This, is one problem I think us girls have been dealing with since puberty.

(or whenever we started wearing tudung hehe)

I'm not usually heavy on the makeup application, but I make sure I wear at least some face powder and concealer and lipbalm for my sanity. Once in a while, I wear foundation - but only in the morning until I take I take it off for wudhu' because I don't bother to re-apply it again during the day. Face powder and/or concealer would do it, for me. (dUCk)scarves still gots the stain sobs.


So over the weekend, was Boxing Day sales - I was never really intrigued by this whole event until the existence of online shopping websites and I started receiving subscribed emails, telling me that my favorite tops and pants (and everything!) ARE ON 50% OFF, in conjunction of this day.

Say whatttt :O

Asked the husband if he knew what Boxing Day means.

"It's the day after Christmas when people would return their Christmas gift to exchange for something else they want, hence the sales."

I Googled. There's no such thing -_-

So I realized that I haven't been shopping for my clothes for a while; especially since having Rayyan, shopping for baby clothes has always been our priority whenever we go out to malls. Raiding my wardrobe is even more frustrating - I realized most of the nice tops I own are made to look good when worn with jeans or pants that really define legs.

It's been a few weeks since I first introduced culottes into my wardrobe.

The first time, was when I paid Azura Azwa's boutique a visit. I frequented their Instagram a lot to know that their basics collection are up for purchase - but mostly are available at their store, located in TTDI. Knowing that area isn't relatively familiar or favored by my husband due to the traffic, I decided that I'd go there if and only I really, really like their clothes.

(from here)

So I was looking for some loose, comfy tops and bottoms too, since after having Rayyan I know my body just isn't the same anymore. From mata kasar it might not be that obvious, but I'm just consciously avoiding all skin-tight garments (even though I've worn them on multiple occasions before, prior to getting pregnant) because deep down I don't really feel comfortable in them.

And I found culottes.

So here's the current condition : me in the house taking care of Rayyan with the help of my mum (who came all the way from Penang for her grandchild) because the husband is away for a business trip.

It's only been 2 days..but I'm already feeling helpless.

Thank God for mothers seriously.

Just thought of penning it down here so that I won't forget.

Last few weeks, we discovered that Rayyan has picked up a few ways to play/interact with us XD And it all relates back to how we actually play with him!

#1 : Peekaboo

Baby Centre told me that at this stage, babies usually developed an interest in baby tricks, specifically peekaboo. So it became our main act to play with him; because he just couldn't stop laughing when we peekaboo-d him.

But it was always one-sided. Rayyan would usually respond with hysterical laugh, and that was it.

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Where do I even begin?

So, we had to cancel the Singapore trip.

And spent the day in Legoland instead.

Thinking it'd be fun for Rayyan, we didn't think twice about visiting the place - the husband claims he's a fan of Legos, too. I'm not so much of one, but redah je lah WTF. It's not like I had other choice, anyway.

And we learned that Rayyan, at 9 months, couldn't care less about Legos.

Was on the hunt for a good, sturdy but compact laptop bag when I came across this one.

A leather backpack from Sakura Malaysia. 


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