Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The SME and Vivy debacle

I believe you’ve heard about the saga last week. About Vivy Yusof, who caused a public stir due to her post on Instagram on SMEs wanting to get financial aids to help ease their burdens when government had just announced the stimulus package to help the B40 and M40.

I just have to pen my thoughts here. I’ve refrained to do so many many times since a few scandals years ago, but this time, please bear with me.

Firstly, I believe people’s wrath mostly came from the abovementioned B40 and M40 – they believe this woman is an arrogant and ignorant coming from T20; who whined about not getting financial aids when others (B40 and M40) do. Her argument was that these SMEs employ majority of B40 and M40; and that her intention was ultimately to help them, since one day if most of the SMEs closed down, these are the people who would be jobless.

Let me be clear. I am baffled by this.

While I don’t agree with people bashing her on Twitter, making posters and spreading it around to make her look bad, etc – these people has a point.

Imagine having to think about short of cash for food to consume for tomorrow, for babies’ milk, for rice, for diapers, for other necessities – then came a statement from a person (who boasts about her wealth and achievement almost daily) about how “us, the entrepreneurs, need financial aids too”

You think they won’t get angry? You think they don’t go to your IG page, and saw how expensive your bags are and how expensive your daily meals are, won’t be pissed?

I read a post on FB about how Vivy feels so alien to the rest of Malaysians, and I couldn’t help agreeing. I have problems agreeing with her since the pregnancy women debacle, and I’m definitely on Team Iman. So yes, I can understand why she received so many backlash due to this issue.

But in this particular issue, my main issues are:

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Hello from home and MCO

So I guess this one blog entry per year really takes off..

Hello, to anyone who are still reading this blog. Not even sure why I still keep it haha.

Anyway, since Corona virus started and MCO started we've been spending 100% of our time at home. For me, I start my day at 7 am, layan the kids for a while (yes they wake up early every day -_-) and take my shower. Then breakfast, and make my coffee before I'm off to the third bedroom in the house aka my temporary office, since I still have to "work from home". Husband, on the other hand have emails to reply and assignments to do but he doesn't really have any meetings, so naturally it falls on him to be with the kids, while I have virtual meetings with bosses in my temporary office every day. Come noon, we will order Grab or husband will heat up the dishes I made previous night or he will go downstairs to tapau at some restaurants that still open. Then we have lunch together and by 2 pm, I will be off in the third bedroom again.

Kids will be napping at 3 pm with husband, and I will try to finish my work by 5. Then we will spend some time together before the kids wake up and I start preparing dinner. At night, we accompany the kids playing Legos and reading books or just watching TV - all these things were always cut short before, mostly from our part because we were so tired having to work and fetch them from school.

It's been like this for a few weeks now. Frankly, we've gotten used to it. I whined about not being able to go out at first, but at the moment, I love :

  • not having to put on makeup 
  • not having to dress up
  • being with my kids most of the time 
  • reading with them - so impressed how fast they're picking up 
  • getting to cook every day - I don't have to rush!
  • getting to play with my cat all the time (yes, I've got myself a cat, you know, like Audrey Hepburn)
  • getting to have lunch with my kids everyday

I know, there's so many things we would complain about MCO and not being able to go out and enjoy, but there's so many things we can do with MCO which we might not be able to do if there wasn't one.

At the moment, I'm grateful for everything. Yes, working from home isn't exactly easy, and I hate listening to people rambling during the meetings (cause I use a headphone and can't tune out) but when we focus on the positive things, somehow the situation gets easier. It's not just a cliche, guys, just try to do it.

As for me, I finally got my Macbook out and charged it and opened my browser and typed this - it's already a huge achievement for me.

Till next post! (Let's hope there's one before MCO ends.)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

This year thus far

Oh, hello there.

Can’t believe my last post was nearly one year ago WOW #suchagoodblogger #not

But I remember sometime this year someone asked me why I’ve been so quiet on the blog platform. I naturally replied,

“I think because I’ve grown into a different person who doesn’t really want to share so much. Life is hectic, yes, but it’s more to I’ve been subconsciously wanting to keep a separate life from social media”

Heck, I don’t even know where that comes from. I mean yes reading the archive sent me into a cringe fiasco (why DID I wrote that?? For public to read??) but shying away from social media is totally not me HAHA.

Anyway. I did privatized my Instagram account for a while, so maybe I had that inside of me..

Life, to be honest, has been good. Work has been even more challenging than ever; starting this year I made a pact with myself to finally finish my Master’s – I’ve been writing my never-ending thesis like a mad woman last year and sacrificing my weekends for it and this year, I just wanted it to be done. And you know I’m quite stubborn like that.

Finally submitted my thesis yay!

Also, work has been sending me off to UTP so frequently that I had to leave the boys for much longer than before. If before I was not used to leaving them more than 2 nights in a row, this time I even left them for the whole week – coming back to them only on Friday night at 9 pm was a norm at one point.

