appointment! And always tell them whatever concerns you have, or else you'd end up wondering about it for days. True story.)

The fiancé on the other hand, is actually even more anal than I am (however laid-back he claims he is). He even re-checked my revised draft -____-"

The draft looks exactly how we wanted it to be, but I'm a bit nervous to see how the actual printed cards would turn out. Sleepless nights from now on.

When people ask if I have specific favorite scarf brands (Malaysia apparently has a lot of them now), I don't really know what to say cause I'm not that fussy when it comes to scarves (well Vela is an exception).

Most of the scarves I wear vary a lot - and if you ask me, so far the priciest piece I have the Vela one. But it's not one that I wear everyday; my usual staple scarf actually plain old chiffon pieces bought at the most random places I can't even remember anymore.

So when I moved to Bangi, I realized there are actually a lot of high-end scarf brands here that are worth adding to your collection. And I discovered a gem recently, Al-Humaira Contemporary scarves!

Scarf and cardigan aka the most comfy cardigan in the world by Al-Humaira Contemporary

I don't know if it's the trend nowadays but they carry a lot of plain, soft chiffon scarves in all sorts of shape. The one thing I'm fussy about is the scarf material - I've always preferred soft chiffon but not too soft that it'll be difficult to withstand winds and caused wrinkles; so when I discovered lots of their scarves are exactly this type, my hands went crazy.

For this one, I actually picked it up and had no idea how to wear it at all until the nice salesgirl came and showed me how the model styled it. I never knew there's so many ways you can actually wear a scarf, was so amazed at how pro the salesgirl was!

(I only knew about three ways how to wear a long scarf, to be honest. And most of the time I'd go with the simplest one, like how I wear the scarf to work.)

And yes, the way I wore above did not match hers at all. But I just kind of went with my instinct and hands; and it kind of turned out that way.

Love it so much that I bought 4 scarves in different colors.

Me : Do you think this looks OK with me? Or is it too messy?
Him : You look beautiful however you wear the scarf, sayang.

However sweet it is, it's seriously not helping.

After the engagement ring, I honestly had no idea how I wanted my wedding ring to be.

He had no idea too, I could tell - but I didn't want him to worry about the picking-out-process-of-the-ring after the whole effort he put into the engagement ring. So I started to peek at Habib's windows wondering if I could ever fell in love with one that'd be worth to ask him to spend his money on occasionally when I happen to drop by KLCC or Alamanda.

But after a few weekends of peeking, we still couldn't find any that I want. It's either the size is too big and they can't resize, or the diamond is too big/small, or the size and diamond is good but the band is yellow gold - nearly all stores we went to just didn't have one that is good enough. Mum says better to buy now since a lot of stores are having their year-end sale now so we've been going in and out places looking for the bling!

So to have some ideas, I turned to Google for help.


Large diamond with a channel of small diamonds. Habib's signature Heart on Fire range, my first love. Until I realize not all Habib outlets carry them and I don't know how to wear that much bling around.

Solitaire diamond ring, probably the most common design of all time. 

To me, when it comes to types - you basically have two choices; the classic solitaire or diamonds with side smaller diamonds, however the setting is.


Platinum (highest quality), white gold, or yellow gold. Palladium or silver for your other half.

The 4Cs

One thing you must know, is how to choose your diamond that is worth the money your other half is going to spend on. I knew nothing about diamonds - and Googling helps me realize the basic things are quite simple; carat, cut, clarity, color.

  1. Carat : the mass of diamond, 1 carat equals 200 milligrams. 0.75 carat equals 3/4 carat or 75 points. The larger your diamond is, the higher the value (of course). Choose the carat weight you think suits you (and your budget)
  2. Cut : angles in which the diamond is cut determines the cut. I didn't pay any attention to this.
  3. Clarity : internal defects in a diamond. Make sure to ask your sales guy about this as it's quite difficult to see with naked eyes.
  4. Color : from colorless to light yellow, the less color in a diamond, the higher the value. Usually it is mentioned in the details of your ring, or you can ask the sales guy.

Regardless, I Googled these right in front of the sales guy so it took me some time to decide. He was helpful though; explaining to me which is of the better diamond and which could be difficult to maintain and everything.

