I'm currently watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 13.

And my God, watching this show again after all these years makes me realize how this show had been my childhood's company for so longggg. I remember resting at home (during those super-short holidays the government so stingy-ly gave us pfft) tuning in to 8TV channel, anxiously waiting to see Tyra Banks on the screen. I remember how my sister used to stay up till midnight watching and obsessing over The Apprentice (yea she's a very business-driven person, she's actually the Donald Trump of the house) while I'd gush over ANTM instead.

But rest assured, I did watch The Apprentice too..I'm not a bimbo OK. Hehe. 

I stopped watching ANTM in Form 5 when I had to focus on SPM and that means no TV for me..can't believe I was that obedient to sacrifice my TV hehe. If only I have that strong drive now.

ANTM has gone a longg way; up till now, the 15th season! I mean, I thought Friends has the longest run (10 seasons) but this one is 15..wow. But come to think about it, it does make sense since its every cycle won't go beyond 12 or 15 episodes.

So last week I started downloading the latest season, and finished watching it (this week is the final week..can't wait to know the winner!) so downloaded Cycle 14. Watched the first episode, but it was surprisingly not at all good compared to Cycle 15. I think the contestants were so bitter and they sent the wrong message to the teenagers out there; I mean, they were so mean. I've seen mean girls often, but these contestants really annoyed the heck out of me.

So downloaded Cycle 13. To my surprise, this cycle is actually different from others - it's specifically for girls 5' 7'' and under!! The catch phrase is "The Lineup Is 5' 7'' And Under. Not The Usual Suspects. BOOK 'EM!"

Can you see how petite and short they are compared to Tyra Banks??

If not, try watch one episode and look closely at the part when Tyra hugged the eliminated contestant. They were like, wayyy below her shoulder.

The shortest contestant is 5' 3". Of course, she looks like she's the baby sister of all of them.

I think Tyra's idea of going against the fashion model rules; giving the opportunity to petite girls to become one of America's Next Top Model is very eye-opening. She's 5' 10"; and models are always around that height - so petite girls are almost never in-market. Thank God I never wanted to become a model, it'd be a lifetime frustration if I ever wanted to go in that direction.

If the 5' 3" girl is just below Tyra's chest, I think I'd be at her waist.

When it comes to accessories, I used to love colorful bangles we always see at supermarkets - one that costs RM 10 each. You know, the ones we can usually get from a traditional wear store, because they always go with baju kurung and all. In fact when I went back to Malaysia for raya this year I still buy them "aunty gelang 10 ringgit ni 3" you know, for my mum and sisters in case they want it too. ( sisters never did, mum always do) Cheap, practical and funky.

But for the slightly fancier one, I'd always rely on House Of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie, no matter what. The Aztec bangles are simply fantastic, the gold and leather compliment each other, the designs are so hobo chic yet sophisticated. I can go on and on praising Nicole Richie's designs but it'd clash with the purpose of this post.

Because today I discovered my new favorite jewelry line, Rachel Leigh.

 Gia ID bracelet
Greta bangles
Audrey enamel bracelets
Olivia snakeskin bangles
OK maybe not today, because I've heard about Rachel Leigh line a while ago, but I was too into HOH that I somehow refused to acknowledge other line's fabulosity haha. Yes my brain is one very complicated brain. 
Today I was browsing accessories fashion blogs when I saw the entry about its bracelet line, and kicked myself for not knowing about it earlier. Apparently the celebrities love it, and girls being girls we'd always love everything our favorite celebrities wear! Right?
Other than bracelets, it also has this wide range of rings, necklaces, earrings and headbands - so many to choose! Go to the website and see, I can click endlessly only to realize my bank account won't be able to handle the amount. Sheesh. I want to start working and earn my own money right now.
A bit about the history :
You can notice that the line's fabulousness (I feel like a high school girl using this word) actually lies at of course the high fashion designs and its very own trademark, the bow. I'm not a big fan of bows but this one does it for me - a girl can never have too much bows!
Having said that, I fell head over heels with the Audrey enamel bracelets the most; the simple yet understated carved gold plated bracelet. It comes in so many colors to choose from; from white, pastels, vibrant to black.

I bet if we were face-to-face right now, my boyfriend would give me nasty stares.

I don't care anymore. I need these ASAP.
Blair Waldorf wearing Audrey enamel bracelet in ice blue
Blair wearing Audrey enamel bracelet in gold
(pictures from here)
Katy Perry wearing Audrey enamel bracelet in blackberry and cloud
(picture from here)

In Japan, Rachel Leigh jewelry can be found at Kitson stores.

