first messenger bag.

A few weeks ago, my laptop bag's handle broke. You know, the hand handle one.

Then, the shoulder strap broke too, last week. So in the midst of non-stop meetings and site visits I didn't have time to go out and buy a new laptop bag; and knowing how fussy I am when it comes to bags (YES IT'S TRUE) I kept postponing it till yesterday.

Scoured around the town of The Hague, but I couldn't find any that I like.

And when I said I like, I meant something like this Kenneth Cole messenger bag Rory Gilmore wore to Yale.

I've always wanted this bag ever since the show has been on my laptop screen during uni day and night, but I just didn't have a sole purpose for it. I had a decent bag I used for classes, and I never really own a messenger bag before so I was sceptical on getting one.

Googled Kenneth Cole in The Hague, turned out there's none.

But today I found a Kipling that looks similar to this one!


  1. Another real benefit of a leather messenger bag, especially one that has an adjustable leather strap, is the fact that the weight of the laptop and the other accessories are spread out all over the shoulders or chest and the bag also makes it easy to maneuver around crowded areas, among other things.Just make sure when buying a laptop bag that the size of the bag is enough for the computer and its gadgets.

  2. hey there, what's the name of this particular kipling bag?



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