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Engagement : the guy.

Now that's an easy one.

HAHAHA ok I'm not funny I know.

I guess I never really wrote how we met; it just felt too personal for me.

Our story is never an easy one; like other couples, we have our fair share of ups and downs and dramas. But all I know is, I never knew I'd marry this guy who used to be my classmate during the first year in foundation. He was this 'loud' guy with his friends who used to be the center of attention in almost every class we have, up to the point that annoys me. I didn't really notice how we became friends (albeit being in the same class all year), but suddenly at one point, he changed to this quiet person and would occasionally text me asking about random things.

And then I started to notice so many things about him, things that I never knew before. And then suddenly my routine has changed - he'd call, we'd spend mornings for breakfast together at the college's cafe, and occasional texts at night. He became a part of my life which I didn't even realize was there; when suddenly he asked, and I said yes.

And that's how it started. Never knew the routine would last this long!

We didn't hire a videographer for the engagement because I wanted someone close to record the happy occasion for me - and it's none other than my little brother. Shahrul has a videocam and I figured since I wanted the occasion to be minimal, might as well ask your family to record the whole thing! It just doesn't feel right, asking a stranger to do the video for me and I've never been one who's comfortable talking in front of a camera..

Hence the super amateur video. But still, it's the thought that counts, I believe. Thank you to my little brother for this!

P/S : I can't stand looking at myself in a video, so you know it's a pretty big deal when I'm putting it here. Might even delete it soon. Oh well.


  1. awwww makes me smile sepanjang video. anyway, rasa nak gelak masa tgk zatil salam and cium tgn mak senget. hahaha salam lama for the camera must be awkward.

    1. Hahaa yess tulah muka pun macam kena frozen hahaha -____-"


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