Oh great, Hiroshima doesn't HAVE ONE.

Last night I decided to take one of the huge steps in my life; braving myself to swallow one tiny roll of sushi.

My friends texted me saying they're going for sushi and asked if I want to join, which is weird cause usually they'd give up asking me knowing how I would throw up and just order cakes at a sushi place. Seriously, people usually have like 10 small plates of sushi, while I have 5 plates of cakes and fruits. Hehe.

So off we went.
 Some fresh ebi with onions, obviously not mine.
 Fried ebi with mayonnaise (YAY)
 Salmon, this is surprisingly good!

To my surprise, it wasn't so bad! I only had those fried and fully cooked ebi and salmon; but I'm still wayy behind those guys.

 Their plates and mine - look at how big difference they make! Pfft.

My junior's. Even first-year students can eat sushi way better than me.

After that, we decided to drop by this game arcade near the sushi place since, well, we're all young and wanted to have a great Friday night out. I've not been there for quite a long time, since I developed this allergic to bowling (it's in the same place) and thank God they didn't want to play bowling!

So these became our playground last night :

My favorite of all :) Cause I won big time! HAHA.

We didn't take that many pictures cause we were all busy, em, playing games. Though I lost most of the time but we laughed so hard it felt so good :)

Then, of course, purikura time. Had to force Basha to join though cause he's very shy like that.

Can you see just how awkward this is for Basha...HAHAHA Godd I laughed so hard when we saw the pictures. Am still rolling on the floor laughing.

All in all, a very fun night out :) I just realized I've been posting a lot of food pictures lately, maybe I should make a 'food' label after this. Hmm.

Current obsession : HTC Desire and Blackberry

That's right, the most boring person when it comes to gadgets and phones is now ready to explore the world of smartphones. HAHA.

HTC Desire (Softbank)
 Blackberry Bold 9700

I've been pestering my friends and boyfriend about changing my phone - my nearly 3-year old iPhone 3G is starting to give up on me. Playing games especially Bejeweled is a torture, I've stopped installing new games in my phone because I know they are useless.

Found a good bargain on a Japanese-based website courtesy of my friend (who's really tech-savvy when it comes to these things) and am now torn between HTC Desire or Blackberry.

 My tech-savvy friend : Maybe you should wait for HTC Desire HD, it's gonna be out soon..
Me : What's the difference?
My tech-savvy friend : ??????!!!!!!! 


Am still considering, my boyfriend is all "get the HTC alreadyyyy" but he said it's also better to wait till I go back to Malaysia cause there are more choices compared to here (unlike what people always thought). Japan is great at gadgets but the carrier contracts and the sim locking and unlocking things are soo annoyingg.

Anyway, just wanna share with you the best chocolate in the universe -

OMG been munching this day and night! I should give up on rice and buy that shiny treadmill like right now.

My second sister turns 25 today :)


We share so few traits in common, we don't even look like sisters! She's always the outgoing fun one; while I'm always the serious and quiet even around my uncles and aunts. Sometimes I'm glad she's around when I'm at home cause she'd always save me from answering all the killer questions and interviews from our uncles.

We always fight at home; I can cry when I fight with her. Secretly, of course. But our relationship is so weird, we can fight one day and be totally cool the next day, I guess that's the power of siblings' bond.

OMG I look so fat. This was in 2009, I think.

So to you, thank you for being the sweetest sister ever. For always taking care of me. For being my fashion icon (ever since we were small, but I don't think you know that, do you?), for being so responsible in taking care of our family. I know you're doing your best. And I'm sorry that I'm always so distant - I love you so much I can't say.


I know this is late but I've been so busy these past few days, my fyp has never been so annoying and all I want right now is holiday. Dreading being called to my lecturer's room and being questioned all over again day to day, so lately I've been spending too much time at the library rather than my own lab cause every time my lecturer walks past my desk I can feel my heart's beating ten times faster.

Can't wait to graduate.

Couldn't go to the Raya prayer and for the first time I didn't get to call my family on Raya morning..it felt weird. It'd be so much better if we got a day off on Raya and not be in lab busting our asses off working.

Nevertheless, Eid is a day to be celebrated so I hope you had a wonderful one :) Salam Eid Mubarak everyone!

I'm not a huge fan of jewelry.

I mean, every girl lovess them, but I'm one of those who love them at normal amount. It doesn't hurt to own a few pieces just to complete the sets or just so we can throw something on during Raya or kenduri or something. But I'm definitely not going to spend a fortune on a huge box filled with jewelries.

