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the dUCkscarves : my honest review

This post is long overdue.

When I was younger, I experimented with a lot of different scarves - materials, shapes, sizes, colors and styles. That was one thing I'm thankful about, because the "hobby" kept me busy during my uni days and entertaining others, too. My Japanese labmates used to see me one day and go, "that's nice color you're wearing" when I wore a shocking pink scarf and on other day, "what fashion is this scarf, I'd like to buy" when I wore the once-famous tudung Siti lol.

Got a lot of "weird" comments on it as well. A nice makcik on a train in Fukuoka once commented,
"What is that thing on your head? Is it new in fashion?"


I think being in Japan and spending my uni days (aka experimenting fashion days) in Japan has its perks. They don't judge (well, not when it comes to religion, mostly) and I get to vary my scarves-styling a lot, without being stared at too much. 

Thankfully, those days are long over. Nowadays, I rely on my lightweight pashminas for my carefree outings, and proper long chiffon scarves for more formal looks. And I realize that I've grown accustomed to a certain style, which makes me even more fussy in getting new scarves.

(The pashminas I usually wear cost 20 bucks each, though. Seriously, made me believe I don't have to invest much in scarves.)

And then, I discovered dUCkscarves.

Bought a few when they're first released which was the mixed crepe line (partly impulse purchase, partly because of the nice colors). Unfortunately was not a fan so I sold them off to loyal customers of dUCks, thinking maybe the dUCks aren't meant for me. (or that I'm not blessed with slim cheeks which would rock the mixed crepe scarves brilliantly)

But then. they came out with more new materials.

Satin silk

At first, I was skeptical as most satin scarves I used to own were too much hassle to deal with - they move on your head easily, sometimes too thick and not for one who likes simplicity or hassle-free.

But I was surprised when I got the dUCk's satin silk - it is a whole new level. It's not the regular satin - it's the high quality satin silk, not very thick but still opaque, and very shiny. Transformed your outfit 360 degrees from simple to ready-to-rock-the-carpet look. And very comfy, too.

I'd say it's more to silk than satin. Soft but not too soft, shiny but durable.

So then, I'm converted. The colors I've gotten so far :

- Frappuccino (more to a soft grey, nude and milkish hues. Match everything I swear)
- Mangosteen 2.0
- Rose Tea (their version of pink belacan)
- Ash Lee
- Chocolate Fondue

And I wear them all the time.

Bamboo cotton

Took me a while before I decided to get one from this line, because I rarely ever wear cotton scarves. Pashmina is the closest thing to cotton I've ever tried, and I love it. So one day, I decided to just try one from the line. FashionValet was having a sale, too (it was the 1st April sale, I think)

I chose Buttermilk because it looks nice in pictures and weirdly, doesn't seem too white. I needed a neutral color in my scarf wardrobe, too.

When it came, I tried it on..and fell in love.

Colors from bamboo cotton line I've gotten so far :

- Buttermilk (has a veryy soft pink and brown hues, I must say. The most gorgeous color in this collection IMHO)
- Scones 
- Toasted Almond
- Violet Macaron
- Sapphire Ice
- French Meringue
- Diamond Rose

They're all neutral colors and suit my everyday outfits perfectly, that I no longer have headaches everyday trying to figure out what to wear haha.

My verdict? It's my favorite material so far! Soft, stays perfectly on your head and easy to style. When I read the reviews, a lot of them say they're easily crumpled - which in this case, is true. When I'm holding Rayyan, it will crumple easily - but still, I don't find that such a turn-off. Why do you have to keep your scarf so crumpled-less, anyway? It will get crumpled at some point, even when you're wearing a different material, so I guess I've learned to live with it rather than stressing about it.


My third favorite from the line. Simply because the scarves I have previously were georgettes, and this looks so much similar - only with better quality.

The colors I have :

- Winter Grey
- Smokey Blue
- Rose Glaze
- Espresso
- Chocolate Cookie Dough
- Almond Mylk
- Blue Icicle
- Peaches and Cream

The difference between bamboo cotton (Scones, Toasted Almond) and georgette (Rose Glaze)

And yes I wear them all the time, too.

The price

Cost a lot for each piece (RM120!), but it's a trend nowadays where a lot of dUCks selling their preloved dUCkscarves at mostly 80% or 90% of the original price. Which is still a lot in second hand market considering; but as long as there are people who are willing to buy them, I don't see why others would want to sell it at half or quarter the price they paid! And as long as the scarves are in mint condition, too.