Until I finally saw my dream rock.

Asked the 4Cs, asked for the price, asked for the diamond certificate, asked for my size. He said we need to order it for my size since it can't be resized. I said no problem I want it in my size, please, even if it means I'd only get the ring after one month (apparently that's how long it takes when you order a new ring). The sales guy showed me a ring similar to it with the diamonds arranged in a beautiful flower-shaped setting so I drooled a bit more, but he said the maintenance would be astronomical and tedious due to the delicate diamonds compared to the other one.

So that's how I settled for my dream bling!

Overheard a conversation between a husband and wife during the process, the husband wanted to buy his lovely wife a new bling.

Husband : This ring is good enough, sayang. Nak batu lagi besar, beli batu nisan lah.

Lol but eye-opening, really.

Went on Hobbit movie date today (5 freaking stars); and he randomly suggests a good movie to watch on a Sunday evening.

"Go watch The Shawshank Redemption, you won't regret it"

And so after our date, I went and watched the movie on my laptop with leftover curry puffs.

I don't know if it's the jitters of soon-to-be-married thing, or simply because I was still in awe of Hobbit greatness - but this movie kind of captivated me right from the start till the end. It makes you feel that somehow all the bitterness in the world just don't matter and all you've got to do is to have faith.

Thus far, I think I've been lucky that I'm surrounded with positive people around me. Sure there are people who'd always look for ways to bring you down, who'd look and search for every tiny bit thing to badmouth you to others, who'd just do anything to make you look bad while they get to be the superior one, but really, why waste time worrying about those petty things? There's a whole lot more to life than the negativity these people impose, and if you would only let those petty things go and focus on the good things in your life, you'd feel way happier.

He always says to me right from the moment we started dating - always look at the bright side of life. Whenever I was down and needed to rant to him, that's what he'd say to me without fail, but I never realize how true it is up until now. (Regardless, he told me it's from a famous movie/song but I chose to believe it comes from his wisdom lol) It's so simple but so true, nothing is bad enough that you can't have faith.

You make mistakes, you try to move on from it. People sins, you forgive and start anew. These things would give you solace and hope; and you'd realize there's just more to life than those petty things you think matter so much.

Didn't think a movie could move me like it did, but I guess that's why it's the highest rated movie in IMDb.

One of the perks having him back for good? Passed-down stuff from Japan.

He brought back his (new) guitar since he's not using it anymore, and gave it to me after we made a deal.

Yes, he won't even give it to me for free. Sheesh.

It's been years since I last changed the strings of my guitar, so I was excited when I got this shiny new one. Now my old guitar is safely kept in the store but I just don't have the heart to sell it off; holds so many memories back in Japan I'd like to keep. (obviously this guitar means nothing to him..)

Finally got time to use it. Huge difference compared to my poor old guitar, so yay.

My colleagues have always teased me about owning too many shoes (refer to this) even though I'd like to believe I bought the shoes with justification.

It's not easy finding a suitable-for-work shoes and yet still comfortable. And my small size feet isn't helping either.

So I found this work shoes from Charles & Keith which I deemed perfect - it's got some height but still comfortable to walk in, it's black, it has some shiny metal part at the part (don't know what people call it) which makes the whole outfit looks presentable enough at the office.

And then, one day I came into the office. Colleague was smiling, which is weird.

"What's wrong?"

"I knew it was you coming to the room like miles away"



"You have such a specific walk, like literally no one else walks like you. You take steps at small pace yet fast, probably because you're short"

Can you imagine my face? Yeah. If she isn't a colleague cums a dear friend of mine (also a fan of the gym), I'd probably give her some bruises.

But some male colleagues noticed it too, so I guess it wasn't entirely her fault. They always say I picked it up from all those years spent in Japan (Japanese known for their fast-paced walking) but I just knew it has something to do with my height -____-"

Still not ready to give up, I told her,

"Maybe I should patent the way I walk, so that no one would steal it"

It wasn't until I heard she's laughing that I realize not only I'm a short girl wearing heels that the entire floor can hear, but also how big of a nerd I am. (those in R&D line would understand)


my brain dump.