Friday, January 01, 2021

Hello 2021!

 So it is now nearing the end of day 1 of 2021, and I found myself sitting here in my living room writing this first post of this new year. Oh how a year it was, 2020. When I first heard about Wawasan 2020 many years ago, it didn’t occur to me that it will be like what we experienced last year.

So many people reminisced about how the year has changed them. To me, truthfully I don’t think it was the year the changed me - rather I’ve changed for myself.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Random stuff on my office desk

Found these pictures in my old abandoned drafts. Pictures of random stuff I put on my office desk, before we had to start WFH due to Covid-19. Of course, these stuff have now safely hidden in my drawers - I cleared most of the stuff before we started WFH so finding these pictures in my draft is bringing me back to those times pre-Covid!

Such memories. Felt like so long ago, being confined in my work cubicle doing my own work 9 to 5.

I put this farewell notes from my degree labmates and lecturers back in Nihon, because they wrote such sweet messages for me haha. If you understand nihongo you can read them - so sweet I can't even. But Japanese are always so teinei anyway. Missing them a little bit more these days.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

When it comes to gifts, I used to be one of those people who were really clueless on what to give to the person. That was why I just hate the occasion - when my sisters would get my mom all sorts of things they KNEW she would love, I was still scratching my head and would hide in my room, detesting them. That's not fair, I thought, there should be a list where we could all get and make her happy instead of relying on personal experience and taste.

But over the years, I think I'm progressing well in this department. I would even get some of my colleagues and friends stuff on their birthdays; something I rarely do out of my own insecurity that they won't like it. And that's improvement to me!


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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

A Guide to Wearing Glasses

I have been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old. Then in high school, I discovered contact lenses - nothing has changed me like these fragile beings do - but I transformed into a whole new person. Learned to take care of my eyes better by using contacts (oh the irony) and in a span of 15 years, I have eye-related disease probably twice, where I was warded once. It wasn't good, I know, but I have learned to take care of my eyes better now.

But when night comes, glasses are still my saviour. I still wear them at the end of the day, so to me getting a good pair is crucial.


Photo by Susan Duran on Unsplash

Friday, June 19, 2020

How to grow indoor plants

I really don't know how I got into keeping plants at my petite small house.

Saw an IG post one time of a monstera leaf, and that was it, that was all I could remember. Maybe this was what they call jatuh cinta pandang pertama lol. was honestly NOT a smooth-sailing process. Especially when you have zero experience and knowledge to start with, and in the end when one by one keeps dying, you just want to tear your hair out because they can survive in Amazon forest with insects and wildlife and whatnot and can't even survive in that small clean corner of my house. The audacity.

So yes, this is what I have learned from growing indoor plants.



My favourite is obviously monstera. Monstera has different variegations so I'm not going to get into that detail, but from pictures I'm sure you can see how many I have in my collection. Accidentally killed some too, it was a heartbreaking journey but when I see a new leaf growing it's like falling in love all over again😍

I'm no plant expert, but these are a few things that I have learned throughout this experience:

  1. Reading a lot of materials on how to grow indoor plants really help. I learned how to water them properly rather than just spraying here and there and where to put in the corners of the house.
  2. When watering, refrain from using spray - water them thoroughly to the bottom until you see water dripping. This is where I learn pots with holes at the bottom are the real deal. Avoid those hard, ceramic pots with no holes cause you're just killing your plants that way. This would cause root rot and plants are unlikely to recover from this.
  3. After buying from a store, don't repot them immediately - let them "sit" in their old pot for a while. Just like us, they need some time to adjust to a new environment - we might as well make it easier for them.
  4. When they have new leaf growth, that means they are comfortable at where they are. Refrain from changing their positions too often, unless you see they're getting weaker at their spot. At first I had to change some plants' locations to see if they are improving, and it helps. 
  5. How to revive a weak/yellowing plant? Less water, put them near a window.
  6. Don't lose heart whenever a plant dies. It could be due to many, many causes - and sometimes your house environment just doesn't suit it. Don't be too hard on yourself, learn and move on - do more study on which plant suits your house environment.

As for me, the plant wishlist is just getting longer now even though husband has hinted "our house looks like a mini jungle" #subtle

Pray for my house everyone😌

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