Engagement : the dress.

Apart from the dais, the one thing I was determined to get settled as soon as possible was of course, the dress.

To be honest, I've imagined about how my nikah dress is going to be quite a while before I decided on the engagement dress. I thought, if my nikah dress is going to cost me loads, might as well get a decent, simple engagement that I can wear for other occasions. Seeing the dress just hung in my wardrobe after the engagement would torture my conscience, hence after several visits and emails to a number of stores, I decided to just have a plain modern kurung dress with lace matching my veil.

First of all, a color theme was set and that kind of set other things into place too. (So I guess the theme color plays major role in decision making here) Went to Jakel to get the material - when you've had your heart set on a certain color palette, finding the material was quite hassle-free cause you'd know what sort of material suits the color palette and design. Mine was crepe silk, and the salesgirl had me drooling on their french laces; I almost give in! Got my heart set on a soft pink lace with beads (you just HAVE to see it - the most gorgeous thing ever, reminded me of Elie Saab's) but upon seeing the tags, my brain slowly took over.

"You can get other nice french lace at MUCH cheaper price, and not giving this salesgirl the extra commission she'd easily score with other bride-to-bes"

So after all that thinking, I decided to go home with just the kain.

2 weeks later, I got a nice soft pink lace at about 1/3 of Jakel's price and was contented with it.

Learning Maths in engineering really paid off -____-"

It was a plain simple modern kurung, and I can rest happily knowing I can wear it again and again on another occasion.

Might have to alter it though; I lost a few kgs before the engagement because of flu and fever. Didn't dare to step on the weight scale now.


  1. Please show how u wear ur scarf like that =)

    1. That, I might have to consult my cousin cause she did it for me :)

  2. where u actually get that cheaper lace? perhaps its in kl? :)

    1. I got it from Gulati's in Bangi when they had their sale :)



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