*pulls hair

You know when people say as a working mom you can’t have it all? I truly feel that. I missed them so much and some nights I didn’t even get to Facetime them cause I would be at the site till midnight; and the thought of them going to bed without seeing me really blows. It’s a constant struggle for me, wanting to excel at my career – I knew I have to step up more than I should because in my case it’s a male-dominated field, heck I’m the only girl in the team – but at the same time I have to sacrifice something that I can’t live without.

But, being a woman, you know how they say we are indestructible? It’s completely true.

Once, I thought I cannot go beyond 2 nights without seeing my boys. Then, when work asked for it, I had to leave them not just 3, but for the whole week – and turned out I could.

At an expense of course, but at least at that moment I knew I could.

So yes, proving the myth that women can do anything.

For the kids, we are set for them to enter a Chinese kindergarten for next year. This year, Rayyan has been attending an Islamic kindergarten specializing in memorizing the Quran; and Alhamdulillah he’s been doing so well, reciting surahs at ease and actually enjoying it. Rafiy on the other hand is still at his nursery and he’s always looking forward to it every morning. This is such a huge achievement considering how much he’s clingy to me.

So for next year, they will be attending the Chinese kindergarten in a bid to try sending them to Chinese school for Standard 1. We both discussed about this and it was actually Shahrul’s idea which I truly support. My late dad wanted me to attend Chinese school too since he was teaching there but when I was in Standard 1 he had to be transferred to a Sekolah Kebangsaan in a rural area to help the poorer kids, so it was one of his dreams that didn’t come true.

So it’s kind of my tribute my late dad – he’d be so happy if he was here seeing his grandkids doing what he was always wanted his daughter to do.

Miss you, Ayah! Even at 32 years old.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

my little monster(a)

A year ago, I wouldn’t even think of having my own garden. Or nursery. Growing plants is just not “in it” for me. Always thought my hands aren’t green enough to grow anything.

Bought several cactuses from countless trips to Cameron Highlands, and starved them to death every. Single. One. Then how am I to keep real, green plants that require special care on everyday basis?!

But. The day has come – couldn’t remember exactly when, but I once we moved into our new place, all I could think of, everyday – we need plants. Pronto. The place is four white walls facing each other, with only neutral colored furnitures – some green would definitely boost up our spirits, I thought.

So I started looking. Started noticing small stores which sell indoor plants, and what price range they’re in. Started noticing others’ houses just so I have a clue on indoor plants deco and care – what types of plants are suitable for limited space, what they need for living, etc.

Then..I found myself getting 3 potty plants, all green and small and innocent. And oh boy was I glad I made that decision! Brought them home, put them on our living room cabinet, sink area and our TV cabinet – they made our home looks a lot homier. They came with limited care needs too, since the soil is a special-made sponge (I don’t know what they call it) and I only need to water them every 3 days.

Sounds easy, but so far 1 had died on me T.T So I bought another one, making sure it hails from the species which require minimal care and can actually live indoor.

Then. I discovered other exotic plants, and came across Monstera.

If you’re not familiar, this is how Monstera looks like. It has unique shape of leaves, hence the many inspirations in design and architecture using its signature leaf shape – once, I couldn’t sleep thinking about that Monstera printed pillow cover, but couldn’t bring my heart to purchase since we already have our own pillow cases.

(Husband would not be amused if he finds out.)

Then a friend told me that she has a friend who sells real plants, one of them – the Monstera plant. Quickly looked at their Instagram account, contacted the founder, asked her about the availability and….

Guys, meet my little monster.

I am beyond happy. Look at the pretty, pretty leaves..


Is this how love feels like? 

My little monster, I promise I will take care of you as good as I can.

Just please, please don’t die on me.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


This year feels horribly fast.

Horrible because you would somehow feel how much time has passed just by looking at your kids.


And now it's Raya already!

OK. So those few sentences was from wayyy back - just a few days after Raya, when I sheepishly thought I finally had some time to write here, before two small kiddos decided to come and drag my arms everywhere.

And now, here I am, months later, attempting to revive the old kindred spirit I think I still have...

Hello guys! Remember me?

What's been up in my life? Well I have been at more places than I should be, hence the silence on this space. Been back and forth between KL and a small city in Perak i.e. Tronoh for my project, and then back and forth again for my Master's, and then back in KL for good again - hopefully that stays longer. Can't imagine having to leave my boys again. Sob.

Rafiy actually got closer to his Daddy and demanded for him to bring him to sleep that first night I came back from UTP. Hurtful much? T.T

Quite busy, but still found some time to update my Instagram story lol. Oh I love this Instagram story thing - probably the only social media hype that worth the attention, IMO.

Am back in KL, but still swamped with work, still have to look after and feed the kids, and a household to maintain - oh, we finally moved! Am yet to show you the new place but let's wait until it's completely done - my ID skills are nowhere near Insta-worthy.

Oh, also if you're following me on Instagram, you'd notice this.

I have a newfound love for instant, pinless tudung.

I KNOW RIGHT?! Never in a million years would I have even thought..

But hey, sometimes change is good.

Let's see if it sticks.

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