It was Saturday morning.

As usual, I’d be woken up at the sight of Rayyan playing with my hands, or putting his head on my tummy like it’s some sort of a pillow (it’s not), or Rayyan pinching his little brother’s cheeks to wake him up. As usual, during weekends he’d always be the one waking up earlier than everybody else, including me and husband (we’d very much prefer to stay in bed for as long as we can, but Rayyan doesn’t seem to grasp this concept).

So staying in bed, I played with him for a while, kissed Rafiy and gomol-ed him as usual, sang a few songs cause Rayyan asked me to, and when he got bored of me, he’d say “Ayyan nak turun bawah”.
That’s the cue for me to finally wake the husband up.


my brain dump.