i love you.

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Mum :)

I don't see you much over the years(sigh) but you are the greatest companion and bestfriend I've ever had.

You've never made us feel incomplete.

You are a superwoman :D

I wish I can be home soon so we can go to the places we wanted to go so much but you were afraid of driving alone to an unknown city.
So I can play with your hair all the time while you were watching TV.
So I get to play with your old clothes thinking "my mum wore this when she was my age".
So I can sleep till noon without anyone bothering me and your phone call wakes me up at 12.
So you can take me to all your kenduris and jamuans.
So I can tease you and brother about fighting all the time.
So I can listen to all your "sit like a woman!" "duduk rumah diam2 anak dara tak elok klua rumah sampai malam" etc.

She is my everything. I always thought if anyone wants to win my heart they have to go through her, first. And it doesn't help that she likes everyone so quickly. Sigh.

"I want you to have everything I didn't have."

I Love You, Mum. Selamat Hari Lahir, from your youngest daughter.


  1. youngest daughter ke...hehe tp ada lg kn adik...hahahaha

  2. adik aku laki,so aku still the youngest daughter :P haha nak jgk.



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