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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

seizu the first.

These are the things that took me almost 5 hours to complete. Sengal.

Yes it looks simple, but NOT in the making should see me drawing. Drawing geometry is obviously not in my blood. Sigh.

Take me anywhere; fields, farms, kouens, games. Name it. But not bowling.

We've come a long way; bowling and I. The first time I held the ball, I felt like my heart stops. My palms were sweating, I could barely see the pins. And the throwing part. I've never felt so much pressure just to throw a stupid ball, but the bowling ball does it. And now, everytime I see bowl games on TV I can feel so much hatred in me.

That's how much I hate the thing. But sure I know you don't get it cause I don't get it either.

Btw, I just found out from Kak Syana punye blog yang Ako Mustapha is sentenced to jail. For berkhalwat. And he just got married. Bodo.


  1. aku tahu mcmane sshnye nk lukis sume2 tuh..huhu

  2. i know right.ingatkan architects je bljr lukis sume tuh.tsk.

  3. br nk tanye, r u an archi student?! :p

    mesg dgn ara kt fb hr tuh, die ckp la ako dh kawin. so i asked her dgn same sume, die xreply lg. kene tgkp khalwat ke. shieeettttt.

  4. noo im not!thats why la rase cam sesat je knapee la kene bljr sume ni..isk.

    die baru kawin and kene tangkap khalwat with a non-muslim woman.bodo btul.


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