Officially started our break until end of this week for the second reception; his side, in Dungun. So last night the henna kakak I contacted came over to renew my inai, and she did well - except that I really didn't want the leaves or flowers or whatever it is.

But she drew them anyway. Gahh I shall trust my instinct next time.

Came to the office this morning for my last day of work before the break, and colleagues went -

"You're going on leave again?? I thought you got married already??"

And today is the second day I made dinner for the husband. Chicken gajus, as I called it, with a veggie soup and white rice. My proudest moment ever.

Except that mine doesn't look like the Pinterest picture for sure. But le husband finished his plate, so that's what counts.

P/S : I'm looking for new recipes to try, so if you have any suggestions (ANY would do) do leave a comment!

It was my first weekend alone at home without Shahrul, so I felt a bit lost. The house suddenly feels even emptier; I swear it feels like the first time we moved in - only creepier.

So what did I do? Spring-cleaning and wardrobe organizing!

 Organized the bags neatly in the cabinet, except for these. Left them on top of it because I like the sight of these pastels and also to remind me to use them soon.

 Took out the Instax and copies like these from the box.

 Finally bought a bangle holder to keep them in order. 

Tried to color-organized my stuff for the first time, but no one told me it's a difficult task to do. Failed because I just realized I own too many whites and literally no other colors except blue, brown, pink and green. And a yellow.

Remind me to buy more colors.

After settling down and unpacking the stuff, we went out that night to look for halal restaurants.

Which was not an easy task, surprisingly - almost all cafes there are non-halal and there are wine and alcohol and pork served everywhere with drunk tourists that we didn't dare to even go in! I think there were more mat salehs there than any other place I've been to.

We passed a lot of nice restaurants and fashionable cafes, until we found a cafe that served roti canai and gelato as their specialty. It sounds so weird that I decided to try - it's halal some more!

It's a nice and simple cafe with nice decor, which I love. A lot of cafes here are designed with creative and amazing decor that sometimes I felt like sitting for hours just to enjoy the atmosphere.

After the roti canai dinner, we walked around Seminyak some more. I didn't mind, though - walking along the roads of Seminyak was entertaining for me. The roads were ten times smaller than in Malaysia, even Japan and one thing about Seminyak is, the place is full of high-end boutiques along the roads.

LOL. Ketut is a name in Balinese (our driver or supir told us that the next day)

Shopping in Bali is tricky though; you'd end up paying a few times more expensive that it is anywhere else because they can see that you're tourists. So one of the tips our supir told us is to always negotiate until you get the lowest price - but often if you've already negotiated so much, the seller would expect you to buy the items. Which in the case that you backed out, they will not take it nicely.

Seeing the stores, I realized one thing.

"You purposely chose Seminyak area because of the stores, didn't you?"
"Yeah I know you too well. How else are you going to enjoy the honeymoon without shopping?"


Such a thoughtful husband I have.

Among the things I was looking forward to before getting married, was my new kitchen.

But until now, I have only used it to..fry nuggets and eggs. We had a deal, me and hubs; that I'd start cooking after our honeymoon - so yes, the due date is here and I'm still yet to unfreeze the chicken in the fridge.

He's away all the way in Sabah for a week since Monday (I'm still keeping my cool until this point - sleeping while hugging husband's shirt is ok, right? I seem to only be able to fall asleep when I have his scent. #clingywife) so I made up my mind to have some cooking practice before he comes back. 

(Do me a little good too; at least I can spend my free time doing something other than wailing bawling crying missing him. 6 years of long distance relationship, you'd think I'll be better at this. Sigh.)

So when my sister shared this picture in our Whatsapp group, I put my chef hat on and decided to try the recipe.

Not that hard, I thought. Egg, bread, cheese, oven.

Whatsapp-ed the picture of the outcome to Mum,

"Wahhh! You made this! Ok lah tu!"

 Whatsapp-ed the picture of the outcome to him,

"If I made you this, would you eat it?"
"I'd eat whatever you make, sayang"

Seriously, it's not hard to see that he's lying but so nice of him to spare my feelings. Haha.

For the record, this might look disgusting but it's the most delicious bread I've ever had. Googled "egg on bread in oven" but nothing looks like this.


Fine, challenge accepted.

When we planned the trip initially, we couldn't make up our mind where to go.

"What about Japan? We could reminisce our days back in uni dating and all..going back to places we went together as kids.."
"Meh, Japan is boring.."

