blonde moment.

It's been ages since I last bought or read a chic-lit book, so recently when we went to a book store I decided to pick up this one book by Sophie Kinsella.

Woahh finally a new Sophie Kinsella book! This looks good, I thought. Read the synopsis and paid.

Reached home, told him on the phone that I need to have some alone time with my chic-lit book I haven't read in ages, and off I went lying on the bed, tucked in my blanket and started reading.

It didn't hit me until the 5th page..


In fact, I've even read it before that when I entered the 5th page, I get this weird familiar feeling..

It can't be, I thought. But there it was, the old one I kept in the cabinet since last year when I got it, which has vanished from my memory apparently.


This can't get any blonder, can it?

Definitely my most blonde moment ever.

Now when people ask if I ever bought the same book twice, I can just nod and admit my blonde side and smile.

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