Wednesday, February 15, 2017

my first maternity jeans

To all preggers…

Stop what you’re doing, take your car keys and go to H&M Avenue K (and some other H&M outlets, we’ll get back on this)

Because you NEED this piece of jeans in your closet.

Friday, February 10, 2017

first time for the second time

A few weeks ago, I had some bleeding. It was unusual because I didn’t have any the last time I was pregnant with Rayyan so I was a bit worried. My pregnancy with Rayyan was smooth Alhamdulillah – I didn’t have any major complications (except this one time) so this time when I saw some blood down south at the toilet, I was quite alarmed.

Hubs? He was worried too, even offered to take me to the doctor but I didn’t to burden him so I asked him to go to work while I go to the clinic alone. He obliged – I realized that when it comes to pregnancy-baby-related things, he’d follow what I told him to do without a word. (Think I shall ask for a new bag when something like this happens again)

So. Went to the clinic and met the doctor. Explained what I’ve been having for the past few days – some light spotting in my underwear without any abdominal pain. She took a look at my record – how far along I am, etc and asked me to lie on the bed for a scan.

“We need to check if the baby is okay”

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

second pregnancy : my pantang preparation

Realized that I didn’t talk about my pantang plan properly in this blog the last time when I was pregnant with Rayyan.

Well, this time, I’d make sure I would..

So that my pantang experience wouldn’t be as horrendous as before FML T.T

The reason it sucked? I flunked the plan part, ultimately. I thought once I booked a confinement/urut/pantang lady, then the rest would be taken care of – the massage, the pantang food, the baby bath, the baby massage, etc.

Until my pantang lady didn’t show up for 3 days out of the 7 days I booked FML.

So, the pantang part, here’s how I understand : once I deliver the baby, I would be in confinement for 44 days; which means I’d have to restrict my eating to only healthy pantang food, I’d have to wear socks 24/7 except during shower, I’d have to surrender my body to the urut lady who’d be massaging my whole body (including the south part and boobs part, latter is essential to ensure breastmilk flows smoothly), I’d have to do all the param tangas herbal bath etc etc, slather some herbs on my face and tummy, drink some herbal drink, take some herbal pills, wear bengkung for the whole day for as far as my body can take.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WIWT : second pregnancy syndrome’s been a while T.T 

I realize that this time around, it’s getting harder to dress up – quite frankly, bump is bigger this time, or so I feel because other people kept telling me otherwise.

“No lah, where got?? Can hardly see your perut!”

Or so they say. 

Underneath, my underwear choices are limited since nowadays I prefer the low waist one (the rest makes my tummy feel so suffocated) and ones that made from stretchable material; my pants on most workdays are unzipped (not only unbuttoned, ok) so it’s getting uncomfortable but I’m yet to find maternity pants (still in denial, wish me luck in the next few weeks); and the only pants I like to wear now are the ones with drawstrings or stretchable waist.

How the hell did I survive dressing up during the previous pregnancy, I will never know.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Joining the beauty cult of Pixi

So my colleagues (yes, plural) have been raving about this for months now.

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner, which supposedly is THE most raved toner in the beauty world; it has its cult following all around the globe. They couldn't stop talking about it, even showed me websites giving good reviews on the product. Can't remember if they were this enthusiastic about a certain product before!

So after a while, my usual toner has run out - took months to actually finish it since I'm not really religious in applying it day and night. After seeing the wonderful results on my colleagues (pretty sure I'd have no one to teman for lunch if I didn't), I decided to give this a try as the substitute.
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