the nikah dress #2

Finally got called by my designer to go for the first fitting of my nikah dress.

The last time I saw him was when we went fabric-hunting a few weeks ago; and he promised that he could get my dress done in just a few weeks. I was skeptical at first; thinking if it took him longer to make the dress then he'd be more careful with the details, right? Getting it done sooner doesn't really scream attention-to-detail to me.

Oh how wrong I was.

Attention-to-detail it was!

As soon as we reached his place, he showed me the dress and I had to pinch myself a bit. Then he handed the fiancé his baju melayu and asked us to change and try the outfits.

The first try; I was nervous looking at the tail because it seriously looks so much longer than I thought. And then he said "well you wanted a tail!" so I tried it on with a 5-inch heels which turns out to be fine. The veil is more than I initially wanted; so much prettier than I wanted it to be which makes me nervous if I could pull it off with a regular scarf.

But a little tip? When you're scheduled for your nikah dress fitting, bring your white (or skin colored) camisole along. I stupidly wore a black one that day and got scolded cause the black camisole ruins the whole dress.


Fit into the dress (thank God) and he said I don't need to do the second fitting since there'll be no alteration done - so we get to bring the outfits home, minus the shoes and hand bouquet. Both will in shocking pink color, which is the theme color palette he suggested for our nikah which I'm still nervous about. Everyone told me to trust him but every now and then I find myself Googling shocking pink shoes and flowers; trying to imagine if it'd suit the occasion or if I should discard the suggestion.

Colleague saw the full instagram picture of the dress (before it was deleted, funny story on that) and said,

"I wanted to leave a comment on the picture, maybe it was the angle because that looks so much taller, doesn't look like you at all!"

Such brutally honest colleagues I have.

Now the dress is hung nicely in the store room, and I keep having nightmares that a month from now when I try it on again, it won't fit. Stupid brain.



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