Monday, April 16, 2018

Rayyan gives excuses now

Just some anecdotes we've been getting from Rayyan lately.

Since he's turned 3 years old, it seems like his vocab and speaking skills have increased tremendously.

And does his excuses.

Case #1

Every night before going to bed, Shahrul would ask Rayyan to clean up and organize his toys which would at this point, be sprawling across our living room i.e. in front of the TV. We have a container box and Rayyan understands that he needs to put back all his toys inside the box at the end of the day.

So usually, usuallyyy when he's in an okay mood, he would oblige. Sometimes, we would need to bribe him with something if he refused. Sometimes, Shahrul would threaten to take away something he values if he refused to do it.

Then one night, suddenly,

Daddy : Rayyan, kemas toys please. Letak dalam box.

Rayyan : Taknak. Rayyan sakit perut...

Complete with clutching his tummy, pretending to be really hurt.

We know for a fact that he's not "sakit perut" at all, and that he was just pretending - but it's the first time that he's bold enough to LIE AT OUR FACES.

I didn't remember how we settled it or how we confronted him, but I think eventually after Daddy's nagging he reluctantly kemas his toys back into the box.

Next time, we ought to keep track of this lie - Rayyan who says he's "sakit perut" whenever he's being asked to do something 😂

Case #2

Similar case to above, but less bold.

Daddy : Rayyan, kemas toys now.

Rayyan : (after pausing, half-heartedly putting his legos into the container box) Tapi Rayyan penat...


Daddy says afterwards that he heard Rayyan but he ignored it, and Rayyan, realizing that his excuse didn't work, continued half-heartedly kemas his toys.

But later when he was at kampung and his Tokmi asked him to kemas his toys, he gave the same excuse too - you should've seen his Tokmi's face😂

Dah pandai bagi alasan dekat Tokmi sekarang ya!!!

Oh well. Guess someone's gonna need intervention on his (lame) excuses soon.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Review : Tea Tree Organic Shampoo by Maple Holistics

Some months ago, I received an email – a natural, organic shampoo product offer for me to try and evaluate and share my thoughts on it.

It was at the same time, when I was having a major breakdown due to the ridiculous amount of hair I found on my floor every single day. Just the night before, I was having a mental breakdown i.e. cursing my husband in my head because he had the guts to tell me “your hair is all over the place, why don’t you clean it now” and “how come I’ve just vacuumed last weekend and today there’s a segerombolan of your hair on the floor”. 

You know, something along those lines, only maybe nicer.

I was denying it but the next day, I thought better of it when I came across some hair accumulated behind my bedroom..maybe this husband of mine was right.

Then I read online. True enough – mothers who had just given birth would experience ridiculous hair loss due to imbalanced hormones and also because the body trying to get to its original nature, pre-pregnancy. This conclusion was drawn because you know how during pregnancy, mothers are said to have this “glow” – better skin, better hair??

Well, it’s no miracle. It’s actually because of hormones – pregnancy makes your skin better and makes your hair shine brighter than usual. And hair loss would be at much, much less rate too.
So that’s why some 6 months after pregnancy, it’s the body trying to shed off these effects and coming to its original state (hence the more hair loss than usual) and mothers are told not to worry about it.

Except if it’s prolonged.

Well, in my case, it sure is. I couldn’t wait any longer so I tried this Tea Tree Oil Shampoo from Maple Holistics – to see if it would somehow work miracle on me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Reasons why Maxis is the worst service provider : Part II

If you've missed Part I - click here.

So, I'm officially out of Maxis radar since I've paid all my dues, kan?


Even after I've paid the remaining bills via their not-so-useful Maxis Pay, apparently when Celcom tried to register my line under their service, Maxis was still bullshitting them on the grounds that "the customer paid after Celcom's last attempt" - which means that by the time Maxis received the request by Celcom, even though I HAVE paid the dues, Celcom had to resend the request again because the time stamp/timeline does not jive, and HELL MAXIS IS NOT GONNA HELP MAKE IT ANY FASTER, YO.

So, basically the sequence was :

Celcom sent request
I finally managed to pay via Maxis Pay (which took ages because of their sucky logging in and out service remember?)
Maxis received request, but not going to accept it because I SHOULD HAVE PAID BEFORE CELCOM TURNED IN THEIR REQUEST. partially I understood this timeline issue (eventhough they could have just entertained the request because I've made several reports on this to their hotline) so I made a call to Celcom to try again.

And then, suddenly my relative who works at Maxis saw my updates on IG and texted me - she offered to help me expedite the process because they have this privilege for family members.

5 minutes after her help, I received an SMS from Maxis saying they are processing the teleporting request.

And the day after that, I received a call from Maxis, offering me a lower package - instead of RM128, they offered a RM78 package with all benefits/coverage remains the same as RM128.

That pisses me off. Thinking of all those time I've been paying them extra what, RM50 bucks? And if I didn't initiate the teleport, I would still be paying RM128 when they would offer RM78 to someone in the same package as me?

No thanks.

So...sayonara Maxis, hello RM80 Celcom!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Reasons why Maxis is the worst service provider : Part I I’m in the mood to rant.

The past few days had been disastrous for me. First, my iPhone 7 decided to crack its screen (well, partly, it was my fault, I’d admit) so I had to spend some money getting it fixed – only to have recurring problems of touch sensitivity at certain areas of the screen.

If you’ve never had this touch sensitivity problem, you’ve never really been annoyed in your life. You’d be only mildly annoyed. Because this problem, I swear to God, is the most annoying thing ever.

I couldn’t type properly, I couldn’t go to apps and messages as smooth as I want, I couldn’t do anything with my phone without cursing – so I looked for services to repair the screen. Guess what? It costs almost 1000 bucks including insurance and warranty and everything, but but, the warranty would only cover screen crack – and NOT touch sensitivity.

So I’d have to spend my money replacing the screen, and if I do have this problem again, I’d have to fork out another 1000 bucks to replace it. And again, and again – if the problem persists.

How about no T.T

So Shahrul was all “why don’t you get a new phone?”

So I was all “yeah OK” (been waiting for this chance)

And..finally gotten myself a new phone after a while, and finally a chance for a better line coverage.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Rayyan turned 3 years old

So we celebrated Rayyan’s 3rd birthday last few days.

To say how bittersweet it was for us is such an understatement. But anyhow, however sad we are that noting 3 years ago on the same day we were holding the tiny version of him for the first time, getting to know this little stranger the best way we knew possible although we knew peanuts, learning every inch and tiny bit of him, loving the whole package of perfection and imperfection of this little creature God has given us – deep down we just know we HAD to get it over with. I mean, he’s not just getting 3 years old; he’ll be getting 4, 5, 6, 12, 20 years old..and by then, we would be holding his feet in chains locked up in our house, safe from outside harm and bad teenagers influence.

See how I foresee him at 20 years old when he’s just 3?

It’s called motherhood.

So I decided to rise above this and grow up and be the mature mother I shall be, and just accept that my baby IS NOT LITTLE ANYMORE.

Rayyan turned 3 years old! *wipes snot* and as usual, getting him the perfect cake was my ultimate motherhood goal for several weeks.

Now I’ve come to realize that Rayyan has grown extremely fast – he's far passed his phase of Didi & Friends or Upin Ipin or ABC songs; his current favourite movies now include Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Storks, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, Stork, etc. He can watch Toy Story and suddenly burst out laughing without me knowing why -_- As a child, I didn’t even watch these movies – even during my teenager-hood, so I’m quite surprised that he’s developed this interest quite early.

So, naturally, this was I get for his birthday cake theme.


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