I'm a very busy woman. Nowadays I have to stay at the lab till 8 pm before I can go home, for the sake of keeping my lecturer happy and also thanks to the mountain of workloads I have.

That's why I've lost weight so much lately; my eating schedule has been a bizarre..I would sometimes just skip dinner and go straight to bed. And waking up with an empty stomach, but just can't be bothered to eat anything because I have to rush to the lab before 10.30/11 am.

So when I discovered this new super-easy-to-make bread recipe, I'm practically over the moon.

The super simple cheese bread.

Seriously, this baby tastes better than it looks. Especially if you're a cheese lover like me :D

Just take a slice of bread, put a slice of cheese on top of it, bake in oven at 500 W for 5-10 minutes. I've tried 1000 W at 2-3 minutes, not good. Completely burnt.

So simple, but you won't believe the smell..soooo good I always end up making 2-3 slices :D And by all means, eating it with sweet condensed milk is HEAVEN.

Shahrul won't let me eat this everyday, because he doesn't like sugar. Apparently opposite attracts..pfft.

Remember my post about Prince of Persia?

Gemma Arterton played Princess Tamina in that movie, and I fell in love head over heels with her.

She was featured in one of the many pages of May's InStyle.

I especially love this photo of her. So classy.

I just found out she's a year older than me, anyway.
But I'm pretty sure I'd look like a 7 year-old, sitting beside her.

What truly amazed me is, she's already a Bond girl at 24, she's a graduate from England's Royal Academy-something, and she looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor. These photos really give the best shots of her pretty features and maturity; what more with that height. Pfft.

Miss Fareena, she reminded me of you! Hehe.

Anyway, I'm sure all of you knew about iPhone 4 and OS 4. I won't bore you with all the features but this one particular app really impressed me.

I love this new iPhone app I don't even know where to begin. This. Is. So. Freaking. Awesome.
Well, at least for someone who thinks reading is like food like me. Hehe.

Now I can read wherever and whenever I want!! Last night, while waiting for him to call I managed to finished a chapter of Pride And Prejudice, laying on bed with the lights off. And my hands don't get sore from holding a thick book anymore. Double yay.

And now I don't have to sneak novels to read at the lab anymore. Life is good.

My brother has officially reached a new level of weird-ness.
First, he now has a Facebook account.

I mean, seriously. Why can't all the little brothers in the world NOT grow up and stay their little cute self forever?! Yeah sounds silly I know..but I'd very much prefer the younger little brother who I used to play video games with, even though we fought every other minute back then. Of course I was the one who picked the fight first, but that is not the point. 

Now they're all "grown up" and have 157 friends on Facebook. Sigh. 

And I have to set new custom settings for my photo albums now.

Secondly, it's even more horrifying when they know how to use the message section on Facebook to message your boyfriend "to take good care of you". 


I was beyond terrified when the boyfriend told me, but am thankful that he's not the freakout type. I mean, other guys would've dumped me right now.

But on the other hand, I am actually touched at the fact that my little brother is worrying about me.

He's not the feel-y type of person; God knows if he's sad or disappointed because he never showed his real emotions to us. Well, except if he's mad, THAT we'd know. But not love. He would act all tough and strong, but I know whenever he had to send me to the airport, he would have this expression on his face that tells me he's lonely. I'm the closest sibling to him; I know he hates it when he doesn't have anyone to fight with. My eldest sister is pregnant now and my second sister is working in KL, so he's left alone at house with my mum. It kills me everytime when I call home and we talk because I heard sadness in his laughing voice.

I'm glad that he's actually growing up now and starting to feel responsible to his sisters; hence the message to the boyfriend.

As hard as it is for me to admit it, he did the right thing.

Thank God Shahrul is cool.

This is, by far, the most soothing Malay song ever composed. I can cry just listening to this.

Male version.

Female version.

I want to watch LBS now.

I watched Sex And The City 2 and Iron Man 2 last few days, as part of my whole I-need-to-take-a-break thing I started on Friday. 

Sex And The City 2 : mindblowing-ly creative. I honestly did not see a movie like SATC would actually feature the Middle East/Arabian culture background in the movie. (yes, they even had azan, people)

At first, I really didn't know what to say. I was half-shocked, half-relieved that they didn't go too far during the scene with the Muslim women with veils and azan, at least Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte were respectful and they didn't insult anyone or anything. (Samantha, on the other hand, was being just Samantha so nothing so surprising there)

But the one thing that caught my eye - is how gorgeous, graceful kaftans the girls wore at the exotic country. I am literally lusting after the kaftans! They are so incredibly colorful, the silk are gorgeous, the design are simply elegant...sigh, I don't think I've ever loved baju kelawar-like dress like this before.

All from Colin Heaney.

