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the first checklist.

So here comes the migraine.

As much as I'd like to say I'm a straight-forward-hassle-free kinda bride, when this thing started I don't even know where to begin.

Naturally, the first thing that'd come to most of the girls is of course the nikah dress. I've been Googling nikah dresses design high and low; even those with frills and big puffy sleeves made my heart jumps up and down just because of the thought of getting married.

Let's not dwell on that now.

But anyhow, deep down I know I can search high and low all I want; but the one that I've been seeing in my dreams is a simple kurung modern dress with matching veil and the tail slightly longer so that can help me look taller (of course). I don't want it a big fuss; one that is too tight that will make it hard for me to walk as I knew I'd be under a lot of pressure on that day; and one that is too big or loose will make me look like drowning, under the veil and whatnots.

So after sending emails to some tailors and designers I have my eye on, Googling their designs, asking le fiancé for his honest judgement so that I know I'm not delusional, comparing the prices according to my budget, I finally paid a visit to this boutique in Kajang.

(taken from Man Kajang's FB)

A colleague knows him so she took me to see Abg Man just to see if I'd like his designs, but I ended up choosing him (suits my budget, I couldn't believe it) and setting up an appointment for fabric hunting which he says will be at my earliest convenience and accompanied by him. I was contemplating on a Bandung trip with the girls to buy the fabrics, but after the first meeting I was quite relieved that I don't have to worry about buying fabrics on my own!

So next appointment would be fabric hunting for the nikah dress. Can someone pinch me now?

One's down, another gazillion things on my list :

My side
Nikah dress, veil, tudung, shoes
His baju melayu
Nikah dais, makeup artist
Photographer, videographer
Invitation cards
Family's attire

Sanding dress, veil, tudung, shoes
His sanding baju
Sanding dais, makeup artist
Photographer, videographer
Family's attire
Pengapit's attire

His side
Sanding dress, veil, tudung, shoes
His sanding baju
Sanding dais, makeup artist
Photographer, videographer
Accommodation for family in Dungun
Pengapit's attire

Bridezilla mode on. Wish me luck!

(Man Kajang's address : Aked MARA, Kajang)


  1. babe, ida ni... do u mind telling me the price range for the nikah dress? I have the material already but don't have the idea where should i send this kain to... pls PM at Fb k? don't turn into bridezilla... i think our big day still far n we have ample time to prepare. InshaaAllah.

    1. Hi Idaa! Ok will do :) insyaAllah, I promise I'll try not to turn into one hahaa.

  2. Baju man kajang sgt cantik2..congrats..=)


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