If I have more money, I'd get all the colors from bamboo cotton and satin silk lines. It's one of their specialties; the gorgeous colors, I think.

I find that there aren't many reviews on dUCkscarves on internet, so I hope this post is somehow useful to you. Good luck getting dUCk-ed!

All opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. hi, can u share your opinion on their jerseys? thanks :)

    1. Ooh yeah I forgot to add the jerseys! Hehe. To me, they're no different from other jerseys in the market - except that maybe theirs are a lot softer and easy to deal with. Some jerseys I found are thicker.

  2. the scones look more brown toned in the picture you inserted but in vivy's it looks more pink toned. can't decide between toasted almond and scones so would love your help!

    1. Hi Anon, actually the scones is more to peach/orange toned while toasted almond is more brownish. If your choice leans towards peach, then I'd say scones is for you :) I've been eyeing the rosewater and diamond rose for pinkish tone, but still cannot decide between those two T.T

  3. thank you, rosewater looks pretty too but the colours are always so confusing since they appear differently in pictures. salam ramadhan!

    1. Yup that's true. The colors on their #dsmenu on Instagram is better - the scarves' colors differ too much on FV website, I think. Hope you manage to get the one you wanted! Salam Ramadan! :)

  4. Hi.
    May I know the colours of the other two scarves in the first picture?
    Cause I can only identify two of them which are rose tea and mangosteen 2.0
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi, the other two are Frappucino and Buttermilk :)

  5. have you tried peachskin?

    1. I've touched the material at their booth, but not a fan unfortunately. To me, it's too light on the head, so it doesn't stay that well T.T

  6. I saw their limited edition ones and wanted it but couldn't get it in time as there were all sold out so fast. I don't even wear hijab so I have no idea if it will suit me. But at least I will have a nice collection when I decide to don the hijab in the near future.

    1. Hi there, yeah they sold out like pancakes T.T
      I think dUCkscarves would make fine first scarves. I used basic ones before and got demotivated looking at how "basic" they are haha! dUCks also have their own styling guide that comes with the box, I think they're quite useful :)

  7. Hi, do you know where I can purchase this offline? Do they have a concept store or booth somewhere in KL?

    1. Hi, unfortunately they don't have a permanent concept store - but they do occasionally set up booth at Bangsar Shopping Centre on special events. I suggest you follow their Instagram acc, they will update whenever they participate in any event :)

  8. I love how you're so honest in all your posts. I'm currently doing a case study on duckscarves and I found your blog along the way. You just gained a new reader of your blog too! :)

    1. Hi Farah, thank you for reading. Your comment just made my day! Btw I think I found your Insta page, such a nice collection you have :)

  9. Salam. How do you clean your satin silk duckscarves. I get these 'oily' stains that I can't get rid off and I don't even know where they come from! :s

    1. Salam, hi! So sorry I just read your comment. Yes I know what you're talking about - I have the exact same problem T.T I posted on how to get rid of foundation stain (, but have yet to figure out about the oily stain. Think they're there to stay T.T

  10. i still stick to love their Satin and Georgette. Nowadays, people are getting crazy. My pink Kaleido, which i bought about 2xx is now bid at 1.5k. Ohemji, thats the cost of flight ticket...and there comes the battle...(to avoid the overprice..pheww)

    1. Haha sepp, I still stick with their Satin too! Arzu's silk is different from dUCk's, so I get the best from both worlds haha.

      Oh my God. 1.5k :O That's crazy. It's so sad that it has become this bad - both for the brand and the customers. And I thought people are suffering from bad economy -_-

  11. Hi! Do u know where I can purchase duck scarves online? Selain fashion valet

    1. Hi there! Nope, as far as I know they never stock anywhere else except FV. But occasionally they'd set up booths at Bangsar Shopping Centre, usually during Ramadan :)

  12. Assalamu'alaikum. Hi, I'm from Brunei. Do you happen to know anyone who is willing to let go of S'pore Skyline?

    1. Waalaikumsalam, hi! Unfortunately I dont :( But you can check on carousell, thats where I sell and buy preloved stuff at good prices.

  13. Your review is promising and somehow meyakinkan myself to go and splurge on duck satin scarf. thank you.


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