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skin secrets.

A while ago I got nice emails from awesome friends about my skin.

But I beg to differ, dear awesome friends, cause I do have acne and spots sometimes (especially that time of the month) and I don't think I can give any secrets or tips, cause I have NONE! Foundation and face powder are my saviours most of the time, so getting a good foundation is the most important part to get that fresh glowy look.

My boyfriend must be rolling on the floor laughing right now. He's seen me at my worst, so he must be having a different view about my skin condition..hehe..SHUT UP, YOU.

But I can share with you one of my inspirations.

Her name is Maryam. I love watching her videos cause she doesn't seem at all pretentious like other beauty youtubers seem to be, and you can tell she's real down to earth too. She's very pretty and she's got VERY VERY NICE SKIN, I don't think I've ever met someone with skin like that!

Most of all, I love her accents! Haha. She usually posted videos about beauty but she's into fashion too. It's hard to find bloggers/youtubers my age that I find I can relate to; so it's nice to see someone who's able to make a clear point that even though you're covered up you can still be stylish and pretty.

Bet all of you are jealous of her skin now! Haha. But don't be, everyone is pretty in our own way.

Just be confident and comfortable in your own skin, cause that will outshine the rest and people would look up to you for that.


  1. suke sgt..tapi nape byk sgt concealer kne pkai? smpai 3 if im not mistaken? or 2 maybe..haha!..

  2. basically foundation first then concealer :) tu je! haha.


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