Wednesday, July 05, 2017

mommy of two

If you're wondering why there hasn't been any updates in here..

It's because I'm a mommy of two now OMG.

When there was only one child, I thought my life was super hectic already - outings are bizarre occasions which happen to be a luxury for us, our movie time was reduced to less than 10 a year because why would you bring a baby to a cinema?

Then, two kids happened..and my social life is basically zero. Blogging life too, as evident from the past month. It's been 1 month and a half since I gave birth to Rafiy, making the total of lives dependent on us now to TWO.

Let me tell you about my past 1 month and a half.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

my labor partner

When I was counting hours and minutes to deliver Rayyan, I remember very little about what happened - the contractions were crazy and I didn't take epidural to help ease the pain.

Still, I remember Shahrul was frantic next to me, his one hand holding mine and another holding air zamzam/kurma/gas; whichever the nurses told him to give me at the right moment. 

I remember he was very calm despite knowing what would happen, or maybe it's just his default face. 

But I remember that while nothing of this help ease the contractions, I was relieved that he's around.

At the hospital after delivering Rafiy, waiting for the nurse to check us out. Obviously he's not the one having the contractions just a few hours before -_-

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Second pregnancy : My labor story part II

(Read part I here.)

So the nurse, after telling me to settle down (because I was "only 3 cm dilated" T.T) went out of the labor room.

Husband was at the reception to submit my admission form.

Suddenly I felt completely alone, dealing with the mega contraction somewhere below my belly. Took a look around - and realized that it was the same labor room I had delivering Rayyan! Haha. Contraction was undeniably more painful than before - thought I'd have the strength to tahan this time around after experiencing it firsthand the last time, but this time, I really felt as if I was going to die. There's no way I could endure this, I thought.

So before the nurse go, I asked her,

"Saya nak epidural, boleh ke?"

And she gave me a face.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Second pregnancy : my labor story

Realized I've been procrastinating on this for quite a while now (compared to the first pregnancy).

Shouldn't be that long, don't worry. There won't be 3 parts I promise, haha.

(My labor story for first pregnancy can be read here, here and here. Caution : quite long!)

So I started my leave around 2 weeks before my due date because I needed to rest and focus on labor. Having the first child around means more energy needed to entertain him too, hence I've been feeling quite lethargic for weeks, not to mention the back pain T.T

Managed to do mani pedi and had a girly day out with Jannah just a few days before I felt the contraction. Which I'm so thankful about. (When Jannah found out I delivered she freaked out, saying "thank God it wasn't during our date!" LOL)

Tips : Get the chance to do some pampering before the due date (or way earlier, if you feel like delivering sooner) because once the baby comes, there's 44 days of pantang and you'd regret seeing your nails so unkept. #truestory

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

he's here, part II

Finally got around to do this post.

(Life as a mom with 2 kids, you see.)

Aunties and uncles, meet my second born, Ahmad Rafiy bin Ahmad Shahrul Rezuan, delivered on 16th May 2017 at 9.39 am.

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