Now entering 37 weeks, and my first post on this third pregnancy - life happens, eh?😂

Don't get me wrong, I love it as much as I do last 2 pregnancies, but having blogged so much about it the last time, I feel like nothing has changed this time.


I feel more lethargic this time around. 

I am easily tired more often.

My morning sickness during the first trimester? It was hell. Even more than the previous 2 pregnancies, that all I could do was basically just lying down all day. And went to bed, like, at 8 pm. Cooking was non-existent cos couldn't stand the smell. Gahhh just reliving the memories makes me sad😖 It really, really wasn't a good time for me that I feel so bad for my husband, having to put up with my condition.

Tummy is so much bigger this time - thank God for WFH cos I don't have to dress up to go to office. Pants can no longer accommodate my tummy, and this time I have more dresses cos that's the comfiest state of self I can be in. 

Hellish morning sickness lasted for 3 months during first trimester, and started getting better once I entered 14 weeks, Alhamdulillah! Then a crazy Grab-ordering phase ensued - ordered so much that I had to sit down, looking at my Grab expenses. Then had to go down to the store and get the groceries cos we definitely can't afford to live on the streets once the baby comes out. Butttt whatever I crave for was fulfilled so far Alhamdulillah.

Been reading a lot this time. Which I hope is a good thing? Discovered e-books and the convenience of it - reading books on the phone without having to lug heavy books around. Managed to finish a lot more books than I ever did last 10 years lol. Maybe I should start book reviews on this blog.

New gynae and hospital for labour cos we moved quite far from our previous hospital. That makes me quite nervous, not having the experience at the new place and doctor who's supposed to deliver my child - but so far everything looks good. The gynae even looked surprise during our first checkup, she said we both looked too young to have a third baby (the two big brothers were not present during the checkup, due to Covid policy). She's soft spoken and nice, which is a stark contrast to my previous gynae who's more laidback and Datin? Haha.

I think that's about it, the major differences this time around. Oh, and having the big brothers hovering over my big tummy every night. Rafiy was quite reserved at first, I think he didn't know how to react to this new change and new baby, but seeing how well Rayyan accepted it, he began to copy his big brother, too. It became sort of like a competition between them too lol. 

Honestly, I can't wait for the baby girl to arrive. Yes, it's a girl, finally! Haha.

In case you've forgotten how I look like, lol.


my brain dump.