I swear, if Malaysian kaftans are made of silk, or georgette like these, I'd definitely get them and wear them in public. I mean, the batik design is already so pretty but if only they work a little bit more on the material..and the embellishment..sighh. It doesn't hurt to put some blings on a piece of kaftan, does it?

Am googling 'kaftan' at Rakuten right now. Epic fail - Japanese don't wear kaftans, apparently :(

So if you haven't watch it yet, go watch it!

And finally, Iron Man 2 - I love Robert Downey Jr, I love superheroes, I love guy in a metal suit...so basically I love this movie.

I don't know how to describe superheroes movies, so this basically sums it up. Hehe.

Anyway, this is the bag I wore in the picture.

The Zara bag.

When it comes to bags, there are too many design and style and come with different price range, so it's hard for me to choose a good, nice bag that is also a winner in the quality category. But with Zara, even though it's not a luxury brand like Gucci etc but the thing with Zara is, they're releasing new items every other minute and quality is still their top priority. They really listen to their customers so every design that doesn't sell well at their store, they change it with better ones so you can find a lot of Zara bags online with a large range of design and price.

Zara bags really stand out compared to others, so if you want a nice, luxury-looking bag but don't want to spend thousands on high-end brands, Zara is the place for you to shop. I love how their bags are so elegant and comes with a price tag that doesn't make you hate yourself for buying it.

This bag is my favorite at the moment :)

I realized I have no time to blog anymore nowadays; keeping up with my fellow labmates and stupid project design are honestly, not easy.

I really wonder how others do it. Some tips, please.

Especially at this time of the month, I feel like crap all the time. What is it with girls and this whole PMS thing?!

Anyway, I was doing my daily routine of senseless googling and browsing when I stumbled upon this fashionista's lookbook page, A.K.F. It's so hard for me to find a hijabi whose style I like; because let's face it we have a lot to consider in the matter of dressing up, so it's definitely not easy to put two and two together.

But I love love love this girl!

Black blazer+black jeans+long shirt+heels=femininity. Is that a word?

Jeans+basic shirt+ruffled cardigan+Chanel bag+gladiator sandal=chic
Am loving the whole black-white theme.

Long cardigan+black waist belt+skinny jeans+black patent heels=elegance

I just love the whole simplicity but elegant, effortlessly chic vibe going on. Not everyone can pull it; and the way she wears her hijab reminded me of Seri of Coffee-Mate.

Take a look at her lookbook.nu page to see more of her inspiring style :) I especially love this a lot:

(source : lookbook.nu)

Last night he told me that the company he applied for a job has accepted him to their company. The company is based in Fukuoka.

You can't even imagine how proud I am of him.

I knew you'd make it :)

This means he won't be coming back to Malaysia with me after graduation March next year, since he is scheduled to start working by April 2011.

THAT'S RIGHT. I'll be working in Malaysia and he's here. For God knows how long.

No, I'm not crying. Just wailing and screaming to my pillow.

I know it's going to be tough; I know I've always considered Fukuoka-Hiroshima as an LDR, but this is definitely not the same. I mean, I talk with this guy on daily basis. Every other hour. I get upset when he cancels our date to watch World Cup/EPL/everything football-related things, I got upset back then when he had to do some long hours part-time work, I hated it when he went back to Malaysia earlier than me.

God knows how I'm going to cope with him gone for months. Or even years.

I'm still so happy that he got what he wants, albeit how much I'm going to miss him when we start working next year. No more calling in the afternoon telling him how much I hate my onigiri lunch, no more sending him camwhoring pictures through phone, no more calling him up just to kill time during boring classes.

I had no idea how big of a role this guy plays in my life.

We have less than a year now, I'd better start working on the whole I-can-live-without-my-boyfriend mantra thing.

Wish me luck, people. I need that big time.

Was rummaging through my old stuff, and I found this.

This was first year's summer break (2007), we were at the Tokyo Dome City right after Summersonic.


Gosh I feel so old.

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As I mentioned earlier, I was off to Kobe for an interview in Osaka.

On my way to the interview place, I remembered this one scene in Gilmore Girls, where Rory was on the train back from her interview with New York Times. She was on the phone with Lorelai, saying how she couldn't believe she's actually on the way back from a job interview, that she feels like an adult living in the real world, in a train wearing a suit, reading newspapers.

Well, for a moment there - just a moment - I really felt the same way.

5 months earlier, I wouldn't believe the future me would actually have an opportunity to do that. You know, the grownup stuffs.

At this moment, I don't really care if I got the job or not, I'm just glad that at least I had a chance to taste how it's like. (plus my lecturer said working in a factory is hard work, so..I might as well go home and get married hehehe. OK kidding) 

I just got home today and I swear I don't like buses anymore..it was so tiring, even though I had a 3-hour nap! Woke up feeling grumpy..not good.

I really wanted to share with you about the job interview, so I hope this can paint some picture.

