weekend brunch.

So this brunch thing has become a routine for us now. Every so often, each of us would nudge our dying Whatsapp group to update albeit a liner - just to remind that we're alive and well - and asking about our next brunch date.

So after a few weeks of postponing (I was mostly away in Penang or busy looking for potential new house or moving, Fiqah was mostly busy with her family's events while Jua was mostly away due to her PTD training. Or just MIA) we finally decided to block our calendar for this date.

Had brunch at Levain. Haven't been there for quite some time since I have to work Bangi - Tower 3 now that I really miss the atmosphere. Managed to get a table upstairs which I'd have to admit, I'd opt for the outside view anytime cause it's a lot nicer than boring tables inside.

The aircond was nice though. And the food. The topics of the day? Ministries, starting a family, marriage, working experience after 2 years, little brothers' graduation ("yawn, we're too old for this"),  Paris, spending halloween at United Studios Japan, playing match-maker, Jua getting good with her Malay language proficiency..HAHA.

Upon reaching home, I realized something and quickly Whatsapp-ed them.

"So..this is the last time I see you guys before I get married?"
"Eh yeaaa..we should've camwhore-d more. DAMN"

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