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how to remove foundation stain from (dUCk)scarves

This, is one problem I think us girls have been dealing with since puberty.

(or whenever we started wearing tudung hehe)

I'm not usually heavy on the makeup application, but I make sure I wear at least some face powder and concealer and lipbalm for my sanity. Once in a while, I wear foundation - but only in the morning until I take I take it off for wudhu' because I don't bother to re-apply it again during the day. Face powder and/or concealer would do it, for me. (dUCk)scarves still gots the stain sobs.


So the other day, I recalled reading somewhere that adding powder to cleaning makeup related stain would do the trick. Not exactly sure how, but I decided to try it anyway. Most of my scarves seriously need this kind of treatment due to the amount of foundation stain on them T.T

So. This was how I did it (cincai je at first) :

+ Rub some liquid soap (in my case, I was too lazy I just used body liquid wash) on top of the affected area
+ Pour body powder (in my case, I used Rayyan's baby powder as it's just laying around the room) on top of the same area
+ Soak in warm water, leave for a while
+ Hang to dry

Checked the scarf (in this case, I was cleaning my georgette and satin silk dUCkscarves) to see if there's any improvement - THERE IS! The stain was pretty much 90% gone, and my scarves looked like new.

Not sure how the combination works, but I guess soap and powder did the trick.

Try it! And let me know if it works on yours :)


  1. Salam, hi. Thank you for sharing this. I also face the same problem. But I would like to know, did you soak the whole scarf or just the stain part?

    1. hi! so sorry I just saw this T.T
      I actually like to soak the whole scarf, but put the powder & liquid soap at the stain part only. Hope this helps :)

  2. hye ladies, Checkout NIQA Hijab Wash. It works wonder on sweat n makeup stain..


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