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prettiest rock.

I'm not a huge fan of jewelry.

I mean, every girl lovess them, but I'm one of those who love them at normal amount. It doesn't hurt to own a few pieces just to complete the sets or just so we can throw something on during Raya or kenduri or something. But I'm definitely not going to spend a fortune on a huge box filled with jewelries.

Well, except for House of Harlow pieces..they ARE irresistible..I swear. But that would be in another post.

Because now you HAVE to see this.

In case you haven't heard, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton and they're getting married. You know, all that ooh-that-girl-so-lucky thoughts..and this picture came rubbing me in the face. An oval sapphire in a blue hue with 14 smaller diamonds on the side, 18-carat engagement ring.

That is one freaking gorgeous royal engagement ring, I swear.

Apparently it once belonged to Princess Diana, it was her engagement ring and Prince William inherited it after Princess Diana died. No wonder, wouldn't expect any less from the royals anyway.

But Kate Middleton is one happy girl..sigh.

I'm not usually a fussy person when it comes to jewelry, I like it fine as simple as it is. But this ring made me turn into this giddy girl and started browsing other gorgeous know, for future reference.

Miranda Kerr's engagement ring from Orlando Bloom 
Khloe Kardashian's engagement ring
 Penelope Cruz's engagement ring (sapphire, too)
Emily Blunt's, I think I love hers after Princess Diana's. The details are just too pretty :/

(Pictures from here)

I guess wearing jewelries isn't really my thing because..I have nickel allergies.

I first discovered it after I had my earlobes pierced for the first time; got home just to find my earlobes swelling and itching like wasn't a great moment for a 10-year old girl who's just started discovering the joy of earrings. I thought it was common until 2 weeks after I just couldn't take the pain anymore and went to the doctor, and received the worst news of my teenage years - I'm allergic to nickel and can only wear sterling silver/gold jewelries. I remember admiring my friends' funky earrings and necklaces when I can't just go to stores and buy them unless I can make sure they're really silver or gold. AND it doesn't help that nickel-free jewelries are usually so expensive.

He bought me a silver necklace once when we were in 2nd year - he knew my allergy and made sure with the store that the necklace was pure silver, but after a few times wearing it I got rashes and swells all over my neck. I was so sad because I really wanted to wear the necklace, and it was the first time he gave me a jewelry. Felt like going back to the store and claimed the money grrr.

You know, it's really frustrating because you see everyone wearing all these kinds of rings and earrings and necklaces and you can't. But we can't change what we're given with, so now I kinda got used to it.

But bad news for my boyfriend, though. :D HAHA kidding, I won't ask for a ring that expensive..

Just for future reference.


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