So being sick has its own hikmah.

I get to fetch him at the airport last Friday - and he's back for good!!

So this officially means LDR no more. Mann I'm gonna miss sending him stuff..hehe.

And you can rest assured now there will be no minimal whiny post about LDR, from now on.

Me : *rumbling through his stuff to see what he's got for me from Japan*
Him : So do you wanna see me or do you wanna see the souvenirs?

I don't really talk about my health here, just because I think it wasn't necessary and too private to share.

But heck, I had just undergone a surgery last Friday and am now on bed-rest and I'm going out of my mind and I need to blog!

Ok, minor surgery..minor procedure..whatever it is, the doctor advised me to rest. And here I am, blogging from home in Penang.

The minor surgery was..awful. I've always been scared of needles, and it didn't help that I had to swallow anesthetic before it being injected and the injections after that..

Sorry but I'd really like to erase that part from my brain, so I'd rather not go into details.

But the doctor gave me a week for MC, and now I'm already going out of my mind doing nothing at home. Mum was so sweet, though, to give me this bed to sleep in in her room instead of my cozy SweetDream mattress in my room.


It's actually the bed my late Atok slept in during the time when she was sick and couldn't walk, and my uncle bought this hospital-like bed to make her move easier.

During those time, I wasn't home cause I was in Japan and didn't get to see her at all even when she passed away. I guess everything has its own hikmah - now, being sick, I really miss her a lot especially knowing how she was during the time when she was sick - lying on this bed, not being able to move a lot.

Al-Fatihah. May you rest in peace, Atok.

Been getting get-well-soon messages from colleagues, who're all so sweet.

Colleague : So what's your diet been like now?
Me : Soup, porridge and Channel E.

I'm not the kind of girl who'd use a single handbag all the time and never least I thought I was.

But ever since I got this bag (been raving about it a few years ago, in uni) it has never left my sight.

I don't even bother changing to any other bags. Which is weird, because to me bags should suit the occasions - I love shoulder bags when I need to bring small things, I love totes when I have gazillion makeup products in case I have to perform solat outside and reapply them; basically I just love different bags at different time, which is still a mystery.

But with this bag, I've never even glanced at my other bags. Which is quite sad.

Because look at what it's become now.

Eek. And this is after 8 months of wearing it non-stop. I know, guilty as charged -___-

But to me, other than practicality, it was some sort of sentimental value too. I brought it with me when I was in Europe, alone, exploring Amsterdam on my two feet. I brought it with me when I had to go to all those disastrous business meetings I didn't know what to make sense of, I only had it in my arms in case I need to hug something whenever the work pressure is taking its toll on me. I brought it with me when I went to Japan back in March and had the time of my life with the people I love the most.

It's seen everything, it's been by my side when I had to go through everything I had to, and I think it's one of the reasons I find it so hard to let it go.

But for now, as long as it's still serving the way it should, no one shall take it away from me. Ever.

Except maybe that lady from the bag care shop I saw earlier. 

P/S : anyone tried sending bags to MyBagSpa before? Do share! God knows I need all the help on bag care I can get.

Went to a spa today.

Yes, finally after crazy hectic week at the office, I gave in. Driving back and forth from Penang to KL has finally taken its toll on me (regardless of the massive Redbulls I took pfft) and the hectic hours at work doesn't help either - could already feel every muscle in my body giving in.

Refusing to admit defeat so soon, I tried having good better diet by consuming more fruits; but still not good enough. Then I realize, even if you're eating healthily but you're constantly stressed out every day and your muscles are overworked; still no good. Sigh.

So after doing a bit of research of good spas around, and making appointments, I found myself driving to this Serenity Spa in Bangi today.

(from their website)

Some of my friends have been here and they have nothing but rave reviews about this place, so I decided to give it a try. Refused to go to the ones in KL cause I don't see a point getting pampered and stress-free for a few hours and having to fight the bad traffic all the way back!

So Bangi it is. And words are this place is one of the good ones; I have to agree.

As soon as I reached the place, the masseuse swiftly ushered me to this room and provided the utilities - batik sarong and disposable panties. It's obvious that this place takes huge influence from Bali and Javanese and can be seen through the ambiance and even the traditional music playing!

I was immediately relaxed. Nothing can cheer up your spirit than a cozy room with herbal remedies (all the windows are tinted and they used very dimmed light - basically can put you to sleep in no time).

