a fresh new air.

The first day of school wasn't so bad at all :)

I have 3 classes today; 2 in the morning and 1 at 12.50 pm. I was so nervous I could barely keep my mouth shut, thank God Sue wasn't in the chippery mood to entertain me. So most of the time I just concentrated on the fact that the lecturer is OK, he doesn't give us any homework for today so I decided that I love him. But I was most
nervous about the class in the evening; any subject that ends with a "jisshuu" or "enshuu" has never been good in my dictionary.

I was right. It was the toughest subject ever; because it involves drawing and scaling and simply, seizu.

So I officially dread Seizu.

Got one class for tomorrow. I seriously hope Friday is not the 'list'.

And I got something in the mail today :) Thank you!

Hanami on Saturday and we have to make nasi goreng.

I ate 2 plates of rice today. Will be gaining a few more pounds by tomorrow.

And I got a new bike :")

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