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A recent graduate with a degree in engineering from a Japanese university, I came to find that blogging during uni days and when you've started working are two completely different tasks. 

I started blogging way back in 2007 (my first year in Japan, completing my degree) and my posts revolved around Japanese lifestyle, friends, lecturers and classes which I used to hate. Now so many things have changed in that department - one of them is recently married my boyfriend of 8 years!

Employed and working in oil and gas industry for 2 years now which I'm still thanking God everyday for, a girl's gotta have a life. Hence why "escaped." came about, a place I'd usually escape from my hectic life and share things I love :

uber nice scarves - I have this tendency to own several thousands of them and end up wearing just a bunch, with similar style
awesome working life - chemical engineer yo T.T
my husband - he's awesome, need I say more?
bags, bags, bags - it's proven, I have a sickness (according to my husband)
Victoria Beckham
awesome friends
music records I've collected

On my wedding preparation

Recently married, so like other bridezillas I've compiled some posts for other bride-to-be's reference (some which I'm still finding the time to do) :

the photographer
On my simple engagement :

the guy (LOL)

My other half

On (extremely) rare events, my significant other decides to invade this blog and write something, too. He's known as ASR on this blog (his initials - he's super simple like that) and would occasionally drop by; usually when I nag him to. Check out the tab by ASR if you need some entertainment, he can be funny sometimes XD

So that's about yours truly. I can be reached at zatil@zatilaqmar.com or drop a comment on this blog :)


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