I never really bothered about decorating my work desk previously, with no particular reason. I didn't get the excitement at all. It's like, you have tons of papers and files and books on your desk, beside your computer, in the compartments - there's never really a need to "live it up" because you're still swarmed with all those work assignment things to even focus on "fun".

Yup, I was such a geek back then. Or maybe because I wasn't planning on staying.
But now, I think I'm lucky to have a bigger cubicle with a lot of space and - wait for it - NO LEFTOVER PAPERS/DOCUMENTS AT ALL! Everything is brand new, well except for the desk and chair. But they still look new, so who cares.

I think that's why I'm so motivated to decorate and add some personal touch to my work desk. I've seen my other colleagues' - there are sweaters, nice blankets, picture frames, calendars, etc which gave inspirations to me.

But after a few weeks of working, my latest "deco" is this.

Yup. So sad. I don't need to post my entire cubicle's picture here cause you can just imagine it in your head - a cubicle with a desk, a phone and a laptop on the desk, two compartments, a chair. That's it. My books are all in the drawers, so my desk is empty as a shell.

Been looking for ideas on net, and so far I made a mental list to get (at least) these things :
  • nice calendar
  • colorful picture frames, which means I HAVE to get my ass out to print out pictures
  • nice files, binders and testpads
  • BOOKS!
  • 3 in 1 coffee/nescafe
  • a tumbler
  • possibly a wide LCD TV, if my boss doesn't mind.
But getting ideas from internet is fun. I'm actually considering these :

Little plant holder!

Tokidoki toys

Nice expensive headphones (still considering..)

Colorful clocks

If you need some ideas, go to StyleMyCube.com. Or if you want to be different from the other IKEA crowd. Which I think I might go to, eventually when I'm getting sick of ordering things online.

But above all, this would be the perfect work cubicle for me.

I've been postponing it for so long, just because I really don't feel like I was at the time and place to write - of course, I was supposed to write about "myself", and it can't be any easier than that.

Actually, writing about who you are is the hardest part. And now, for the first time at this point of my life, I really feel like it's who I want to be and where I want to be.

With the boyfriend's constant nagging of "when are you going to update it??" - obviously he knew I was in denial - it feels different, changing your status from "an engineering student" to "currently employed". In all honesty, I'm still in denial, but I'm letting you guys know who I really am, just through this blog. See, you guys are special.

I didn't realize just what a sentimental nutcase I just sound. Sheesh.

Came across this video while I was youtube-ing in the car yesterday, waiting for the guys to come and pick me up for our meeting at Dayabumi.

A girl can multitask anytime, anywhere.

I can relate to this 100%.

The popular ones,

"Naah..it makes me have fat cheeks"
"I'll wear pink cause it goes with my scarf" - ALWAYS!
"Noo I'm not coming out..can't find a scarf to go with my outfit..NO"
"Can't wait to get home and take this thing off my head"
"I found the best dress the other day..if only it had long sleeves"
"Bad hijab day."
"Not going out..can't do my scarf" - ALL THE FREAKING TIME.
"I had to change cause Bobby didn't like my outfit..he said it's too tight" - YES. DEFINITELY. Which I think, if you have a guy like this, hold on to him with your dear life, girls.

I was given my first task; to potray my own understanding on this particular topic, do my own research, come up with my own theory on the fundamentals and present it in front of everyone.

Common chores enough, nothing less than what I had expected. But the catch? Time frame given is the next day, less than 24 hours to complete everything.
Walked like a zombie yesterday when I came home from work, and this morning.

Finished it (YAY) and am going to UTP tomorrow for this project we're working in collaboration with them.

It's weird, but I'm enjoying the load :) Finally feels like I got my own thing, place, space. Even if it feels like I'm complaining..but seriously, I'm not.

And it's even weirder that I'm enjoying the 30-40 minutes drive from work to home. My own favorite alone time, finally! If you see a girl singing like a mad person in her car, please look away. Hehe.

On the other hand, I find living in this house is such a bliss. Partly because family is where your heart is, and partly because of these.

My uncle is a big fan of books, and I was over the moon when I saw the collections! Seriously, when you're given the luxury of a lifetime, get books. More and more books. I always envy people who are constantly in touch with hadith and surahs - they seem to have them on their fingertips, while I'm still struggling to Google them. So having these Quran translation and meaning books in possession feels like a saviour to me. Now, if only I could read it 24/7. Sigh. 

And new book for a new beginning - by Ivanka Trump.

I'm still halfway through, but I love this quote in the book the most :

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistance and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "Press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."-Calvin Coolidge.

The collection is complete.

Remember this post? You know, when I was webcamming with a kitten like an old crazy hag?

So apparently, that little kitten has grown into this now.

And these are stray cats, mind you. He's not actually keeping them, because they're so scared of human they won't even go near him, but they'll be where the food is. So he took the trouble to buy cat food and put it outside his apartment for them to eat when they think he's not looking.

You will never find stray cats in Malaysia looking like this, and it saddens me somehow. In Japan, they don't really favor cats because to them dogs are more reliable - and somehow, it's just so hard to find cats there, even at the park or garden. Even if you do, the stray cats will run away from you as far as they could - they really don't like human.

But you'll never see sick, thin, starving cats anywhere there. Somehow they're all so well-kept - maybe by some people who didn't intend to keep them but still give free food to them, like him.

And now in Malaysia, you can see people chopping off a cat's leg for stealing some leftovers.

It just doesn't make sense to me, this world and self-proclaimed Islamic country we're living in.

Starting off 2012 with the best guy, best companion and the best friend in the world is amazing. He flew back to Japan yesterday and I've been in the most confusing mood ever, thanks to cramps.

I'm still happy from our dates last week, I still have butterflies in my tummy yet I'm so sad to realize we're oceans apart. Again.
But, meh. WE CAN DO THIS!

(frantically looking for the cheapest AirAsia ticket I could find on the net and praying that I can get a few days off for some Japan trip. Please, pray for me.)

Anyhow, last few days had been phenomenal. Started working at the new place, driving on roads and highways I'm not familiar with, staying at a place surrounded with little cousins. Phenomenal.

And we took it to the next level - he took me to meet his whole family. Now, I didn't even ask him how I did because I'm too chicken to know. But I certainly felt the love, Alhamdulillah :)

But before all that, I just have to post this.

Who on earth would do that?!! I can't even go a few hours without wet tissue-ing my face, let alone sleeping the whole night with the makeup on.

Imagine having your eyeliner and mascara lines streaming down your face. Ick.

Went out with him to celebrate new year since he's here..and guess what he got me!

Fujifilm's Instax 210 camera.

He knew what I've been writing to my fairies all along.

I've been eyeing this instax camera ever since I watched this Korean drama - You're Beautiful, where towards the end the female lead used an Instax mini camera - a slightly smaller version of this 210 version. The pictures are smaller, but the mini camera is just too cute I had a hard time to choose.

So settled for bigger pictures instead, even if I have to carry a big bulky camera around. Worth it!

Another thing in the list to be crossed off :)

And we celebrated new year with big steaks and salmons. SERIOUSLY YUM.

I'm definitely not a fan of lambs (can't even smell the cooking) but this one right here is so delicious I had to try. Salmons are always my favorite (provided that they're cooked, not raw) so there's no complaint there.

We even had to ditch Chilies cause we were too full after the big lunch. Sheeshh am craving for steaks now..


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