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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
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after 17 years

Last weekend, I met my girlfriends who I've known since I was 18 years old. It's been 17 years and I still can't believe we kept in touch - although maybe not everyday, but once in a while, we make sure we'd check in and see what everybody is doing. (although socmed made it wayy easier)

We decided to have a little staycation in the heart of city, close to malls and a cozy suite to spend our time together.

Forgotten how much I've missed this! 

Talked about soo many things - how we used to hang out at Jua's place in Saitama, how she always made us her famous ayam masak lemak, our legendary trip to USJ Osaka (you can find it in this blog's archive lol maybe this is why I still keep this blog), how we got married have kids and suddenly just missing everyone's life. 

We talked about work, career and what we really want from it. 

So many things have changed, and we keep telling ourselves to keep others updated - but that will never be the case. We will miss out on our friends' life when we live our own, only finding out on things from socmed, and we decided that that's okay. Times like last weekend would come when we will get together and update each other and we feel like nothing has changed; we're still the same girls we once were, but with more responsibilities. 

More burdens to carry. 

More blessings.

We went from broke college girls in a foreign place to big girls working to earn big girls' money to mothers with small kids - and it all feels like in a span of a year. Sure, I really miss our time back then but then I realize that the wiser us aren't so bad. 


  1. hahaaa i like us better now 😁😁 miss u all !
    - Peqah ❤️

  2. aaa me too!! miss you guysss <3


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