Funny thing happened today.

Baby has been moving a lot lately; but no surprise there since it'll be less than a month for his arrival. My gynae has advised that I'd be feeling his kicks a lot as there'll be smaller space in there with him getting bigger, that sometimes I find it hard to fall asleep when I can feel he moves so violently in there.

Sort of telling me to start practising not having enough sleep lol.

Sometimes when he kicks, I would take Shahrul's hands and put them on my belly just so he would feel it too - his expression is priceless everytime. It's become our night time activity on the couch haha.

After hanging out at the beach, we dropped by Biku, the most famous high tea place in Seminyak.

Only that we didn't drop by because we knew it was famous, but because we liked what we saw outside. It's a restaurant resided in a veryy old looking wooden building, and was so close to our villa.

Turns out it's a well-known place in Bali and owned by a royal princess of Bali :O

It started with this message I got in my phone.

"ANYA HINDMARCH Moving Clearance Sale 16 to 18 Jan, Fri-Sun, 10 am - 8 pm @ Level 2, Westin KL. T : 03xxxxxxxx. NEW Pavilion standalone store opening in Feb!"

Was contemplating whether or not to go, until I saw a Gracie bag at their Parkson Pavilion store - a Gracie bag from their Star Cruiser family, in black.

Got a text from MyBagSpa last week saying my bag is ready for collection woohoo.

I never realized how significant this particular bag in my life, until I was apart from it for whole two weeks. I didn't even use it on daily basis anymore due to the wear and tear marks I discovered, but having it in my wardrobe just so I can have an option to wear it on emergency days - e.g trips to KLCC when the boss calls for meetings there - kind of comforting.

So this is how it looks like after sending it for cleaning.

I'm 35 weeks now.

So naturally the comment I've been getting now is,

"You're 35 weeks and you haven't attended antenatal class? You should go to antenatal class! They tell you everything"

Because despite the belly getting fuller and heavier, I have nothing to prepare for birth, except the hospital bag -____-"

So we went to our very first antenatal class yesterday.

Had to post these up, because the pictures are too pretty.

Before going to Berlin, Hawe and Zaku came all the way from their place to Hamburg just to accompany us jalan-jalan. Been postponing our plan since the last time I was in Europe - Amsterdam - we made plans to meet since she's in Germany but it never took off.

Finally made it this time! Despite plan taking off after 2 years lol.

Had one of most interesting days at work yesterday.

My colleague asked me to attend this meeting with one of the managers, to obtain his approval for our new project. The project itself has been endorsed by management committee and everything; now it's just a formality for approval on paper. something I never thought we'd do.

I used to think it's so pretentious - why on Earth would you ever do something like this, after the whole saga of having the wedding (the occasion you actually have a reason to hire a photographer!)? As if the demands haven't been met; so there you are booking a photographer and says,
"Please take some photos of my husband awkwardly rubbing my belly while I gaze into his eyes lovingly"
Lol. I couldn't comprehend. Sounds too Hollywood for me.

Blake Lively photo which announced that she's pregnant to the whole world, one of the Hollywood shoots I approve.

A few months back, I planned to send my tan MbMJ for its leather cleaning.

Realized that I haven't stocked up on makeup ever since I got myself a husband. T.T


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