Sunday, May 10, 2020


Since MCO started, I was partly relieved because then I knew I could revisit my long-lost hobby of reading again..

Then working from home kinda threw me off the rails. I cannot whine enough about being a mom at home while trying to be an employee too, because believe me, IT'S TOUGH. But nobody wants to hear about the whining, right? Apparently being a mom means absorbing all of that shit..

Oh. Sorry. On to happier things..

I started reading my old books again until I read an article in the company's email, where someone shared their books recommendation list to read during this MCO. Then I immediately went to book because that's where I've been getting my books for years, even husband's books too. Then I realised it took me a month for my previous orders from there to reach me, imagine anticipating my new orders during MCO?

I'd grow white hair by then.

So I asked husband for his old Kindle, which I bought him as a present back in 2012. It was in the cabinet, hardly used anymore cause he said 'oh I like physical books better' but really I think he's too cheapskate to buy ebooks from Amazon and read it on Kindle.

So that night, I charged it up, switched it on, went on Amazon - found the two books I was looking for after a few clicks, registered my credit card, purchased and downloaded them. Took me less than a hundred bucks and a few hours - such a great investment I think, instead of going on book, buy the books for almost the same price and have to wait for months before the books reach me.


And I really wondered why I didn't use Kindle earlier!

So now I have finished these two books, and downloaded another three books to read. All in a span of less than a day.

So glad for technology!

The Kindle is old since it's built from 2012, but it's still functioning. The down side is, being an avid Apple user I am inclined to 1) upgrade the software, but I'm not even sure if Amazon has that sort of thing 2) buy a new iPad for reading to substitute the Kindle. At the moment, I've been browsing Apple store on my phone (doesn't help that Apple store has the most customer-friendly app ever I bought a new Apple Watch strap during this MCO and it reached me within 3 days) and the new iPad is calling my name..

We'll see.

I still want to rave about this technology where you can download a book and read it instantly on your tablet!! Super genius how did I miss this FML.

Sunday, May 03, 2020

Japan trip 2018, Traveling with kids : Part 1

So I thought about sharing this post since last year, but somehow it's 2020 already and the thought was just..a thought. Haha.

So maybe I should just go ahead and blog about it. (Suspect I put this off cause it's Japan? Haven't I been there, for, like, 1000 times already?)

But but, this time is extra special - cause we have Rayyan and Rafiy with us!

Yes, it was the first time we brought both of them with us for an overseas trip..and it ain't easy. Had to learn it the hard way. #itwouldbefuntheysaid

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Celebrated our 6th anniversary

It's 12.07 am, and I can't sleep.

Actually it's been like this before, and whenever it happens, I thought about posting something here. But unfortunately it always fell short - something has always gotten in the way; that Netflix series I've wanted to binge on, that new movie husband downloaded I've yet to watch and so on. So the intent to blog is intent.

So tonight, I'm determined to just post this one. How hard could it be right?

We celebrated our 6th anniversary today, being confined at home, while fasting, and I proposed to Shahrul to put on our nikah attire we wore 6 years ago for a mini photoshoot. At our home. I've always to do this since years ago, to see if we could still fit the attire (HAHA) and to have these pictures taken so that we could frame them up.

Today, we finally did it! I took comfort knowing I would only wear the nikah kurung for less than 30 minutes so the buttons won't pop open LOL.

How cute are our pengapit? Haha.

The boys were more than happy to accompany us in the pictures. Nowadays, when they see me putting a nicer attire (other than my usual pyjamas) they'd instantly ask where is Mommy going, etc. Especially Rafiy, he would throw a tantrum if I said he couldn't tag along with me -_- Well. Clingy just like Mommy.

This year, I realised that so many things have changed. Since Rayyan and Rafiy are big enough to learn to take care of each other, they mostly would spend a lot of time together - from playing, watching TV, eating, taking a bath, and even sleeping. Of course we would supervise them, but the conversation at the table are always theirs. They don't really need us..and this is the time when I started to feel, wow, I'm free.

