hello,third year.

Eh all the quizzes in Fb are driving me nuts. Sudah2 lah tu weh. Don't publish it to public when it shows all you care about in your pastimes is who you're going to marry, because you can do better than that.

Oh. No offense.

30 minutes are starting to outdo us. Should we do it with 20 minutes?

We went to the supa because we're both terrified of what my sister told me. I ended up with 2 pairs of undergarments worth 10,000 yen hahaha. But it was fun, she finally knows what her exact size is and I get to annoy every salesgirl in the jeans section. Apparently the Vienus jeans has sold out by the time I went to Nagoya.

Sape nak pegi shinai buzz aku.

Pegi dai for mendan session tomorrow. Though I doubt that I can get up by 9.

I'm dreading classes :( Spring break has officially come to an end.

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