Monday, December 11, 2017

Rafiy at 6 months

Can't believe my little man turned 6 months old last couple of weeks!😮

Rafiy, is an entirely different baby compared to Rayyan, I can attest to it now. He's got temper, but you can barely notice it because he rarely show it in front of anyone - but once he does, be prepared to hear the loudest grunt (yes he grunts) and scream you've ever heard in your life.

Don't be fooled by those eyes.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Makeup of the Day

So friends asked me to do a tutorial using the Victoria Beckham collection.

Which I never would. Recording myself in front of a video camera? 

How about no T.T

But today was spent with my mom who's in KL to accompany me and I felt inspired to try and experiment the VB eye palette and bronzer, with the Eye Ink mascara as added touch (as I normally do every day). 

The result?

Senget smile, senget eyes don't care XD

Here's to more experiments in the future. I'm loving the VB collection! 

(Of course, I played safe by using the least bold colors in the palette - will do one on the electric blue and green eyeshadow soon when I can find the time and courage. Lol.)

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Another makeup haul from Victoria Beckham line

The one thing I cannot live without at the moment?


Never, in a hundred yearss that I'd be dreaming of this day when mascara is my bff, but now, at 30 years old, it is.

(It used to be eyeliner, but I've learned to live with my Hyper Sharp eyeliner by Maybelline so getting it replenished by end of usage isn't so difficult with the existing of Watsons and Guardians everywhere)

So. Last few weeks, I went to Pavilion because Estee Lauder just launched the Victoria Beckham makeup range, including her raved Eye Ink mascara! Excited like mad, dragging my poor husband and sons there too.

So the new additions to my collection, bronzer in Saffron Sun shade and Eye Ink mascara. (the eye palette is from her first debut makeup last year)

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Review : Blooming Bath

So prior to Rafiy’s birth, I’ve been looking for baby stuff, ones we haven’t had yet during Rayyan’s time – simply because well, being the first time parents, we weren’t educated much in the department haha. This time being our second experience, I realize we still have a lot of ground to cover – and not having my mom around during pantang taught me to always be prepared with baby gears to help me transition into confinement smoothly.

(I made a pact to make sure I graduate the second pantang with minimal stress possible, which I failed miserably if you’ve read my pantang posts T.T)

One of the baby gears I’ve looked forward to have, is Blooming Bath.

Monday, October 09, 2017

our kind of Saturday morning

It was Saturday morning.

As usual, I’d be woken up at the sight of Rayyan playing with my hands, or putting his head on my tummy like it’s some sort of a pillow (it’s not), or Rayyan pinching his little brother’s cheeks to wake him up. As usual, during weekends he’d always be the one waking up earlier than everybody else, including me and husband (we’d very much prefer to stay in bed for as long as we can, but Rayyan doesn’t seem to grasp this concept).

So staying in bed, I played with him for a while, kissed Rafiy and gomol-ed him as usual, sang a few songs cause Rayyan asked me to, and when he got bored of me, he’d say “Ayyan nak turun bawah”.
That’s the cue for me to finally wake the husband up.

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