Wednesday, October 19, 2016

new article on Zalora : dealing with hate

(Took so long because I've actually forgotten about this.)

 Recently, an incident happened to my close friend which inspired me to write this.

She had a falling out with her bff back in high school (also my high school friend). The drama unfolded, right in front of everyone - because of a Facebook post. I felt bad for her mostly, and from my perspective, I could see the characters involved, and from one issue to another, my name (metaphorically speaking, she didn't really mention me) was dragged into the mess too - because I stood up for my close friend.

Now, for one, I've dealt with this before. I've had similar incidents a few years back, and I think that has shaped me into dealing with these hate issues because I realize..the recent incident didn't really affect me. Sure, I was dragged into this super elaborate drama and being slurred hate words by supposedly a high school friend of mine (which maybe not anymore because she removed me from her Facebook friends) didn't really affect me. I just went, meh, I've been in this situation before - what could get worse?

I was called a friend's stealer. Meh.
I was accused of being "gay" back in high school. Because I wanted so badly to befriend a girl. Meh. (I should introduce her to my husband and my kid)
I was accused of wanting so badly to "be her". Meh.

Talking about it now, makes it all seems even less trivial haha. And to think this all happened 12 years after leaving high school -_-

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Books for Rayyan

If there's one thing I take pride on, it's my books.

Being an avid reader since young, when I was pregnant with Rayyan, I made sure I read a number of books just to get the momentum going. Even khatam the What to Expect When You're Expecting book..and it was my personal victory haha (bloody book has too many pages and so many info to hadam, I took months!)

So naturally, when Rayyan was born, I yearn for him to grow up loving books. Every time we go to any bookstore, I'd make sure we buy a number of books for him - regardless how little our knowledge is when it comes to books for babies/toddlers. So far, he seems to love them - keeps asking us to read them to him over and over again, which I take as a good sign.

Then I discovered Hello Genius books.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

So, are you thinking of pursuing Master's?

So one of my life goals before turning 30 is finally becoming a reality (well, in the process.. I hope I don't jinx it).

I'm finally enrolling for a MSc program!

Sounds so simple, doing a Master's degree. Well, when you have a kid and a husband and a career and a household to run, it ain't that simple. (most of friends my age are having this same situation, too) I've always wanted to further my studies after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering back in 2011, but after 6 years of foundation + engineering school, I realized that..I cannot tahan.

So, MSc had to wait. Got a decent job, got busy working, got busy getting married, got pregnant, got a chubby little human being who demands my attention every single minute of the day..let's just say MSc had to take not the backseat, but the boot of my car.

And suddenly, this year, I feel the urge to do it. A lot of my colleagues are doing it, slowly but surely; and I was amazed at how they could juggle all things at once. Well, why not me then? I looked for opportunities - part-time, local universities (not really looking forward to be apart from my small family), anywhere that could take my research interest forward, provide the scholarship/sponsorship and anywhere close enough that I don't have to part from my family.

Then, the offer came.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rayyan the Soother

It amazes me how fast my kid is growing up these days. He's turning into a person; it's an experience I've never been through before in my life - seeing someone becoming a person in front of my eyes.

(If that makes any sense.)

Everyday, it's always something new I'm discovering about him. His tease, his favorite pastime (still the same - asking us to read his books over and over T.T), his favorite phrase, his dancing (oh God, he LOVES to dance), his favorite snacks and food, etc.


We were in front of the TV. I went to the kitchen kejap, and back to the living room.

Husband suddenly says,
"B, cuba buat-buat nangis"

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Alicia Keys

Growing up, I had one particular artist I've always admired.

Alicia Keys.

I was in Form 5, preparing for SPM, I think. That was the period when I went on a full crazy discman and walkman mode - while studying, my ears would be blasted off with various artists' albums to accompany me, and Alicia Keys was one of the few. At that time, I was open to all kinds of genres - I had Linkin Park, Britney Spears, Maroon 5, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Blue, T.A.T.U (I KNOW!) and all other-worldly artists' CDs and cassettes.

Think boarding school would do that to you. Discman and walkman, they're our life essentials at the hostel, OK?

So. Finished SPM, upgraded to MP3 player (a gift by my sister - it's actually a hand-me-down -_-) and got into AAJ, UM to further my studies. Entered a language school, and the MP3 player era started. One can never survive a kanji test without a full on 5-hours kanji memorizing session the night before, I learned. And the MP3 player was there to accompany me.

Among the (limited) songs in my playlist, was Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You and Fallin'.

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