Married : the Videographer

For the engagement, I asked my little brother to do the recording task of the ceremony - because I wanted the video to be personal.

For the wedding, I decided that he is far too amateur for that T.T

Deciding the videographer wasn't too hard - my (then) fiancé and I weren't keen on spending thousands on two pieces of films; so we focused on photographer instead and let them suggest the video part. Luckily most of the photographers do videos as well, and they came in a package catering for a smaller budget like ours.

So our photographer suggested this company, D&D Studio to do the videos and showed us the samples. To be honest, at first I was skeptical as some of the samples were amateur at best - but still doable, at least for us. So we agreed and took the package.

Some criteria for the video :
  1. there should be 2 videos - one for nikah, and one for reception
  2. background song selection was left to the videographer because I didn't want to be too anal. Choosing songs, for me, could take forever!
  3. simple and no cheesy poses
The third one was hard to cater for, I realized - there was no controlling on how you pose on the day itself, because you can never expect how the day would turn out to be. That's how I learn I can never be an actress -____-"

Our videographer, Abang Zaidi was kind and easy to work with. He didn't mind traveling all the way up north and even brought his family along - and I didn't hear any complaint coming from him throughout the event. Professionalism!

So..this is our reception video.

That's the most unflattering side of gedikness for the bride, really. I'm usually not that talkative or loud, I swear T.T Still, feast your eyes with this side of me while you still can.

If I could do it again, I would ensure with the videographer company on the deliverable of the video. Mine was long overdue (received the video about 7 months after the wedding, seriously) and I had to follow up frequently to check on the video completion, which I wish I didn't have to do.

Lesson learnt; check and double confirm on everything especially on the terms after the event, instead of just focusing on the day itself.



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