Malam ni layan Diari AF sebab dah lame tak tengok haha.

I think he has the best hairstyle a man can actually pull.

And I think Tiara Jacquelina is a magnificient woman.

I was bored last night so I cleaned out my wardrobe :D It is now my most favorite thing in the room.

Saikou no Otokos :)

On repeat.

Aril was voted out last week. Now that he's gone, I doubt I'm ever going to watch AF again after this. Bodoh lah.

I don't feel like blogging lately.

Reached home at 1830 gurai, sebab sensei seizu lambat kasi klua. And someone told us the juicy-est gossip ever. I don't know how I'm gonna face him ever again -_-

I'd prefer not to think about where my kenkyushitsu would be, or what course, what lab. I don't want to think about it yet. Not now.

I want to read Sylvia Plath. Can anyone buy the book for me? I'm too lazy to wait for Amazon.

Am waiting.
Am waiting.

Phone buat hal :(

Been missing so many games. I can't even remember when was the last time I watch sheesh.

I'm letting go of the taikai's jersey. Too big. I thought of altering it but not enough time, I'd have to try out the cutting on other shirt first, it's taking too much time. Despite how much I liked the jersey.

Thank God next week tuka sensei.

Thank God for shutting them up.

And it's getting colder. Again. I don't know which to prefer - hot or cold. Burn or freezing.

We went out last night to go bowling, ping pong and pool :D

I played pool for the first time! Hahaha. It was awesome. I'm thinking of switching careers already, if possible.
So if you want to go bowling again take me, I'd love to tag along.

And btw he tagged himself in the controversial photo.

Some sort of 'warning', I think.

Mati aku. Paparazzi la neh! Haha.

Nana manga is still in progress.

These are the things that took me almost 5 hours to complete. Sengal.

Yes it looks simple, but NOT in the making should see me drawing. Drawing geometry is obviously not in my blood. Sigh.

Take me anywhere; fields, farms, kouens, games. Name it. But not bowling.

We've come a long way; bowling and I. The first time I held the ball, I felt like my heart stops. My palms were sweating, I could barely see the pins. And the throwing part. I've never felt so much pressure just to throw a stupid ball, but the bowling ball does it. And now, everytime I see bowl games on TV I can feel so much hatred in me.

That's how much I hate the thing. But sure I know you don't get it cause I don't get it either.

Btw, I just found out from Kak Syana punye blog yang Ako Mustapha is sentenced to jail. For berkhalwat. And he just got married. Bodo.

It was a sunny day. Enough said.

"I swam across, I jumped across for you
Oh all the things you do
Cause you were all yellow"

Dah ade Blogger Mobile yay!

And my PC's speed is improving. Tahniah.

They saw my bike today, and they liked it :) Haha.

I think most of the time I do things out of curiosity.

And did I mention I hate seizu? Got home at 1915 today. Sheesh. I want to skip Thursdays :(

Btw there was a loud sound coming from dai today, as soon as I reached home. The noise was so loud, like an earthquake or something like that. I seriously thought it was a minor jishin, but actually a major to us here since there's hardly any jishin occurred in Hiroshima. Turns out it was only a guruh, kott, tapi bapak ah kuat gile bunyi siap gegar2 lagi.

Just Dance is unique so I like it but trying to do it is challenging.

And my bestfriend somehow made everyone believed I'm getting engaged this coming summer hahaha :P Well that girl can talk anyone into anything. Countless of private messages on YM last night. Sigh.

Did I mention how much I detest this particular kamoku?


So apparently I still haven't gotten over it yet. -_-

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Mum :)

I don't see you much over the years(sigh) but you are the greatest companion and bestfriend I've ever had.

You've never made us feel incomplete.

