egg on bread.

Among the things I was looking forward to before getting married, was my new kitchen.

But until now, I have only used it to..fry nuggets and eggs. We had a deal, me and hubs; that I'd start cooking after our honeymoon - so yes, the due date is here and I'm still yet to unfreeze the chicken in the fridge.

He's away all the way in Sabah for a week since Monday (I'm still keeping my cool until this point - sleeping while hugging husband's shirt is ok, right? I seem to only be able to fall asleep when I have his scent. #clingywife) so I made up my mind to have some cooking practice before he comes back. 

(Do me a little good too; at least I can spend my free time doing something other than wailing bawling crying missing him. 6 years of long distance relationship, you'd think I'll be better at this. Sigh.)

So when my sister shared this picture in our Whatsapp group, I put my chef hat on and decided to try the recipe.

Not that hard, I thought. Egg, bread, cheese, oven.

Whatsapp-ed the picture of the outcome to Mum,

"Wahhh! You made this! Ok lah tu!"

 Whatsapp-ed the picture of the outcome to him,

"If I made you this, would you eat it?"
"I'd eat whatever you make, sayang"

Seriously, it's not hard to see that he's lying but so nice of him to spare my feelings. Haha.

For the record, this might look disgusting but it's the most delicious bread I've ever had. Googled "egg on bread in oven" but nothing looks like this.


Fine, challenge accepted.


  1. didn't look as pretty as the original but i'm sure it was yummy. roti telur with cheese kot, apa yang tak sedapnya kan :) tapi kalau nak lagi sedap, cuba try sprinkle black/white pepper atas roti or telur.

    ok now terasa lapar gila.

    1. Hahaha T.T Tulah it's actually not as bad as it looks! Memang nak letak tapi I don't really like black pepper.

      Go make one! Hehe


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