Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Reasons why Maxis is the worst service provider : Part I

Okay..so I’m in the mood to rant.

The past few days had been disastrous for me. First, my iPhone 7 decided to crack its screen (well, partly, it was my fault, I’d admit) so I had to spend some money getting it fixed – only to have recurring problems of touch sensitivity at certain areas of the screen.

If you’ve never had this touch sensitivity problem, you’ve never really been annoyed in your life. You’d be only mildly annoyed. Because this problem, I swear to God, is the most annoying thing ever.

I couldn’t type properly, I couldn’t go to apps and messages as smooth as I want, I couldn’t do anything with my phone without cursing – so I looked for services to repair the screen. Guess what? It costs almost 1000 bucks including insurance and warranty and everything, but but, the warranty would only cover screen crack – and NOT touch sensitivity.

So I’d have to spend my money replacing the screen, and if I do have this problem again, I’d have to fork out another 1000 bucks to replace it. And again, and again – if the problem persists.

How about no T.T

So Shahrul was all “why don’t you get a new phone?”

So I was all “yeah OK” (been waiting for this chance)

And..finally gotten myself a new phone after a while, and finally a chance for a better line coverage.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Rayyan turned 3 years old

So we celebrated Rayyan’s 3rd birthday last few days.

To say how bittersweet it was for us is such an understatement. But anyhow, however sad we are that noting 3 years ago on the same day we were holding the tiny version of him for the first time, getting to know this little stranger the best way we knew possible although we knew peanuts, learning every inch and tiny bit of him, loving the whole package of perfection and imperfection of this little creature God has given us – deep down we just know we HAD to get it over with. I mean, he’s not just getting 3 years old; he’ll be getting 4, 5, 6, 12, 20 years old..and by then, we would be holding his feet in chains locked up in our house, safe from outside harm and bad teenagers influence.

See how I foresee him at 20 years old when he’s just 3?

It’s called motherhood.

So I decided to rise above this and grow up and be the mature mother I shall be, and just accept that my baby IS NOT LITTLE ANYMORE.

Rayyan turned 3 years old! *wipes snot* and as usual, getting him the perfect cake was my ultimate motherhood goal for several weeks.

Now I’ve come to realize that Rayyan has grown extremely fast – he's far passed his phase of Didi & Friends or Upin Ipin or ABC songs; his current favourite movies now include Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Storks, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, Stork, etc. He can watch Toy Story and suddenly burst out laughing without me knowing why -_- As a child, I didn’t even watch these movies – even during my teenager-hood, so I’m quite surprised that he’s developed this interest quite early.

So, naturally, this was I get for his birthday cake theme.


Monday, February 19, 2018

that time I dressed up for company dinner

Given my history being in the organization for almost 6 years, I have never felt the need to attend any sort of company-organized dinner. Thought they are too formal and not in my books - and specifically, my introvert side would not approve of the idea😔

But then, this year, suddenly there was an email on a Gala dinner organized by our own division. 

Suddenly, people got to talking.

"Eh, quite nice lah the theme. When else can we go?? Let's gooo"

Wailed one of the girls in my department. I buat-buat pekak, continued playing dumb.

I knew they KNEW I'm not interested to go.

And then..there were more and more talks on "jom lah when elseee" "there's no one representing our department, how rude is that" etc. You see, we have very few girls in the department - and when almost all of the girls were talking about it, I was slowly brainwashed into thinking hey, it's not that bad of an idea!

When else, right?

So off we went to the Gala dinner.

Monday, January 22, 2018

So how was your 2017?


A lot of things happened last year, well, one of it was me getting another baby out of my uterus XD Possibly the biggest thing that happened last year! (BET YOU'RE ALREADY BORED OF THIS LOL)

I've read about 2017 reflections a lot on my social media feed, and I was thinking about doing the same..just NOT on social media. On my blog instead, cause I've been neglecting my first baby for far too long.

Compared to 2016, I think 2017 was..tough. I had to learn a lot of new things; things that are so alien to me and I could feel my positive energy was slowly draining out. Be it personal life, career, etc - things were just a lot harder, despite turning 30s.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My go-to eye palette

My go to eye palette at the mo? Definitely this.

But in all honesty, the major reason I bought is because of the gorgeous packaging haha #materialistic

Okay. Let’s be real – I already have a few eye mini eye palettes so practically, I didn’t even need a new, bigger one. The Benefit mini nude eye palette was my go-to, but the texture was stiff for me and while I lovee every single shade in that mini size; application, on the other hand is horrible.

Until I discovered this Tartelette in Bloom.

Everything else is a failure #quotingTaylorSwiftlol

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