This year feels horribly fast.

Horrible because you would somehow feel how much time has passed just by looking at your kids.


And now it's Raya already!

OK. So those few sentences was from wayyy back - just a few days after Raya, when I sheepishly thought I finally had some time to write here, before two small kiddos decided to come and drag my arms everywhere.

And now, here I am, months later, attempting to revive the old kindred spirit I think I still have...

Hello guys! Remember me?

What's been up in my life? Well I have been at more places than I should be, hence the silence on this space. Been back and forth between KL and a small city in Perak i.e. Tronoh for my project, and then back and forth again for my Master's, and then back in KL for good again - hopefully that stays longer. Can't imagine having to leave my boys again. Sob.

Rafiy actually got closer to his Daddy and demanded for him to bring him to sleep that first night I came back from UTP. Hurtful much? T.T

Quite busy, but still found some time to update my Instagram story lol. Oh I love this Instagram story thing - probably the only social media hype that worth the attention, IMO.

Am back in KL, but still swamped with work, still have to look after and feed the kids, and a household to maintain - oh, we finally moved! Am yet to show you the new place but let's wait until it's completely done - my ID skills are nowhere near Insta-worthy.

Oh, also if you're following me on Instagram, you'd notice this.

I have a newfound love for instant, pinless tudung.

I KNOW RIGHT?! Never in a million years would I have even thought..

But hey, sometimes change is good.

Let's see if it sticks.


my brain dump.