deta..hehe shitsureishimasu,maaf'n sy menyibuk lg.just wanna share a list that ive been compiling for a very long2 time now hehe.actually in my list here thre are 463 reasons,but 10 is enough la for anda sume nak bace kan 10 reasons why were meant 4each other:~

10-i'm cute,but she's cuter la wonder she has so many secret admirer u know,but me only one stalker heheh.together we make a cute couple!(btl ni suare hati org ramai hehehe~
9-we both like 2go 2the movies,eventhough she likes the romantic stuff,n me the action stuff.she always said that she likes cite2 action ni,tp nnt gi wayang sambil peluk saye kuat(i like hehehe) die pejam mate takut,hmm..
8-me n her is really the shy type of person;but when we're together bang-due2 talkaholic hehehe.we shared evrything 2gether=)
7-she's from utare,same as my dad,because my sister-in-law is from t'ganu n is my mom's favourites-eventhough she never said it she will be my dads favourites after dis heheh.
6-we both like to go shopping,but she never gets tired..its hard 2catch up with her sometimes..
5-we both like smallville,man utd..owh itu sume sy yg introduce'n to her heheh.but i like jgk ape yg die ajk sy tgk haa..g&g(tgk jgk sket2),gossip girl xoxo hehe,em & byk lg
4-she has the cutest pipi in the world,n i'm very good at cubiting her pipi hehe!
3-at the karaoke we make a very good duet heheh,namely songs like way back into love,one sweet day & sbgnye..ssh nk cari lagu duet kat jpn ni huhu.special mention must be made though about her always wanting 2sing 'stars r blind' hehehe
2-we cant live without hearing each others voice,saitei sehari mst b'gayut 2kali heheheh
1-every other time i dont know why,but i seem certain to mess sumthing up,n she would be upset n starts to cry..n then she would tell me her upsetness(tu pun sbb sy tanye hehe,sengal x haha),n without realizing my eyes starts 2get watery too(boys dont cry la hehe)..only from that moment that i realize i'm in love with an amazing woman,who love me with all her heart n soul..

Let me be the one who never leaves
You all alone
I hold my breath and lose the feeling
That I'm on my own
Hold me too tight stay by my side and let me be the one who calls you
Baby all the time
When I'm alone time goes so slow
I need you here with me and how my mistakes have made
Your heart break
Still I need you here with me
Let me be the one who calls you baby
All the time..

i luv u honey..


my brain dump.