We decided to wait until we both are ready for the place and settled some of the wedding preparation. I told him I just don't know how to decide and would leave it to him, and we decided to make plans in March, a month before the wedding. He asked me for one criteria I would want for the honeymoon, so I told him as long the place has a private pool, I'm fine. Already imagining myself swimming in bikinis I never wore and nice pareo and all.

That was January.

A week later after that what happened?

"I've booked a place already in Bali, it has a private pool, we can get ready and pack!"


He said he wanted it to be a surprise, but he couldn't wait to tell me about the place. Then he went on and on about the website, the pool, the view etc. Pfftt.

We stayed at Bali Island Villa in Seminyak, and I think I want to have this place rented for the rest of my life so we could go there anytime we want.

 They actually change all the flowers in the villa with fresh flowers daily. I find it amazing.

 Fresh flowers in the bathroom. Sigh.

 Don't even get me started on the food.

The place has very good review on, so we were confident that it'd suit what we wanted.

How we ended up with Bali? I think we're quite lucky that we're a lot like-minded, so we both enjoy similar things - in Bali, we were not really into temples and all, so we focused a lot on nature and the villa. Only one day was spent for sight-seeing; and the rest was spent a lot in the villa and renting a vespa to look around Seminyak for halal restaurants and going to the beach nearby.

It was exactly how we wanted it to be.

Ok girls, I need you to read this with an open mind.

Boys, sod off.

A week before our trip to Bali, I paid a doctor near my house a visit - because my period was late. (no, am not pregnant!) It usually will be late by 2-3 days and it's no big deal, but this time it's taking its own time too long already and it kinda screws up with our 4-month planned ahead Bali trip.

We bought the tickets in January and there's no way that we can reschedule, so I decided to look for an alternative. My sister told me about a pill she took to delay her period, and advised that I go see a doctor before taking any pills.

I looked online and there's a lot of info on this pill, Norcolut which contains norethisterone - a hormone pill which functions to treat menstrual cycle problems, painful periods etc. Supposedly it is commonly taken by women especially when they want to delay their periods prior going for umrah, haji and overseas trip.

So after doing my research, I went to see the doctor the next day. She's surprisingly young for a doctor (at least to me) and super pretty, felt like she belongs in those Hindustan movies.

After telling her my condition and my planned trip to Bali, I asked for her advice on the pills. I didn't mention the name of the pill, Norcolut, assuming she's already familiar with them.

Apparently, there are two kinds of pills you can take :

  • contraceptive pills - to treat/postpone your period, you'd have to take the pill non-stop for 21 days. You will not get pregnant during this 21 days period, and after the 21 days, your irregular period will be as per a normal cycle (28 days) and this will help you to do your family planning because you can predict when you ovulate, fertile and so on. However most women believe this will affect your fertility.
  • hormone pills - same purpose, you can take this for short term (7 days) or how many days your doctor advise you to/you would like to take. Works for short term mostly when women want to postpone their period for some reason. Doesn't affect fertility (the doctor tells me so). Taking this pill while you're pregnant is not good for the baby (can cause side effects) so the doctor advised me to take pregnancy test first. "But doctor, I've only married for, like, 2 weeks.." "Doesn't matter, TAKE NOW"

I opted for the latter, because swallowing pills 3 times a day for 21 straight days sounds awful to me.

Here's the funny part.

"Ok doctor, I think I'd go for the Nocturnal pill for now. After all my trip is just for a week, so I need my period to be after the trip"

She looks puzzled. "Oh you mean the hormone pill? Ok ok."

After that, all the while I was referring to the pill as Nocturnal - and the doctor had her puzzled face again and again but never mentioning anything to me.

On the way back, I was still thinking about her puzzled face when suddenly I heard on the radio,

"...the song from YUNA's latest album, Nocturnal.."

Quickly googled and found the reason why the doctor was puzzled. In my defense, I was up too late the previous night doing my research hence the names mixed up! Kudos to the doctor though, for keeping her cool albeit her puzzled face.

Told him the whole story, and he burst out laughing. "How can you mixed up the names?? I mean, you did your research and everything..."

At least someone thinks I'm funny.

Hubs took me to this amazing place in Bali for our short honeymoon trip. Couldn't ask for more because this place is so amazingly beautiful masyaAllah!

Will blog soon. In the meantime, today I accompanied the husband walking 6 km along the Batu Belig beach because Lonely Planet said it's worth a trip. Yes he's a nerd like that.

I deserve a medal.


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