watching autumn leaves.

In Japan, there's this tradition called kouyou (紅葉) which means autumn colors or autumn leaves (if it's pronounced as momiji). Usually during autumn people would go to these momiji parks and see the color of the momiji leaves turning red and yellow.

Japanese really does have all these unique traditions - watching sakura (花見), watching lamps (illumination), watching leaves. I wonder if other cultures have them too? Haha.

It's a beautiful scenery, I'm not kidding.

Just look at the trees. I can live here happily ever after.

I've never been to this park before, so I got excited and took so many pictures of leaves..haha. We looked like some photography club, cause almost everyone here got an SLR each. (Well, except for me and some unlucky kohai pfft)

Canon SLR gang

Outing means camwhoring, as usual.

Us, the girls.

We all took some 'souvenir' before we went home :)

Am definitely going to miss Japan next year.

Pictures courtesy of Wawa, Zu and my camera


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