You are a superwoman :D

I wish I can be home soon so we can go to the places we wanted to go so much but you were afraid of driving alone to an unknown city.
So I can play with your hair all the time while you were watching TV.
So I get to play with your old clothes thinking "my mum wore this when she was my age".
So I can sleep till noon without anyone bothering me and your phone call wakes me up at 12.
So you can take me to all your kenduris and jamuans.
So I can tease you and brother about fighting all the time.
So I can listen to all your "sit like a woman!" "duduk rumah diam2 anak dara tak elok klua rumah sampai malam" etc.

She is my everything. I always thought if anyone wants to win my heart they have to go through her, first. And it doesn't help that she likes everyone so quickly. Sigh.

"I want you to have everything I didn't have."

I Love You, Mum. Selamat Hari Lahir, from your youngest daughter.

Anak Ayam- too phat - Too Phat

I can sing this song, can you believe it?

I had my hiphop phase, thank you very much. I even bought their albums. Happy Form 2 times ;) When Malique was so endearing.
And I still like them till now.

The Hanami was awesome :) It felt weird to be the one among the grownups. Among the seniors. And not having to clean up, not having to introduce our names.

The mark to a new beginning.

I don't care anymore :)

It is no longer a hidden obsession. Putting it up front babe!

Taikai punye jersey saiz S besar gile aku tak muat doh.

If you really want to annoy me tonight, go and do the quizzes at fb.

I swear I've hidden like a thousand of them but a thousand more pop up.

Btw. To be honest, if anyone asked me what is the craziest thing I want to do right now, it'd be coloring my nails black. I saw people who have black nail color and I honestly think their nails are cute :) It sorts of gives the nails its own personality, without being bad like most people thought. I'm weird I don't know why.

I want to do my revision, but I feel like grooming tonight.

Oh and the title has nothing to do with this entry.

I don't know why tonight I have this sudden curiosity to learn a bit about history, after living all these years without much knowledge about it.

So I spent the last few hours watching videos of discoveries on Youtube including JF Kennedy and his brothers' assassination. Mind-blowing.

And by now, I know all about Adolf Hitler. And I mean ALL.

Bloody mind-blowing-ness.

God I seriously feel like throwing up now.

Why baca? Why tengok? Whyy?

I feel numb.

If I get to choose, I'd rather be the ignorant person than having all this horrible things stuck in my head.

I feel numb.

The first day of school wasn't so bad at all :)

I have 3 classes today; 2 in the morning and 1 at 12.50 pm. I was so nervous I could barely keep my mouth shut, thank God Sue wasn't in the chippery mood to entertain me. So most of the time I just concentrated on the fact that the lecturer is OK, he doesn't give us any homework for today so I decided that I love him. But I was most
nervous about the class in the evening; any subject that ends with a "jisshuu" or "enshuu" has never been good in my dictionary.

I was right. It was the toughest subject ever; because it involves drawing and scaling and simply, seizu.

So I officially dread Seizu.

Got one class for tomorrow. I seriously hope Friday is not the 'list'.

And I got something in the mail today :) Thank you!

Hanami on Saturday and we have to make nasi goreng.

I ate 2 plates of rice today. Will be gaining a few more pounds by tomorrow.

And I got a new bike :")

I got a parcel today :) I was surprised, the box is so big I thought she sent me a TV or something.

My sister is the sweetest person ever :) I LOVE YOU!

So after this if anyone sees me shopping for clothes/sweaters/mafla/gloves, PLEASE remind me of that big box arrived today.

I still haven't finish How To Walk In High Heels. In progress.

Classes are starting tomorrow. I hope this sem would be much, much better than last sem, but looking at the timetable, I guess not. Sigh. Why do I have to choose the hardest subjects ever.

I know I should be thankful with what I got. I know I should be grateful for not having to repeat any subject(so far). But the result threw me I don't know why. I feel like it's so hard to keep up with them, like I've been living in a different world or something. At this point, I wish I'd just stay at Malaysia and with my family who I can run to whenever I'm down and just need to cry with.

And I know at this point you're just too tired to read the same thing over and over.

