So...I'm pregnant again.

OK thing is, this pregnancy is different from the previous one because this time, we're fully prepared (last time, I nearly cried in the office's toilet). I've been (secretly) wanting to be pregnant again for quite some time because being pregnant with Rayyan was nothing less than magical to me - minus the morning sickness, everything else was smooth Alhamdulillah and I loved the whole 9 months. So one day, it just struck us that it's the right time to try for the second baby.

(I've always hated reading about other people's conceiving stories, so am not gonna further elaborate about mine here. So what you read in here, up to your interpretation OK).

That was a few months ago.

A few weeks later, I was off for a business trip to Malacca.

Last few months, I received an email from my boss.

He said the company is sending some nominations for this particular award in Malaysia, and I'm one of the nominees.

I remember the feelings I had back then.

Truth be told, just over a year ago I read an article about the award by this well-known organization in our industry, IChemE (Institute of Chemical Engineering). I stumbled across the article of my colleagues was one of the finalists for a particular category, Young Chemical Engineer in Research award. (I made a point to read chemical engineering-related articles once in a while just so I don't forget my degree haha) I remember feeling so envious of him for being recognized by a well-known organization, and very proud at the same time that one of our own was the finalist.

Little did I know, a year later, my name was there, just like his.

When I found out Victoria Beckham was coming out with a new range of makeup, I was ecstatic. I found out about it weeks before it was officially launched - and the next day, I went to the Estee Lauder branch nearby to ask when it's arriving in Malaysia XD

Hubs was amused.
"You'd buy anything with Victoria Beckham label on it, is it?"

Lol. I can do without her super tight skinnies line and A-line dresses.. But when it comes to makeup..

I kalah -_-


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