I don't have to worry if Rafiy would fall down the chair. I don't have to fear that Rayyan would be bored with nothing to play. Because at this age, somehow they always have something in their hands to do, by themselves or together - and they just don't need us that much. Compared to last year or 2 years ago or 3 years ago.

So then, it was always me and Shahrul, left by ourselves. Sometimes we would make faces at each other, sometimes we would laugh overhearing Rayyan and Rafiy's nonsense conversation.

And it struck me that, while for the past 5 years we've been busy watching over the kids growing up - we forgot that we were growing up too.

I realised that my partner for 5 years is also aging, and changing, like me. While I can be 100% sure that I'm no longer the same girl 5 years ago, I know in my heart that Shahrul isn't, too. He's changed, he's grown up with so many responsibilities as a father to two boys - a job that I know comes with a superpower endowed to him - and I barely noticed this cause I've been busy watching over the kids.

Now, when I see him and myself, I realised we've been missing so much. He's been missing so many things about me; and I him. Suddenly I feel like I have to get to know him all over again, only that it's easier because we live together and we have some background info about each other. Despite knowing him for most of my teenage and adult life, I still feel like there's a lot to take in - there's still a lot to learn!

So I guess my new resolution, from now onwards - take time to get to know your partner. And let him get to know the current you too. It feels exciting, like I'm going on new dates haha. But I do think this is essential; reading my posts on my engagement and wedding sent shivers down my spine cause my thoughts are what the hell do know about love? I wish the younger me would learn that it takes a lot more than lovey-dovey to love a person and be loyal to that person for the rest of your life.

And I guess this is the time to put in the work. There's a lot of hikmah brought by this MCO, I believe.

What about you? Do you feel this way about your partner too?

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Turning 33

So last 2 weeks, I turned 33 years old.

Never thought this day would come (sob)

But honestly? Despite being at home for MCO, I had the awesomest birthday because these monkeys were with me. Daddy told them the day before (and 2 days before) that it's Mommy's birthday, so they will have to sing a Happy Birthday to Mommy and blow the candles and give Mommy endless kisses. So days leading up to the actual day, these two won't shut up about it so the plan kind of backfired HAHA.

"Daddy, cepatla birthday Mommy..bila nak sing Happy Birthday song?" 
"Daddy, cepatla beli birthday cake" 
Lol they are definitely the world's worst liars.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The SME and Vivy debacle

I believe you’ve heard about the saga last week. About Vivy Yusof, who caused a public stir due to her post on Instagram on SMEs wanting to get financial aids to help ease their burdens when government had just announced the stimulus package to help the B40 and M40.

I just have to pen my thoughts here. I’ve refrained to do so many many times since a few scandals years ago, but this time, please bear with me.

Firstly, I believe people’s wrath mostly came from the abovementioned B40 and M40 – they believe this woman is an arrogant and ignorant coming from T20; who whined about not getting financial aids when others (B40 and M40) do. Her argument was that these SMEs employ majority of B40 and M40; and that her intention was ultimately to help them, since one day if most of the SMEs closed down, these are the people who would be jobless.

Let me be clear. I am baffled by this.

While I don’t agree with people bashing her on Twitter, making posters and spreading it around to make her look bad, etc – these people has a point.

Imagine having to think about short of cash for food to consume for tomorrow, for babies’ milk, for rice, for diapers, for other necessities – then came a statement from a person (who boasts about her wealth and achievement almost daily) about how “us, the entrepreneurs, need financial aids too”

You think they won’t get angry? You think they don’t go to your IG page, and saw how expensive your bags are and how expensive your daily meals are, won’t be pissed?

I read a post on FB about how Vivy feels so alien to the rest of Malaysians, and I couldn’t help agreeing. I have problems agreeing with her since the pregnancy women debacle, and I’m definitely on Team Iman. So yes, I can understand why she received so many backlash due to this issue.

But in this particular issue, my main issues are:

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