Monday, October 09, 2017

our kind of Saturday morning

It was Saturday morning.

As usual, I’d be woken up at the sight of Rayyan playing with my hands, or putting his head on my tummy like it’s some sort of a pillow (it’s not), or Rayyan pinching his little brother’s cheeks to wake him up. As usual, during weekends he’d always be the one waking up earlier than everybody else, including me and husband (we’d very much prefer to stay in bed for as long as we can, but Rayyan doesn’t seem to grasp this concept).

So staying in bed, I played with him for a while, kissed Rafiy and gomol-ed him as usual, sang a few songs cause Rayyan asked me to, and when he got bored of me, he’d say “Ayyan nak turun bawah”.
That’s the cue for me to finally wake the husband up.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WIWT : Red lippy

I find that nowadays my love for makeup just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

(And my purse, just keeps getting thinner and thinner.)

And it’s such a coincidence that at this point of time, the local cosmetics industry is blooming with new brands popping up right front and center. I’ve tried and tested a couple of them, but unfortunately still not a fan (also because I stumbled upon an article on lippies being mass produced by factories and how celebrities can just go and buy them in bulk, repackage them and stamp their names on it. Have you read the article? What do you think? Because I see more and more local products being made and yet the quality is...) and I’d still head to Sephora whenever I needed a supply.

And the latest local brand to venture into cosmetics? dUCk cosmetics! (The box says it's formulated in the UK btw, so not from the above bulk cosmetics article)

Was at the launch last few weeks which I haven’t blogged about – will save it for another day, I promise. This post is because I was wearing their lip gloss one day when I was out.

My verdict?

Wearing Arzu scarf, Zara top and pants

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

new article on Zalora

Last month, my editor sent me an email.

“Dear Zatil, bla bla bla.. I hope to receive a new article from you soon!”

Like a smack in the face.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Rafiy at 3 months

I remembered yesterday that Rafiy is now 3 months old (when he couldn’t fit his newborn socks anymore) and I have yet to do a post on his milestones.

(Like I did with Rayyan before, until he was 1 year plus. Boy, firstborns are such exciting creatures for new parents, aren’t they?)

So in case Rafiy read this blog many many years down the line and couldn’t find his milestones post, here’s one.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fendi Strap You

Since getting the new bag, I've been toying with the idea of changing the leather strap.

Most of the bags I own come with long straps - meant to be worn across the body, especially for a petite frame like me. Thing is, I've grown accustomed to shoulder strap so much and hardly ever wear crossbody style that the extra long inches are just useless on me.

And they made me look so 'slump' too FML. So a few weeks after getting the new bag, I dragged Shahrul across a few stores in KL which offer bag repairs, in order to alter the long strap.

And also, came across this. Fendi Strap You leather straps, compatible to be worn with most bags, with gorgeous embellishments.

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