how short can you go

I'm currently watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 13.

And my God, watching this show again after all these years makes me realize how this show had been my childhood's company for so longggg. I remember resting at home (during those super-short holidays the government so stingy-ly gave us pfft) tuning in to 8TV channel, anxiously waiting to see Tyra Banks on the screen. I remember how my sister used to stay up till midnight watching and obsessing over The Apprentice (yea she's a very business-driven person, she's actually the Donald Trump of the house) while I'd gush over ANTM instead.

But rest assured, I did watch The Apprentice too..I'm not a bimbo OK. Hehe. 

I stopped watching ANTM in Form 5 when I had to focus on SPM and that means no TV for me..can't believe I was that obedient to sacrifice my TV hehe. If only I have that strong drive now.

ANTM has gone a longg way; up till now, the 15th season! I mean, I thought Friends has the longest run (10 seasons) but this one is But come to think about it, it does make sense since its every cycle won't go beyond 12 or 15 episodes.

So last week I started downloading the latest season, and finished watching it (this week is the final week..can't wait to know the winner!) so downloaded Cycle 14. Watched the first episode, but it was surprisingly not at all good compared to Cycle 15. I think the contestants were so bitter and they sent the wrong message to the teenagers out there; I mean, they were so mean. I've seen mean girls often, but these contestants really annoyed the heck out of me.

So downloaded Cycle 13. To my surprise, this cycle is actually different from others - it's specifically for girls 5' 7'' and under!! The catch phrase is "The Lineup Is 5' 7'' And Under. Not The Usual Suspects. BOOK 'EM!"

Can you see how petite and short they are compared to Tyra Banks??

If not, try watch one episode and look closely at the part when Tyra hugged the eliminated contestant. They were like, wayyy below her shoulder.

The shortest contestant is 5' 3". Of course, she looks like she's the baby sister of all of them.

I think Tyra's idea of going against the fashion model rules; giving the opportunity to petite girls to become one of America's Next Top Model is very eye-opening. She's 5' 10"; and models are always around that height - so petite girls are almost never in-market. Thank God I never wanted to become a model, it'd be a lifetime frustration if I ever wanted to go in that direction.

If the 5' 3" girl is just below Tyra's chest, I think I'd be at her waist.


  1. lucky those ppl with ketinggian tepat dkt breast tyra.haha!

  2. Nicole's the best!!my fave antm contestant so far.ngan ann cycle 15 kot

    Tyra xkasi dierg pakai heels time judging tp tyra pakai.tuh yg lg laaaa nmpk dierg pendek.time peluk2 mmg pale dierg kat dada gebu tyra laa

    hey zatil.tgk latest season apprentice?season 10 nih best kot sbb contestant die sume penah kaye/successful tp sbb ekonomi, bankrup bla3 dierg cam xde kije ngan contestants season lain dierg lg passion n driven utk menang.
    tgk jom!!!

  3. @raira : HAHAH and they get to hug her every week! lol.

    @anon : wow youre into the show too? :D I KNOW RIGHT they look like school girls, wearing flats! haha. id look like a kindergarten kid then.

    latest season xtgk lg, woah so many things to catch up haha..and that do sound interesting! thought of watching the celebrity apprentice, tu pun tak terdownload lg. haih. jom jom :D

  4. which website do you recommend me to download all this stuff? im like so eager to know where? haha. >.<! serious.

  5. you can download the series from :) to me it's by far the most reliable source. safe and super-fast download.

    piratebay also not bad. happy downloading!



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