Luncheon at Levain.

One of the perks of having to meet consultants at their office, is that you get a breathe of fresh air out of your usual office for a while.

And while I'm loving the whole-day meetings and endless discussion, the little thing called lunch once a day really what puts my mood up a notch.

Like today, after a (relatively) serious discussion, the colleagues and I decided to walk our way for lunch a couple blocks down..

This beautiful restaurant (reminded me of French little cafes) is a couple blocks down from our office, so it wasn't so far to walk. When we reached there it was already packed with people (it was only 12.45 pm!) but somehow we managed to grab a table anyway.

A little tip; they would prefer you to grab a table first before placing an order. So upon arrival you can get the 'occupied' tag they have for tables, get the table you want, place the tag on the table, proceed to the counter to order and tell them your table number. Basically the first rule of lunch-ing there.

Ordered meatball bolognese spagetti I've been craving for.

Orders came merely minutes that I had my jaw dropped. "..but I just ordered this!" was what I said, literally. Best serving time I've ever experience; even beats Japanese serving time, I kid you not. (colleague's order came minutes after that, too)

They're famous for their pastries, so before leaving I just had to tapau something. Wanted to get the macaroons but they were out T.T

Apparently another colleague was there afterwards too and she sent me a picture of freshly made macaroons arranged neatly at the counter T.T Made a vow to myself to drop by and get those macaroons later.

Yes, we take these luncheons and all food things very seriously around here. 

If you're nearby, drag your asses to this place cause you won't regret it. Parking valet is available but it's always full so do find an alternative to park your car (which is why I'm thanking God my office is nearby).

Address : No. 7, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Monday to Sunday 7.30am - 9pm

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