Off to bed early for an early class tomorrow. Sheesh.

People who reads my Twitter must think I don't have a life.

But hey, it's the "in" thing for celebrities okay ;) Ape salahnye poyo kejap.

Just for the record, all my five kohais are using iPhone now. Apparently the price has been lower months ago since the Japanese would rather use their own flip keitai which can be used to watch TV, record videos and voice etc than iPhone so they just had to cut the price so freaking low.

I pay almost twice of what they pay, monthly. Wtf?

He now talks about switching to Blackberry. Copycat! Haha.

70,000 yen for an unlock Docomo's Blackberry -_- Sheesh.

Reading their comments astounds me. And I have a good laugh about it :)

Go on. I'd rather you do that thinking I'll never read it than just posting the comments just to annoy me. Makes no sense at all.

I honestly think they never learn at all.

The more you do it the more you drive me away.

I didn't intend to post the pictures on Fb.

I want a new bike.

To taikai attendants, I'm the bentou tantou hahaha :P Mess with me and you'd eat nothing. I'm dead serious.

My housemate got herself a new carpet for her room.

Here With Me drives me crazy. I give up, for tonight.

The mendan with sensei went well compared to last year's. At least he was nice to us. I think he finally understands how kurushii we were in the classes. I was less nervous since I've already knew my result.

The swollen thing has gotten better. For now. :)

p/s : Tomok nyanyi Umbrella hahaha.

It's the end of the Mizushima phase.
It's the time to finally move on.

I highly doubt whether I'd break the bubble. I want the bubble! Sheesh.

Eh all the quizzes in Fb are driving me nuts. Sudah2 lah tu weh. Don't publish it to public when it shows all you care about in your pastimes is who you're going to marry, because you can do better than that.

Oh. No offense.

30 minutes are starting to outdo us. Should we do it with 20 minutes?

We went to the supa because we're both terrified of what my sister told me. I ended up with 2 pairs of undergarments worth 10,000 yen hahaha. But it was fun, she finally knows what her exact size is and I get to annoy every salesgirl in the jeans section. Apparently the Vienus jeans has sold out by the time I went to Nagoya.

Sape nak pegi shinai buzz aku.

Pegi dai for mendan session tomorrow. Though I doubt that I can get up by 9.

I'm dreading classes :( Spring break has officially come to an end.

Today I just found out I failed a paper because I didn't take the saishi. Because I'm so genius I thought there were no saishi since sensei didn't mention any of it.

Genius? Yeah.

If I had passed the paper I won't have to take an extra credit for next sem. Save self a few hours a week.

And my result would have been so much prettier.

And the swollen doesn't get any better, but it doesn't get worse so I don't know if I should be glad or not. I wish I can take the picture and put it here so everyone can see how miserable it is, and how miserable I am :(

Stupid saishi. Stupid swollen sheesh.

I failed a paper, I'm broke, I have a swollen thing on my body and my feet are turning red after days of going out to town.

Can it ever get any worst than this.

Obsessed with Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson.

"I want you to know
That it doesn't matter
Where we take this road, someone's gotta go
And I want you to know
You couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on, so I'm already gone"

Today we went to Mr Max to get all the things needed with the kohais. I bought things I don't need, but it makes me feel better. I don't get it either.

Yesterday, dalam sejarah, I went to Miyajima. Again. Now I don't even know how many folders in the PC with the name 'Miyajima' on it.

I think it's karma. I tried ignoring it. I know it's not the same. I know it's different. I shouldn't be aggravated by it. But why now?

When I've finally moved on. When I've found my way.

It is too much.

Kohais' nyuugakushiki is tomorrow. Malas gile nak bangun.

Class is starting on Monday. No enthusiasm whatsoever.

It's actually swollen. Like, twice the size. Kot. I'm freaking out but I choose to be practical. It hurts. Thank God for technology I finally found the way the cure it.


my brain dump.