anger management.

Reading their comments astounds me. And I have a good laugh about it :)

Go on. I'd rather you do that thinking I'll never read it than just posting the comments just to annoy me. Makes no sense at all.

I honestly think they never learn at all.

The more you do it the more you drive me away.

I didn't intend to post the pictures on Fb.

I want a new bike.

To taikai attendants, I'm the bentou tantou hahaha :P Mess with me and you'd eat nothing. I'm dead serious.

My housemate got herself a new carpet for her room.

Here With Me drives me crazy. I give up, for tonight.

The mendan with sensei went well compared to last year's. At least he was nice to us. I think he finally understands how kurushii we were in the classes. I was less nervous since I've already knew my result.

The swollen thing has gotten better. For now. :)

p/s : Tomok nyanyi Umbrella hahaha.


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