Okayy so drawing isn't my forte, I know. But you get it lah kan.

The interview took place at Panasonic's office in Osaka, so I had to take trains to get there from Kobe. I WAS ALONE. Thanks to the route map they gave me I got there safe and sound, because based on my track record in taking the right trains it doesn't look so good. I get confused everytime. (I blame Hiroshima's extra small train stations, hello we have like TWO lines only!! Tokyo and Osaka stations, on the other hand, have like a hundred lines. You do the math.)

So I was late 2 minutes. Note : Do not do this, EVER. Not a very good first impression.

There were two interviewers, both Malay so I didn't have to communicate in Japanese (thank God) and as soon as I entered the room I was asked to fill in a form. Then the kind lady interviewer offered me dodol!! (you can see in the picture) She was so nice I was calm already :) 
See, give me food anytime and I can do anything.

The interview went for 30 minutes; it wasn't anything like I anticipated. They were both cool officers, they even made jokes..and yes, there were times when they even spoke Malay! I was asked about my background and also about the position I applied, I guess they wanted to know if I had any clue about it, or their company.

After the interview I went back to Fiqah's house and we had a night out, the two of us. Hahaha I don't think we've ever done it before right?! Was thinking of watching movies but there were nothing good so after shopping we just head home. Sigh, I feel so old..it was Friday night for heaven's sake. Or maybe we're just growing up. Hehe.

Oh, we both stopped by Lush and bought soaps. I've actually went into Lush shop so many times before because the smell are very nice and tempting but didn't get anything - so I told Fiqah we'd better get something this time.

What we bought

And we went to Zara - the danger zone. I shall not reveal what we bought here. KAN FIQAH KAN?! Hehehe.
I can't believe we didn't take any pictures that night!! Except this :

Because my love for Hermes exceeds everything. 
And the must-have purikura :

Sorry Fiqah, you've become a celebrity here with me putting up all these photos. Hehe.

To other companies, I'd be glad to participate in any of your upcoming interviews, provided it's in Osaka so I can stay at Kobe again. Thank you.

p/s : Special thanks to Raie for the hints about the interview!! Love you girl <3 :)

I took today and tomorrow off, because I have second interview with Panasonic tomorrow.
And I'm going to stay at Afiqah's place!! OMG can't waittttttt XD

Called the cab and they're going to be here in 15 minutes and I haven't done packing yet but I just have to blog about this.

I finally started polyvore-ing last night, in an attempt to figure out what I should wear to a job interview.

Err...so the Miu Miu bag is a little over the top..oh what the hell, everything is over the top for me. Hehe.

But polyvore-ing is awesome!! Definitely will do it again besides blogging. If I have the time. Pfft.

OMG 10 minutes till the cab arrives. My bag is calling. Will update soon. Wish me luck on the interview. Can't perform complete sentence now OMG I hear a car outside bye.

 I saw Jake Gyllenhaal Prince of Persia last weekend.

Well I obviously can't compare the movie to the video game version since I never really played the game, so I don't know if the plot or acting doesn't go along with the game version. But I truly think this is not a movie that should be taken seriously, just enjoy the entertaining and fast-paced this movie was intended to be.

Many questioned about Jake Gyllenhaal being the lead role of the movie; Prince Dastan, when the role should be given to a more Iran-ish actor (Persia is Iran nowadays) at the least. And, you know, he has a baby-faced that doesn't really potray a great warrior of a great empire.

But what the hell. HE IS SO HOT AND SCREW YOU FOR THINKING HE SHOULDN'T BE A PRINCE! I mean, at least Jake did a really good job on the part. They could have done a lot worse..imagine if they used Brad Pitt. (though I had a terrible Brokeback Mountain flashback when I saw his face, thank God he kept his hair long this time)

But I also find it funny that the whole cast spoke with a British accent for a movie about Persia, so I googled about Iran and read the country's background for almost an hour. I should've taken history as my major, with this kind of passion. -_-

Now, Gemma Arterton.

OMG, perfection. The pretty pretty face, the hair, the sexy accent - she's Princess Tamina to the very core. I have no complain.

I think the reason everyone's been complaining about this movie is, see, it's a Disney movie. When I see Disney's ad right before the movie starts I almost can feel the 'it's going to be great!!' excited feeling within me. Also with big budget, big stars and big people behind the scenes, people would be thinking this is going to be a blockbuster-like-that-Batman-movie movie.

Let's face it - it's not. The plot was decent, the actors were decent, and decent effects too - but honestly, it doesn't suck. And I'm not saying this just because I love seeing Jake bouncing off the walls - no, seriously - I really like the fact that this movie gives what it is supposed to be. No complicated storyline, no cheesy too-good-to-be-true romantic lines and scenes; it delivers what it does, and it does well.

Definitely worth my 1000 yen note.

(pictures courtesy : net)


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