Well, except for House of Harlow pieces..they ARE irresistible..I swear. But that would be in another post.

Because now you HAVE to see this.

In case you haven't heard, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton and they're getting married. You know, all that ooh-that-girl-so-lucky thoughts..and this picture came rubbing me in the face. An oval sapphire in a blue hue with 14 smaller diamonds on the side, 18-carat engagement ring.

That is one freaking gorgeous royal engagement ring, I swear.

Apparently it once belonged to Princess Diana, it was her engagement ring and Prince William inherited it after Princess Diana died. No wonder, wouldn't expect any less from the royals anyway.

But Kate Middleton is one happy girl..sigh.

I'm not usually a fussy person when it comes to jewelry, I like it fine as simple as it is. But this ring made me turn into this giddy girl and started browsing other gorgeous rings..you know, for future reference.

Miranda Kerr's engagement ring from Orlando Bloom 
Khloe Kardashian's engagement ring
 Penelope Cruz's engagement ring (sapphire, too)
Emily Blunt's, I think I love hers after Princess Diana's. The details are just too pretty :/

(Pictures from here)

I guess wearing jewelries isn't really my thing because..I have nickel allergies.

I first discovered it after I had my earlobes pierced for the first time; got home just to find my earlobes swelling and itching like crazy..it wasn't a great moment for a 10-year old girl who's just started discovering the joy of earrings. I thought it was common until 2 weeks after I just couldn't take the pain anymore and went to the doctor, and received the worst news of my teenage years - I'm allergic to nickel and can only wear sterling silver/gold jewelries. I remember admiring my friends' funky earrings and necklaces when I can't just go to stores and buy them unless I can make sure they're really silver or gold. AND it doesn't help that nickel-free jewelries are usually so expensive.

He bought me a silver necklace once when we were in 2nd year - he knew my allergy and made sure with the store that the necklace was pure silver, but after a few times wearing it I got rashes and swells all over my neck. I was so sad because I really wanted to wear the necklace, and it was the first time he gave me a jewelry. Felt like going back to the store and claimed the money grrr.

You know, it's really frustrating because you see everyone wearing all these kinds of rings and earrings and necklaces and you can't. But we can't change what we're given with, so now I kinda got used to it.

But bad news for my boyfriend, though. :D HAHA kidding, I won't ask for a ring that expensive..

Just for future reference.

A while ago I got nice emails from awesome friends about my skin.

But I beg to differ, dear awesome friends, cause I do have acne and spots sometimes (especially that time of the month) and I don't think I can give any secrets or tips, cause I have NONE! Foundation and face powder are my saviours most of the time, so getting a good foundation is the most important part to get that fresh glowy look.

My boyfriend must be rolling on the floor laughing right now. He's seen me at my worst, so he must be having a different view about my skin condition..hehe..SHUT UP, YOU.

But I can share with you one of my inspirations.

Her name is Maryam. I love watching her videos cause she doesn't seem at all pretentious like other beauty youtubers seem to be, and you can tell she's real down to earth too. She's very pretty and she's got VERY VERY NICE SKIN, I don't think I've ever met someone with skin like that!

Most of all, I love her accents! Haha. She usually posted videos about beauty but she's into fashion too. It's hard to find bloggers/youtubers my age that I find I can relate to; so it's nice to see someone who's able to make a clear point that even though you're covered up you can still be stylish and pretty.

Bet all of you are jealous of her skin now! Haha. But don't be, everyone is pretty in our own way.

Just be confident and comfortable in your own skin, cause that will outshine the rest and people would look up to you for that.

In Japan, there's this tradition called kouyou (紅葉) which means autumn colors or autumn leaves (if it's pronounced as momiji). Usually during autumn people would go to these momiji parks and see the color of the momiji leaves turning red and yellow.

Japanese really does have all these unique traditions - watching sakura (花見), watching lamps (illumination), watching leaves. I wonder if other cultures have them too? Haha.

It's a beautiful scenery, I'm not kidding.

Just look at the trees. I can live here happily ever after.

I've never been to this park before, so I got excited and took so many pictures of leaves..haha. We looked like some photography club, cause almost everyone here got an SLR each. (Well, except for me and some unlucky kohai pfft)

Canon SLR gang

Outing means camwhoring, as usual.

Us, the girls.

We all took some 'souvenir' before we went home :)

Am definitely going to miss Japan next year.

Pictures courtesy of Wawa, Zu and my camera


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