I took the Aromatic Spa 4-step package which consists of herbal sauna, massage, full-body scrub and milk bath. The massage was really good; though it feels like my masseuse really hates my bones, every time I heard the sound "praakk" it felt really good afterwards!

She was nice to assure me that it won't hurt, though. Liar. Had to bite my tongue everytime I feel a "praakk" coming.

But really, she was really nice and experienced.

"How old are you?"
"Umm 26.." (can hardly talk under so much pressure)
"Ohh so petite, don't look like 26 at all!"

So yeah, finally successful to let go of my shyness in having a masseuse massaging my whole body. And my favorite of all? The coconut scrub. (can choose some other types also, but I'm not into fruity smell)

I find that the interior of a spa is really important - no one wants to have their spa experience at a sloppy place; and this place really delivers in terms of that. Love the whole antique feel of almost all the furnitures used - the sort of place I know my late grandma would love!

Left with another appointment scheduled sometime after Raya. God knows after all the stuffing my face with kuih raya and ketupat, I really need another massage and sauna to burn all those calories.

Address : Serenity Spa, Seksyen 8 Bandar Baru Bangi (near Tutti Frutti)

Was browsing back my FB old messages, and look what I found in the archive messages between the BF and I :

He gave me a link. To this.


There wasn't any caption to the link (he was smart not to comment on anything), but I swear I could feel his eyes casting a judging look at my shoes.

Or at least, what I used to have back in Japan. I don't own a shoe cupboard now cause it just invites unnecessary urge to fill them in -___-"

Him giving me links to Emma Watson-related news isn't weird (pfftt) but this time, deep down I know he's just giving me the signals to remind me of things I should remember and keep my feet back on the ground. His intentions are always good, and I'm glad that I have this kind of positive vibe to surround me especially knowing my greatest weakness.

Message received. I don't even own that many shoes, been wearing the same ones (favoritism) till they got so worn out I had to throw them away.

Anyway, speaking of which, happy Ramadan everyone!! Here's to keeping good and positive vibes to motivate us in transforming for the better, insyaAllah.

So the gf been badgering me this past weeks why I don’t write anything here anymore (women & their exaggerations ::sigh:: I wrote one in January duh!)

This usually means I need to write something or she will never get off my back. Plus she wrote a couple of nice things about me recently , so it’s not like I have a choice..

A friend took me to Karato Ichiba the other day, a place famous for its sushi. Been living here for nearly 7 years now and the only place we ever went for sushi was the cheap chain-restaurants. Don’t get me wrong the chain-restaurants are great (my sister’s jaw drop when I brought her to one!) but this place is like a heaven for sushi if there is one.

Ootoro. The juiciest most delicious part of the tuna.

Still living abalone.

Blowfish fins. Japanese sake will be more oishii if mixes with these-da souda.

What I had 1

What I had 2

What I had 3. Blowfish & whale meat.

I know I know whales are an endangered species but as they say when in rome, do as the romans do..masuk kandang kambing mengembek.. Plus a whale is so big maybe this one are leftovers from ’98 or something..

These days, I have been so engrossed with work and even though I've been trying to get home early, I'd still be crazy exhausted and a zombie by 9.

Which, according to the boyfriend, does not accommodate his schedule at all.

I've been going to bed early and leaving him after our daily night phone calls earlier than usual and don't even ask about the phone calls content. Imagine having a conversation with a person half-asleep but still trying to mumble something..

Not a pretty picture.

As pathetic as it sounds, I tried to improve - by consuming more healthy food, to keep myself energized (or at least, still alive by 9). Been having fruits everyday to make my diet healthier cause you know, it's better than consuming green veggies.

After weeks, I would say it improves my health state a BIT but I'm still so exhausted every day it's scaring me. How do you guys (working girls) survive after a long day at the office is seriously beyond me.

Maybe I should really join a gym T.T

Though nowadays, I noticed that he's changed his routine.

Instead of complaining about my zombie state during our phone calls, he tried to settle everything before our phone calls and when I rang him up, he's ready for bed and we managed to have the normal conversation compared to before. He would even whatsapp-ed me first to make sure I'm not asleep yet and tell me he's doing something in case I rang him up before I go to sleep and tried to settle whatever he's doing as soon as possible so that we'd still have the usual phone calls.

I don't know much about long distance relationships. But the fact that this guy is willing to change his routine to match mine..and with no complaints at all.

How can I not love him.


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