Last few weeks, I had to go to UTP in Perak for a meeting. It was an important meeting and it has been postponed for a while. 

To me, the postponement was a blessing - I hated the journey going there. In the last few years, I've been there probably more than 5 times for discussions, meetings, alike and I did not enjoy the 3-hour car ride. Plus, Tronoh is probably the last town I'd ever be left stranded in - how people survived their 5-years uni there is a wonder. (coming from a person who's uni is in the middle of kampung Saijo, Hiroshima. In my defense, although Saijo is a kampung; it's a modern Japanese kampung where I could cycle to my classes and get things delivered to my door the next day, no hassle.)

So, my colleague suggested we take the ETS.

"The what?"

"ETS lah, the KTM fast train. It's convenient, it'd probably take you 2 hours to reach there"

Sounds luxurious. To have a 2-hour nap in the train, and not having to drive!

So I agreed.

Last two months, I received an email from a journalist, asking for an interview..on blogging and career.

It was the first time this blog (or me, for that matter) has been offered to be featured on a local newspaper, so at first I couldn't believe it. Forwarded the email to the husband (because we share everything with each other T.T) and received an encouraging response from him, which prompted my reply to the journalist.

It was a journalist from Berita Harian.

I knew if I told my mum right there and then, she'd be screaming "HAH YE KE?!" and go around the relatives' house to tell them XD

So long story short, after a few phone calls from the journalist, I was there at their NSTP office in Bangsar for the article's photoshoot. More than 20+ pictures were taken from different angle, different poses, different setting - I realized there's just so much hard work behind a newspaper article! Have so much respect for the people behind every newspaper article now.

So..this was how it turned out.

Last Friday was eventful.

So Mimpikita released their first batch of Raya 2016 design that day. After several years of anticipating their collections only to be disappointed by the price range (because I couldn't afford them T.T) and spent the rest of year drooling over them, this year, I thought I'd spend a bit more for Raya.

Because if you've seen them (on their Instagram), you'd agree. Back with their signature prints (which are so so pretty I can't); a lot of them are kurung Kedah which is perfect for Raya. At least to me, for several years now - hence why I can't remember the last time I made traditional kurungs for Raya. Kurung Kedah is just more practical for me. (Once you have a kid, you'd know. The breastfeeding, the snot, the pulling sigh)

In the morning, I checked out FV - but reserved making the purchase. I already made plans to go to their store in KLCC because I wanted to see the kurung firsthand - thought if I'm gonna spend that ridiculous amount on a garment, I'd better see it with my own eyes. 

So off I went to KLCC. 

In Mimpikita Clover sweater, Georgette dUCkscarves in Walnut, lace jeans from ZARA. 

Oh God. Time flies!

The last time I did this post was when he was 9 months old - which seems like decades ago.

So what does he look like now?

He's walking and he loves it, especially in the malls - it gets super hard to keep up with him sometimes T.T

"Well, what do you expect? He takes after you"

The husband says pfft.

So it was Mother's Day last weekend. (which was a disastrous one for me, read here)

And albeit all that, guess what I managed to get as a present for myself? 

The Mother's Day dUCkscarves!

Initially, I hinted to my husband about the scarf. Heck, I wasn't even going to get the scarf - but I knew I'd regret it if I didn't get the scarf when it comes out T.T The design is too delicious to be ignored.

Then my husband said,

"But you have so many dUCks already?!"

Thought I'd do this post every year so that Rayyan can read them one day when he's old enough to understand XD

(Last year's event was here.)

So nearing the weekend, everyone started asking me "what's my Mother's day plans". I started getting Mother's day wishes from relatives and friends, who were so sweet.

Except..for my husband T.T


On Friday, he was on work trip to Penang. Usually he'd get on the first flight home once he finished his work; so he'd be home by nighttime. But that day, sometime after lunch I received a message from him;

"Sorry I have to spend the night here in Penang..Kerja tak habis lagi. I will be back tomorrow"

...was at our old apartment, the week before we moved to the new house. I was home early from work one day, and Rayyan behaved, well, so much better than his normal days (I made my son sounds like a brat, don't I?) because on normal days, he'd want to be hanging off my hips everywhere I go -_- He's at that stage where he wants to be with me all the time; so clingy that it made it difficult for me to do house chores, like cooking.

But that day, I realized he was playing by himself at the living room with his toys, just occasionally looking around to spot me. So when he wasn't looking, I sneaked out to the kitchen to make this, our family's comfort food!

+ Golden brown fried chicken infused with onion, red chilies and herbs, topped with soy sauce in a hot pan

+ Steamed vegetables soup cooked in low heat, infused with onions and ikan bilis

Which are basically ayam masak kicap and sup sayur XD

Finally got the time to send a new article for ZALORA. Work was hectic (think you guys know why. Praying for the industry to get better) and I had to do the packing for the new house so I never really got the chance to draft anything for my editor.

So what's a girl to do?

Drafted an email to my editor to apologize. As last resort, I looked through my blog archives to see if there's anything - and this topic came about when I stumbled across my travel posts. PHEW.

Thought that maybe it'd be helpful for others who're in the same shoes - if you travel a lot due to work, hopefully you can relate to this!


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