Anyone who’s been following this blog would know I’m not really a health-conscious person.

My eating habit, in particular.

So I’ve tried making healthier dishes before, but it didn’t last very long (for my standard, at least. And that’s an already low one). I’ve never been to the gym. I’ve never considered exercising as part of my life. I used to take coffee every single morning – with an extra cup at night, too.

Until I got pregnant, and everyone asked – no, pleaded, really – for me to start taking care of my health better, and in that same sentence, for me to start taking veggies. So I started with salad, albeit irregularly.

And.. I started reading health-related articles, too. Something I’ve never bothered to do before!

Thank goodness for Positive Health Wellness, who came to my rescue to solve all my qualms about what being healthy is all about.

Over the years, I realized that whenever I think about getting a new dependable bag, I’d always look for Gucci first.

It started when I was in Japan, being an undergrad student at a foreign university, under full scholarship hence I only need to pool a certain amount of my savings each month whenever I wanted to treat myself with something. Same goes to the time when I had my eyes on a Gucci bag I saw at a store in Saijo, a small pekan where I was living – the store carries all kinds of designer bags; Gucci, LV, Coach, Miu Miu, almost everything – and I remember I used to take a bus from my apartment just to visit the store and admire the bags.

(This kind of store is a common in Japan – you can find random stores carrying the authentic designer bags, mostly at super discounted price)

And one day, I saw this bag. I knew I wanted it as my first designer bag – so I saved up for it.

Look who’s in NST a few days ago?

Amal is now a writer for NST, and during Jua’s baby shower a few weeks ago, we joked about her covering the event for NST so that we could be in it. She was horrified and kept telling us “no, guys, it doesn’t work that way – I submit the articles based on categories for the week and it’s up to the editor to say which gets to be published” and we laughed it off, still insisting to have our faces to grace the national newspaper haha.

Little did we know, she wrote one and got published!

March is definitely the busiest month for us.

Since Rayyan was born, we started getting busy by February for his birthday celebration. Then a few days later, Shahrul’s birthday, on the 5th of March – followed by mine, although thankfully more stretched to the end of the month.

Hence the delay of this post haha.

So my husband turned 30 a couple of weeks earlier than me and had the most boring celebration ever LOL. Since we had just celebrated Rayyan's second birthday a few days earlier, his 30th birthday was just meh XD



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