busy bee.


I know this is late but I've been so busy these past few days, my fyp has never been so annoying and all I want right now is holiday. Dreading being called to my lecturer's room and being questioned all over again day to day, so lately I've been spending too much time at the library rather than my own lab cause every time my lecturer walks past my desk I can feel my heart's beating ten times faster.

Can't wait to graduate.

Couldn't go to the Raya prayer and for the first time I didn't get to call my family on Raya morning..it felt weird. It'd be so much better if we got a day off on Raya and not be in lab busting our asses off working.

Nevertheless, Eid is a day to be celebrated so I hope you had a wonderful one :) Salam Eid Mubarak everyone!


  1. dah lama xkomen2 kat blog zatil.

    err nak wish raya pon cam dah lambat...bole lg ke?

    pemandangan(?!! skema gila) dlm pic tuh.masyaAllah beautiful!!!kat kouen hiroshima ke?

  2. haha! hisashiburi :)
    haah ni dekat kouen momiji kat hiroshima. sumpah lawa! hehe :D tp sume tempat ade kot kouen momiji ni kan.



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