Married : the Nikah event

Right from the start, I've always wanted my nikah to be at night, at our home. Both my sisters' were held at the nearby mosque, so I wanted something different. It was something I've stressed all along to my Mum.

Then, Mum said she wanted the nikah to be at arwah Atok's house - to commemorate her as she's no longer with us. I agreed, because I know how much it'd mean to her.

It sort of became a bittersweet memory to all of us too - I'm the youngest daughter, so the next wedding would be the little brother's; which would be sometime 10 years later LOL.

The nikah dress and shoes

Am so glad I acquired Abang Man Kajang's workmanship - loved the dress to bits.

Shoes by Man Kajang too. 

The makeup

Mum suggested her ex-colleague and good friend, Fieha - whom she says has very good makeup skills and even organizing makeup classes frequently, in the Penang area. Makeup is one of the important things in the event to me, and I trusted Mum's eye on this.

Was not disappointed! She is way too talented than I've imagined. Though had the shock of my life when she said she's younger than me haha T.T

The event was scheduled to start after Maghrib, at 8 pm - so by 7 pm, she started doing her thing.

 Finished product.

Before the event

Makeup was done, so I was left in the room doing nothing. Close friends were starting to arrive so they hung out in the room with me, mostly saying how they can't wait for tomorrow instead of "can't believe you're getting married" thing haha cis.

Calmed my nerve a lot nevertheless!

The nikah dais

After the engagement dais, I couldn't figure out exactly the design I wanted for nikah - so I opted for the experienced, Zaha Wedding Planner which is based in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Had several appointments with them when I managed to go back to Penang, told them how I wanted (simple white curtain, white and pink flowers) and they resorted to this.

 They came to set this up a day earlier so I had a lot of time pondering on the finished design. Finally decided that I loved it!

Groom's arrival

After a while hanging out in my room, someone came knocking on my door saying "pengantin lelaki dah sampai". So I was told to get ready to go to the living room.

Wasn't that nervous at this time.

Finally given cue to come out.

Starting to be a bit nervous by this time.

If there was one thing I'd like people to tell me, is to be more organized for nikah. For the bride-to-bes, you'd need to present your IC and borang kebenaran bernikah given by pejabat agama during the akad, so you have to be ready with both.

Hours before the event, I've already put away the borang in a specific file and put it in Mum's room where I know it'd be less cluttered and easier to find. Guess what, when the kadi requested for the borang, we couldn't find it in Mum's room - which caused some delay and they had to wait while we searched for it.

Super unorganized, I was cursing at myself for not checking it earlier. Turned out someone moved it into my room in my cupboard.

Mum was so pissed, she ended up didn't even shed a tear after the nikah hahaha.

The akad!

 Done and officially husband and wife.

 Him reciting taklik in front of the kadi.

 Signed off my duty as someone's wife.

After the event

We were ushered to the dais for mas kahwin and ring exchange ceremony.

The hantaran was also done by Zaha Wedding Planner. We had 9 dulang vs 7 dulang exchanged.

We had our first reception the next day, so after the photo session was done all the guests had their dinner at our house before ending the event around 11.30 pm. It was a crazy night but I didn't really feel that tired, kudos to the nerve of being someone's wife haha!

If I could give anyone an advice, I would say there's no point stressing over every little detail - something has got to give, and you just have to enjoy the moment. To me, my nikah was perfect - there's nothing I would like to change about it.



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