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the wedding invitation card

The first time we got the wedding invitation cards ready in boxes, I think that's the time we both finally realized, "wow, it's really happening."

It's so surreal, really.

But I couldn't be happier seeing the cards; after weeks of going back and forth to the designer, we finally settled on the design we wanted and have it ready. Partly because I know I'd be busy and not bothering to check on the details of the card, and also because Mum has been calling me day and night, asking about the cards.

The inspiration behind the card?

Mum kept her wedding album safe and sound all these years, and I remember browsing through the old, rusty white album ever since I was old enough to understand that that was my parents on their wedding day. I remember Mum's nikah dress - it was all white with her veil on top of her thick black hair, sitting on her bed with her sister, my Mak Ngah with a smile so subtle, just like her.

Then I remember her sanding dresses - she had about 3 to 4 wedding dresses change - traditional songket, traditional kebaya, a Princess Diana-like wedding dress with the tail as long as the stairs. I remember Dad's simple baju melayu with songket, and a suit with a funny hat I called "the chef's hat" because it resembles the tall hat a chef would usually wear.

I won't bore you with details how she looked so gorgeous cause we all know I'd be biased, but I used to say to my primary school friends "my mum looks like Dian P Ramlee on her wedding day". Yes, I still think that!

Inside the album, among all the pictures of my parents, there was a page dedicated to their wedding invitation card. I remember seeing it before and not really thinking of anything - what 10-year old knew about wedding cards, really - but as I grew older, I learned that all those little things meant a lot to me.

I remember the card in white, with a hint of silver here and there (if I remember correctly), with the size of half an A4 paper, with my parents name at the front page. And there was a small, dainty red ribbon glued to the upper right front page. Mum said the card was actually my Tok Wan's idea, and I still wonder until now if it was the norm back then to have the ribbon glued to the cards cause it seems to me nowadays it would mean hard work just to do that!

But yes, basically that was the whole inspiration behind the card. Although I've been so busy and didn't get to glue the ribbons on each card, I'm determined to save at least a piece of MY invitation card inside my wedding album, just so my kids and their kids can look back and treasure that simple thing.


  1. bestnya kahwin!! (tetibe)
    kad tu boleh nampak sebahagian sahaja but boleh bayangkan macam mana cantiknya keseluruhan kad.
    tak sabar nak tengok wedding pictures pulak =)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Vern :O :)

      I foresee some comments being made about this at the office..haha XD


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