edited:billiard,the first.

We went out last night to go bowling, ping pong and pool :D

I played pool for the first time! Hahaha. It was awesome. I'm thinking of switching careers already, if possible.
So if you want to go bowling again take me, I'd love to tag along.

And btw he tagged himself in the controversial photo.

Some sort of 'warning', I think.

Mati aku. Paparazzi la neh! Haha.

Nana manga is still in progress.


  1. baby,
    is it snooker? i thought it supposed to be pool table game. coz the balls are colourful and got got stripes and solid balls, snooker only have red balls all solid..
    or is that how you kids call it nowadays?

    *when else to tease u kan ,,bluekk=p


  2. AHAHAA how would i know?!u knowww im so not a sport person hahahhah

    okay the post is edited.i forgot there was a billiard sign outside the place last night..wtf.

    cis hahah ;) takpe takpe :P

  3. btw,kak una,tolong la buat twitter!!senang nak update ourselves without ym-ing.

  4. hahaha it sokay la...shit happens

    nnt we'll play together in msia k;D
    u shud go polish ur skill to beat me hahah;p


  5. i want to play snooker!!hahah

    ok set.im going practice everyday now(its a metaphore) hahaha

    lemme know when uve made a twitter account ok.

  6. susah la main snooker, main pool la senang skit eh...hehe

    haih...kalo dah adek tuh mmg adek jugak...manja betol
    find me at annie_othman k!
    but i think il only have u as my follower LOL okay la tuh kan....huhu



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